Fire and Fury: The Story of 2023 Maui Fire (Climate Change, Bla, Bla, Bla)

They don’t miss a beat, do they?  A book on Amazon when it was only 80% contained.  Did they know it was coming?     


  1. Never let a disaster go to waste.
    Just ask John Podesta(remember PizzaGate) who made a TV appearance recently along with John Kerry.
    Surprising neither Bart nor Elpi have had a photo op with Podesta as his late mother was Greek.

  2. Oh, the opportunism of an ambulance-chasing shyster! Shame on Amazon for carrying a book chock full of lies and deception out on the market before the blaze was even put out! Twenty-two critical reviews give it one star and a median of about 2,500 potential buyers find their comments helpful. “Dr. Miles Stone” sounds too much like “milestone” to be a real author’s name. What’s going on here?

    It’s obvious that the book was written to capitalize on a mass tragedy in callous disregard for human loss simply for the sake of peddling the tired old “Climate Change” agenda. Counterproductive, if you ask me. If the author is truly concerned about so-called climate change, let him fly to China and India and tell them to knock it off with the pollution. Our fearless Western leaders have already done enough to hamper our economies in favor of that bug-a-boo.

    • It’s actually Dr. Miles Stones. (The last name is plural.) It’s the first time I’ve ever seen something like this!

      I looked up his bio which says, “I prefer not to say.” Indeed.

  3. So far, this is what may have started the fire, though when I merely repeated the story I had heard earlier in the day–I was called out as a conspiracy theorist. Bottom line, the climate changers outlawed lawn mowers to cut the tall grasses surrounding the main power lines. Tall grasses? Sure– the culprits were the lawn mowers fueled by fossil fuels, just like the crazed libtards blame the guns–not the perps! See the pattern–so fires spread thru tall unmowed grasses. By repeating it- we get “mowed!” Boy! Is our land in trouble in these blue States!

  4. Here’s more info on Maui:

    This Pelletier fellow was in charge of the Las Vegas mass-shooting as well. Now he’s chief of police in Maui.

  5. Speaking of “did they know it was coming, this seems like HUGE black pilled news:

    “There is a clear trend: pathogens that fall within the Pentagon’s area of interest, such as Covid-19, avian influenza, African swine fever, subsequently become a pandemic, and American pharmaceutical companies become the beneficiaries,” the general claimed.

    The Russian news outlet reported there was added concern in Russia regarding former NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, especially after Democrat presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. told Tucker Carlson in a recent interview that Fauci shifted his risky experiments offshore to places like Wuhan China, and Ukraine to evade a 2014 moratorium on gain-of-function research in the U.S.

    Moscow requested an international probe into the United States’ international biolabs at the UN last October, but their motion was turned down by the UN Security Council, with the US, UK, and France voting against it.


    • Mark E. Fisus says

      Would it not be more plausible for the causation to be the other way? The Pentagon might be interested in those pathogens because of their potential virulence.

      • Potential virulence is not actual virulence.
        It took Fauci, Baric and the Pentagon biolabs to make it so.

  6. Washington Democrat Gov. Inslee: We Must ‘Decarbonize Our Economy So These Fires Don’t Ravage Us’

    But wait, aren’t WE made of carbon?…


    • From the article:
      “Decarbonize” is a veiled leftist term for “shut down.”

      “Decarbonize” is a veiled leftist term for “population reduction.”

      • Johann Sebastian says

        Population reduction and this idea of decarbonization isn’t such a bad idea. I don’t discount the notion of “global warming” either.

        The elephant in the room is that much of the momentum from our overpopulation and environmental woes are coming from the Global South: from the Third World. Sub-saharan Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The Left refuses to identify the cause, fearing the “racist” implications of doing so, and the Right dismisses the effect, as a contrarian reaction.

        People multiply like rabbits in these places, burn and dump their waste wherever, and our disposable Western societies use them to make overpriced plastic crap that cannot be repaired and has a planned shelf life—often overseen by companies with a “woke” agenda.

        And then the red carpet is rolled out for them in American and European cities—to make little colonies, ghettos, and barrios—at the expense of the tax paying citizenry.

        • What makes you think it will be you
          people that will be allowed to breed
          while others will be decarbonised?

  7. Fr. Seraphim says

    Go to the 43 minute mark. They show Lahaina almost perfectly encircled by fire.

    • Shoot! I wish I had seen this last night when I put this together. I so wanted that picture but I couldn’t find it. Thank you, Father!

    • Would the US government experiment on its people?


  8. Looks like Resident Joseph R Biden, Jr was greeted by Hawaiians with some curious hand gestures: