A Dark Day for Freedom

Today, the Ecuadorian government instructed its embassy in London to give up Julian Assange. Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been in asylum there for at least 7 years.

This is not good.

Some will say that Assange (like Edward Snowden) is a criminal. Others (such as myself) will say that he is a hero. Regardless, today, I call upon President Donald Trump to guarantee him a pardon for any acts he may have committed against American intelligence-gathering services or at the very least, safe passage.

Make no mistake: I am an American patriot. However our Deep State has proven itself to be an enemy of the Constitution. This is now openly acknowledged when Attorney General Bill Barr admitted that the Trump campaign was spied upon by the Obama Administration. Folks, leaving aside which part of the political divide one stands on, this is Watergate on steroids.

This however is beside the point –at least at present. The fiction of respective American administrations being the guarantor of the Bill of Rights has now been blown sky high. For that alone, we can thank men such as Assange for exposing the ugly truth. We can argue over the details of his criminality in an open court of law (perhaps the Hague).

Interestingly, President Vladimir Putin of Russia has likewise asked for his safe passage. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/edward-snowden-assanges-arrest-a-dark-moment-for-freedom I hope that other world leaders do so as well.


  1. Deep Steak says

    “I just want to make it clear, thinking back on all the different colloquies here, that I am not saying that improper surveillance occurred” — ag bill barr

    • George Michalopulos says

      DS, what AG Barr said yesterday was nothing less than a thermonuclear bomb. Big changes are on the way.

      • Deep Steak says

        i just gave you a quote from yesterday from barr where he says he did not say what you said he did

        big changes on the way from one of the iran contra coverup artists is what i presume you mean

        because the trump white house is hurting for more competent cover up folks on that i think we can agree

        • George Michalopulos says

          Dream, Baby, Dream.

          • Mike Myers says

            Attn: Gail Sheppard,

            We’re curious as to which of these 50 elements of the Putin-Trump symbiosis you think Clinton “made up,” which was how you put it in a post a little over a year ago:

            “… Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton: (Under threat of perjury) … I made up the Russian component to instill fear in the American people so they would vote for me.” [https://www.monomakhos.com/president-trump-will-accept-your-apologies-now/#comment-118754]

            These data points were recently collected by Timothy Snyder, the Richard C. Levin Professor of History, Yale University — world-renowned scholar of modern Eastern European political history [http://timothysnyder.org/bio]. His 50 reasons to think Trump is in thrall to Putin’s kompromat is a very partial, incomplete list, btw. I could add a few dozen more, also attested by open source, public domain-accessible journalism, academic reports, court filings and sworn testimony before Congress, the House of Commons and the European Parliament:

            We are interested in how honest and accountable you, and others here, are willing to be, in this interim period before the cover up disintegrates entirely and enough of the story penetrates perforce even the dullest and most dishonest heads, and there will be no longer be anywhere for the fifth columnists of a savage kleptocracy to hide.

            by Levin Professor of History at Yale University, Timothy Snyder.

            0/50 Why we do think that Mr. Trump owes a debt to Mr. Putin? Here are fifty reasons. All of the facts are a matter of public record, and all of the sources can be found in my book The Road to Unfreedom. #RoadToUnfreedom

            1/50 In 1984, Russian gangsters began to launder money by buying and selling apartment units in Trump Tower (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 220).
            2/50 In 1986, Mr. Trump was courted by Soviet diplomats, who suggested that a bright future awaited him in Moscow (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 220).
            3/50 In 1987, the Soviet state paid for Mr. Trump to visit Moscow, putting him up in a suite that was certainly bugged (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 220).
            4/50 In 2006, Russians and other citizens of the former Soviet Union financed Trump SoHo, granting Mr. Trump 18% of the profits — although he put up no money himself (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 221).
            5/50 In 2008, the Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev in effect gave Mr. Trump $55 million in an unusual real estate deal. In 2016, Mr. Rybolovlev appeared in places where Mr. Trump campaigned (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 221).
            6/50 In 2008, Donald Trump Jr. explained that the Trump Organization was dependent upon Russia. (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 221).
            7/50 In 2010, the Russian propaganda server RT helped American white supremacists to spread the lie that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. In 2011, Mr. Trump became the most prominent backer of this lie. (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 223).
            8/50 Mr. Trump was endorsed by the Russian political technologist Konstantin Rykov in 2012 (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 102).
            9/50 In April 2013, the FBI busted two gambling rings inside Trump Tower, which according to authorities were run by a Russian citizen. The US attorney who ordered the raid was later fired by Mr. Trump (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 103).
            10/50 Mr. Trump expressed the wish, on 18 June 2013, to be Mr. Putin’s “best friend.” (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 102).
            11/50 Mr. Trump was paid $20 million by Russians to spectate at a beauty pageant in summer 2013. The man who did the work, Aras Agalarov, would later help to arrange a meeting between the Trump campaign and Russians. (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 102).
            12/50 In summer 2014, a Russian advance team was sent to the United States to plan the cyber war of 2016 (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 194).
            13/50 In 2014 Mr. Putin’s advisor Sergey Glazyev anticipated the “termination” of the American elite (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 226).
            14/50 In 2014 a Russian think tank, the Izborsk Club, outlined the principles of a new information war to be fought against the United States (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 226).
            15/50 Steve Bannon met with Russian energy executives in 2014 and 2015, and tested messages about Putin on American voters. He would later run Mr. Trump’s campaign (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 194).
            16/50 In late 2014 Russia penetrated the email networks of the White House, the Department of State, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 194).
            17/50 When Mr. Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, Russia’s Internet Research Agency created and staffed a new American Department. (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 227).
            18/50 In October 2015, while running for president, Mr. Trump signed a letter of intent to have Russians build a tower in Moscow and put his name on it. The Trump Organization planned to give its penthouse to Mr. Putin as a present (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 222).
            19/50 In October 2015, Mr. Trump tweeted that “Putin loves Donald Trump” (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 222).
            20/50 Felix Sater, who had brokered deals between the Trump Organization and Russian investors, wrote in November 2015 that “Our boy can become president of the United States and we can engineer it” (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 222).
            21/50 Mr. Trump was endorsed in late 2015 by the think tank of the pro-Kremlin oligarch Konstantin Malofeev (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 150).
            22/50 In early 2016, the chair of the foreign relations committee of the Russian parliament said that Mr. Trump could “drive the Western locomotive right off the rails” (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 218).
            23/50 In February 2016, Mr. Putin’s cyber advisor boasted: “We are on the verge of having something in the information arena that will allow us to talk to the Americans as equals” (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 227).
            24/50 Russian military intelligence penetrated the Democratic National Committee in March 2016 as well as personal accounts of leading Democrats. Stolen emails were then used to discredit Hillary Clinton and aid Mr. Trump. (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 232).
            25/50 George Papadopoulos, a foreign policy advisor of the Trump campaign, is told by Russians in April 2016 that “dirt” on Hillary Clinton is available. He then met with Mr. Trump. He was later convicted of lying to the FBI (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 240).
            26/50 A Russian military intelligence officer bragged in May 2016 that his organization would take revenge on Hillary Clinton on behalf of Mr. Putin (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 227).
            27/50 Carter Page, an advisor of the Trump campaign, traveled to Moscow in July 2016. He then worked with success to make the Republican platform friendlier to Russia at the Republican National Convention (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 214).
            28/50 General Michael Flynn, an advisor of the Trump campaign and then Mr. Trump’s national security advisor, called himself “General Misha” and followed and retweeted Russian material from five Russian accounts. He later confessed to a federal crime (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 241).
            29/50 Mr. Trump requested, on 17 June 2016, that Russia search for Hillary Clinton’s emails. That same day Russian military intelligence began a phishing campaign to do just that (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 232).
            30/50 Some 22,000 emails stolen by Russia were released right before the Democratic National Convention, on 22 July 2016. (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 232).
            31/50 Thanks to Russia’s Internet Research Agency, 126 million Americans saw Russian propaganda designed to aid Mr. Trump in 2016. Almost none of them were aware that this was happening (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 230).
            32/50 Over the course of 2016 some fifty thousand Russian bots and some four thousand human accounts exploited Twitter to influence American public opinion on behalf of Mr. Trump. Almost no Americans were aware of this (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 230).
            33/50 In 2016, Russia sought to break into the electoral websites of at least thirty-nine American states (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 231).
            34/50 Throughout 2016, Russian elites referred to Mr. Trump as “our president” (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 218).
            35/50 Throughout 2016, Russian journalists were instructed to portray Mr. Trump positively and Hillary Clinton negatively (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 218).
            36/50 In June 2016 the leaders of the Trump campaign, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr., and Paul Manafort met with Russians in Trump Tower as part of, as the broker of the meeting called it, “the Russian government’s support for Trump” (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 261).
            37/50 Mr. Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort resigned in August 2016 after news broke that he had received $12.7 million in cash from a pro-Russian Ukrainian politician. Mr. Manafort was later convicted of crimes (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 236).
            38/50 When Mr. Trump seemed to be in trouble when a tape of his advocacy of sexual assault was published on 7 October 2016, emails stolen by Russia were released to change the subject (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 233).
            39/50 Mr. Trump personally encouraged his followers to explore the emails that Russia had stolen in tweets of 31 October and 4 November 2016 (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 232).
            40/50 In the months between Mr. Trump’s nomination as the Republican candidate and the election, anonymous limited liability (“offshore”) companies furiously purchased his properties (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 222).
            41/50 After Mr. Trump was accorded the victory in the presidential election in November 2016, he was given a standing ovation in the Russian parliament (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 218).
            42/50 After Trump was accorded the victory in the presidential election, he called Mr. Putin to be congratulated (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 218).
            43/50 In December 2016, before the inauguration, Michael Flynn illegally met with Russian officials to discuss Russia-friendly policy. One of his aides explained: “Russia has just thrown the U.S.A. elections to” Mr. Trump (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 242).
            44/50 After Mr. Trump’s victory, the leading man of the Russian media, Dmitry Kiselev, celebrated the end of human rights and democracy as US policy (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 218).
            45/50 In May 2017, Mr. Trump fired James Comey for taking part in an investigation of Russia’s cyberwar against the United States, and then bragged about doing so to Russian officials in the Oval Office (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 245).
            46/50 In June 2017, Mr. Putin essentially admitted that Russia had intervened in the election, saying that he had never denied that “Russian volunteers” had carried out a cyberwar on behalf of Mr. Trump (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 227).
            47/50 In June 2017, Mr. Trump ordered the firing of Robert Mueller, who had been tasked to carry out an investigation of Russian interference. The White House Counsel refused to carry out the order. Russia then began a campaign to slander Mr. Mueller (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 246).
            48/50 In September 2017, a Russian parliamentarian said on national television that the American security services “slept through” as Russia chose the US president (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 225).
            49/50 2017-2018 Mr. Mueller’s investigation led to the indictment of Russia’s Internet Research Agency, several Russian military intelligence officers, and multiple associates and campaign officials of Mr. Trump. It also produced a report that we have not yet been allowed to read
            50/50 In June 2018, Mr. Putin confirmed before the international press that he had wanted Mr. Trump to win. At that same summit, in Helsinki, Mr. Trump said that he trusted Mr. Putin more than his own advisors. (#RoadToUnfreedom, p. 227).

            • Gail Sheppard says

              So let me get this straight, Mike. You copied and pasted something from Twitter that caused you flashback to something I wrote on this blog over a year ago regarding how Hillary Clinton “made up the Russian component to instill fear in the American people” to cover the damage done to her campaign when Wikileaks began publishing her emails which Assange still insists were not given to him by the Russians. Does that pretty much cover it?


              So everybody can see what has got you so upset, I’m going to repost my imaginary script from February 2018 which is unfolding as I said, as we speak. Not sure how much more “honest and accountable” I can be. To be clear, I think the DNC, under the direction of Hillary Clinton et. al, made up the Russian Collusion debacle to deflect blame for her loss of the election. Because you and yours have not been able to read the full Mueller report does not negate the fact that Attorney General Barr reported there was NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION. Until such time that you can prove otherwise, you’re just going to have to accept it. It’s the American way.

              * * *
              Gail Sheppard says
              February 5, 2018 at 3:12 pm

              You think when this thing unravels it won’t make for a fascinating story, Nemesis?

              Scene: A country of proud people, who believe in the checks and balances of their government, find that their government violated what they hold dear.

              Former President: (Under threat of perjury) Yes, we violated specific civil liberty protections during my administration by improperly searching and disseminating raw intelligence on Americans and failing to promptly delete unauthorized intercepts. I did know about the plan to get the FBI to spy on our current President’s campaign and I supported it.

              Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton: (Under threat of perjury) Yes, I did authorize the DNC to create a dossier for the purposes of lying to the court so I could spy on my opposition. I made up the Russian component to instill fear in the American people so they would vote for me.

              FBI: Yes, we routinely intrude upon the private communications of innocent citizens, amass vast databases of who we call and when, and catalog “suspicious activities” based on the vaguest standards. We submitted the dossier, knowing there were no credible sources, but we went forward with it anyway because it was in the best interest of the presidential candidate the media told us would win.

              Media: Hell, yeah! We lie all the time! Don’t tell us people still take us seriously!

              Justice Department: No, we didn’t know the sources for that dossier but we assisted the FBI with petitioning FISA to allow the FBI to spy on the campaign of our now President of the United States anyway. Yes, we did this based on an unproven assertion that his people had nefarious ties to a hostile government that was messing with our elections. No, the FBI did not provide credible proof. No, the FBI did not present their sources. No, we did not insist upon seeing either.

              Gosh, you’re a tough audience, Nemesis. This memo is the “Deep Throat” of our time! – I’ve got my popcorn ready!

              • Mike Myers says

                I asked you a simple question. You’re plainly dodging it. Assuming you read those 50 data points itemized by Yale’s Levin Professor of modern Eastern European history, would you please tell us which, if any, of them you think are “made up?” These merely scratch the surface of all the reasons for grave concern that Trump is compromised by and subject to Putin, and as I said I could add dozens more to his list. But it makes a solid foundation for discussion of your false accusation.

                You wrote:

                “… Because you and yours have not been able to read the full Mueller report does not negate the fact that Attorney General Barr reported there was NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION.”

                I’d like to come back to this terribly naive distortion of exactly what it was Barr “reported” — and more importantly, of what he buried in silence and weasel words. First things first, though. What did you mean by claiming that Sec. Clinton “made up” the “Russia component”?

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  We can come back to it when there is more to say.

                  • Mike Myers says

                    OK, Gail. That’s pretty much what I thought you’d (not) say. You can pretend that there’s so little to say, all of a sudden, if you wish. It’s even prudent, in a froward sense. But there’s a whole lot I could say, and I could say it right now. I’ll say a little bit of it later, ever mindful of the quite sound advice in Proverbs 29:11. (Y’all have *no idea* what we have in reserve, in that sense. God knows.)

                    (We note two brazen dodges now of my pertinent, very timely question about the grounds for and reasoning behind one of your grave false accusations, Gail. Doubling down on such a public violation of the Eighth Commandment — and in such a serious matter, too — is not a good plan. (The Eighth, not the Sixth — my bad). Evidently, you remain unrepentant. Is that how it is? We’re getting tired of people who like to dish it (falsehoods) out, but can’t take it (truth) in return. We’re surprised you aren’t tired of yourselves.

                    Incidentally, I imagine some may be wondering why I’m putting Gail on the spot like this, when George and Mr. Misha and some others here are so much more flagrantly and shamelessly egregious in their offenses against truth and charity. The answer is that I’ve completely abandoned all hope for many of these guys — George in particular. But I do not think that way about Gail, at all.

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      Mike, that tweet you wanted me to respond to had 50 comments from a book I’ve never read. Specifically, what question would you like me to answer? What false accusations have I made? Is it that I said I think Hillary & the DNC came up with the “collusion” theory to deflect attention from the loss of the election? If so, I acknowledged that. I also said that I believe we’re seeing the story unfold right in front of our very eyes. When everything is revealed we can have a conversation about it.

                      I don’t mind being put on the spot but I don’t know what you’re asking from me. I get that you hate Trump. That much is clear. I’m not going to change your mind. Even if I could, how would I respond to this stuff? These comments are taken out of context. I don’t know where the author was going with any of this apart from trying to disparage Trump.

                      For example, pulling something from the middle of the list, it says, “Carter Page, an advisor of the Trump campaign, traveled to Moscow in July 2016. He then worked with success to make the Republican platform friendlier to Russia at the Republican National Convention.” To refresh my memory, I did a random Google search on this trip and pulled something from CNN. (I chose CNN because it is considered a more liberal source.) Please read this: https://www.cnn.com/2017/11/03/politics/carter-page-russian-officials-new-york-times/index.html

                      What conclusions can one possibly draw from this? We can’t know that Page made “the Republican platform friendlier to Russia at the Republican National Convention” or even what the term “friendlier” means to him. “Friendlier,” how? Were laws broken? Or was this just a characterization used by a guy trying to win points? If there is more to the story and you want to provide the links, I’d be happy to look at them but I don’t know how to respond. Carter was a volunteer! What possible damage could he have done?

                      From MY perspective, you’re just another Trump hater who wants me to take the bait and argue with you about it. That’s not a good use of time for either of us.

                      In short, I’m not trying to be evasive. I just don’t know what you want.

    • Monk James Silver says

      Yesterday, I heard Barr on the news, saying that there definitely was ‘spying’ on American political campaigns, whatever that means and by and on whom. He provided no details.

  2. Greatly Saddened says

    Time will only tell, as the swamp continues to drain. And finally justice may soon prevail. Thank the good Lord above!

  3. David Adrian says

    Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., said on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Thursday that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has ‘blood on his hands’ and hoped to see him “go to jail for a long time.”

    “Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and then related but separate Edward Snowden, they have blood on their hands. And I hope the Justice Department throws the book at him. I am looking forward to seeing (him) extradited back to the United States,” Waltz told Neil Cavuto.

    “And let’s just talk for a second about what they did. They took all of our operational files, as a Green Beret in Afghanistan, we were conducting operations night after night after night against the Taliban, Al Qaeda, later on ISIS. They took all of our operational files and particularly the sources, the local Afghans that were working with us, they did this in Iraq as well and put them all over the Internet.”


    Assange is no hero, he’s indeed a criminal.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Then why did St Hussein commute Manning’s sentence? And why then did we take down Nixon? Using your logic, wasn’t he justified in goimg after Daniel Ellsberg, thus precipitating the Watergate crisis?

      I for one, will continue to hold the left’s feet to the fire on this one.

      • John Sakelaris says

        George, Richard Nixon, for all his wrongdoings, did not order any killings as part of efforts to check on Daniel Ellsberg or the contents of Democratic headquarters. Nixon obstructed justice, sure, and needed to go into retirement, but that is not the same as Assange endangering US personnel in a war zone.

        As for Obama pardoning Manning, well, that may have been an effort to play up to the gay lobby–and surely you do not want Obama to be the model for what our presidents must do in the future.

  4. Ronda Wintheiser says

    Good grief, Deep Steak.

    Yes, Barr said what you say he said. But you conveniently left out the last part of his comment.

    Which is exactly what the media and you people who suffer from TDS did to Donald Trump with his comment about illegal immigrants being criminals, etc. He also said some of them are good people. But we can’t have people thinking he’s fair minded, so we’ll just leave that part out.

    What Barr said was “I just want to make it clear, thinking back on all the different colloquies here, that I am not saying that improper surveillance occurred. I’m saying that I am concerned about it and looking into it, that’s all.”

    Assuming you speak English as a first language, you know damn well what that means. But in case you are linguistically challenged, I’ll explain. He is saying “Of course I cannot know for sure. I have my suspicions. Which is why I intend to investigate. If there is solid evidence of such a thing, I will present it. Until then, I cannot make a conclusive statement, and I will not be painted into a corner by the likes of you.”

    The Democrats understand him completely. That’s why their heads are exploding. Again.


    • Deep Steak says

      ronda seems like you agree with me that gm was wrong on what barr actually said or claimed

      but rather than tell him he was wrong and encourage him to be accurate and do better you have issue with me for telling the truth

      it is a simple game

      john wayne: deep steak is definitively gay

      ten minutes later

      john wayne: thinking back on what i said i am not saying deep steak is definitively gay but i have my suspicions and i am going to find out

      later that day

      clark gable: nuclear bombshell john wayne revealed that deep steak is definitively gay

      it is clever because john wayne can claim he was not lying because he never said i was gay and clark gable can claim he is not lying because he is just repeating john wayne stating i was gay

      and then ronda comes along can gets mad when somebody explains the trick

      • Ronda Wintheiser says

        Deep Steak, it is indeed a game you are playing. A curious game.

        The important point is not what George said, or even what YOU said. The point is what Barr himself said. Your quibble should be with him, not with George.

        But since you prefer to quibble with George, let’s review what he said. He said that Barr “admitted” that spying occurred.

        Again, to be accurate, what Barr actually said was “Yes, I think spying occurred.”

        That is, indeed, an admission. An admission of an opinion.

        Again, any good English speaker understands what Barr is saying. He clarified it several times. He is admitting he believes spying occurred, but he recognizes that he cannot treat his own opinion as fact.


        You are, in fact, the one who did not tell the truth. You selectively quoted Barr. You have yet to acknowledge that. I encourage *you* to be accurate.

        It’s hilarious, actually. You are quibbling with George over something that cannot in any way be considered a lie when, for the past 2 years, we have heard from the media and from almost the entire Ruling Class assertions of something that was utterly false. That Donald Trump is a Russian agent and “colluded” with Russia to steal the election from the Heir Apparent.

        Your indignation and concern for accuracy seems a bit misplaced.

        • Deep Steak says

          so ronda does not think it matters that gm attributed things to barr that he did not actually say

          glad we have that clear

          expression of opinion and declaration of definitive fact are not the same thing but you want to treat them as the same thing even while you admit they are different

          i did not selectively quote barr because nothing he said contradicted my statement that he did not make a statement of fact and walked back the implication he did

          i never suggested he didnt offer an opinion and it is curious that you give a career political hack so much benefit of the doubt

          so sorry the person telling the truth is me

          gm pretended the walk back never happened and that the idea of improper spying was laid out as fact

          sorry for pointing out something inconvenient to your preferred world view but you are going to have to deal with it

          funny how you never consider the idea that barr said what he said to make trump happy and give the rw media a talking point cycle knowing full well it is not true

          but why not there are no consequences for doing so you sure are not going to hold him accountable

  5. Ronda Wintheiser says

    As for your comment, David Adrian, there is no military action we are involved in anywhere in the world that has anything whatsoever to do with our defense or the protection of our liberty. The people who are responsible for all of the deaths and maimings of our young people in the military are the politicians you and I elected to rule over us.

    That would be Rep. Waltz, et al.

  6. Ronda Wintheiser says

    “Just so it’s clear, whatever his sins, Assange did not steal documents from the United States government. He did not hack the DNC servers. He did not break into John Podesta’s gmail account. There is no proof that he is working for the Russian government, or ever was worked for the Russian government. Assange has never been charged with any of that and wasn’t today, no matter what they tell you. Assange’s real sin was preventing Hillary Clinton from becoming president.”

    There’s more. More pompous politicians pontificating. And more fake journalists denouncing Assange as *not* a journalist.


  7. Ronda Wintheiser says

    “The question, as Barr said the other day, is whether this surveillance was properly predicated. Barr is being attacked as a partisan hack for saying he’s going to find out. ”


  8. Deep Steak says

    i see the peace president has vetoed a bill that would end us involvement in the yemen war