A Christmas Miracle

36 years ago today, as I was packing up my family to go to Tucson for Christmas.  As I was putting clothes into the suitcase, I was talking to my 4 year old son, (Andrew) Chase about God.
I told him what I thought he could understand and said, “You can talk to Him, you know.  He will hear you.” 
He surprised me with his response, “Oh, I know all about God.  I’ve prayed to Him, already.”  I said, “You did?!  What did you pray for?”  He said, “I prayed He would make it snow on Christmas.”

Oh, no!  It NEVER snowed on Christmas in Tucson. I wasn’t sure it ever snowed in Tucson, PERIOD!  Nothing that would stick on the ground, anyway.   

I cautioned Chase that God does not always give us what we pray for.  He said, “Quit worrying, Mom. Why wouldn’t God answer the prayer of a cute little kid like me?”  –  He really said that.

I chided myself for inflating his expectations.  Then I started to pray to God, “Oh Lord, help me.  I don’t know how to fix this.”  

When we arrived in Tucson, I stayed with my grandmother and my son stayed with his dad at my parent’s house down the road. 
On Christmas morning, his dad called and said: “Gail, look outside.”  
(Memory eternal, son. 12/24/11)
No photo description available.

Tucson December 25, 1987. . .



  1. Oh Gail. Indeed a miracle.

    Memory eternal to your beloved son. May his soul dwell with the blessed and God give comfort and peace to your heart.

  2. God has a great sense of humor.

  3. Thank you for sharing a beautiful miracle. Memory eternal for your boy.

  4. Thank you for such a sweet story. Memory Eternal for your sweet boy. Thank you for all you do. Blessed Nativity.

  5. Dear Gail, I won’t pretend to comprehend the grief that must be yours every Christmas Eve. I lost my mother on Christmas Eve in 1988. It’s natural in the scheme of things that children must bury their parents, but it is certainly a tragedy when parents have to bury their children. I’m sure that your son’s death pierced your heart. Memory eternal to your son and the Holy Theotokos’ comfort to you.

  6. Sister Chrissie says

    Memory Eternal to your son Gail!🔔

    When I studied extensively the Near Death Experience
    I learnt our loved ones in Heaven actually know what we’re up to + they actually can + do visit us during important events like Christmas… 🌲
    And yes, they celebrate Christmas up there too!!
    But way more spectacular than here on earth.

    • 🙂

      …perhaps they have snow too?
      I hope so – in due measure!

      • Sister Chrissie says

        YES — in Heaven anything beautiful you remember from earth is there for you in Heaven …
        your pets are reunited to you too.
        Bishop Athanasios of Cyprus defends the
        Near Death Experience as testimony that Heaven is real. Be humble + cognizant that no religion has every detail of Ultimate Reality aka Theosis —
        it’s not wrapped up in a box with a bow. The Experiential is far superior to the intellect + that’s the Orthodox ethos compared to Protestants . Beware of making religion too into an IDOL.
        God’s universe is unspeakably vast.
        As Shakespeare’s Hamlet perceived:
        “There are more things in heaven + earth
        than are dreamt of in your philosophy Horatio”


  7. You are Blessed Gail with this beautiful memory as well as remembering all the special moments of your sons life..
    May his Memory be Forever Eternal 🙏🌟🙏

    Happy Birthday Jesus

  8. Very touching story, Gail.

    Wonderful Christmas joy to you and George !

    And may your boy rest in the eternal love of Christ. I’m so sorry.

    My second duty station with the Army (more than 20 years ago now) was Ft Huachuca in Sierra Vista, about an hour southeast of Tucson…. it always used to crack me up how they’d decorate the cacti like Christmas trees, with lights and everything!

    Snow in the desert southwest is indeed stunning. Glory to God in His creation!

  9. Joseph Lipper says

    Merry Christmas, Christ is Born! Memory eternal, Andrew Chase

  10. What an amazing story Gail.

    Memory Eternal to your son +