60 Minutes on Mt. Athos and Behind the Scenes Video

A rare access to monks in ancient monasteries on a remote Greek peninsula who have lived a Spartan life of prayer in a tradition virtually unchanged for a thousand years.

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  1. A. Rymlianin says

    Las antiguas tradiciones de la Ortodoxia no sólo se deben de respetar por su antigüidad, sino por su relevancia a la vida moderna de los cristianos ortodoxos. Sin esa continuidad de la tradicion , no se puede hablar de continuidad alguna de la Ortodoxia en el presente día. Si somos fieles a esa tradición, no podemos aceptar nuevas doctrinas de acepatación de las bodas homosexuales o de la presencia de homosexuales activos en el clero ortodoxo. Si uno es de esa tendencia ,tiene que tomar un voto de celibato y respetar ese voto plenamente para poder servir en el clero ortodoxo.

    • In case you don’t speak Spanish (although it seems a bit off topic for this thread):
      The old traditions of Orthodoxy not only due to respect for its ancient, but its relevance to modern life of Orthodox Christians. Without this continuity of tradition, no one can speak of continuity of Orthodoxy in the present day. If we are faithful to that tradition, we can not accept new doctrines of gay weddings acepatación or the presence of active homosexuals in the Orthodox clergy. If you’re of that trend, it must take a vow of celibacy and fully respect that vote in order to serve the Orthodox clergy.

    • A. Rymlianin says

      Sorry for the slip.I had been doing translation from Greek and Slavonic into Spanish for hours and had just responded to several e-mails in Spanish. I stayed with the flow and my earlier message was the result. You will be happy to know that you have a following in México.

  2. Anonymous since it's all the rage says

    They did a really nice job with this piece. What was funny was that I turned to my wife while we were watching it and said “60 Minutes must have a Greek on their staff to do this story.” Sure enough… I don’t think they had a prayer of doing this without having Mr. Karzis along.

  3. Heracleides says

    Just an FYI – Mark Stokoe has this morning struck again in a “news” piece entitled “No Longer at ‘Rest’, +Jonah Comes Out Swinging”. Truly another hatchet job by the spin-doctor & his crew of anonymous editors – but then that’s to be expected by this “esteemed” member of the MC. In fact, I think the piece should more accurately be entitled: “No Longer at ‘Rest’, Stokoe Comes Out Spinning”.

    • I could have sworn Met. Herman “unilaterally” relieved Bob Kondratick of his chancellor’s duties. Where was Stokoe’s outrage then?

      • George Michalopulos says

        Excellent point Helga. I guess a case could be made that Stokoe hasn’t commented on it in order to be fair to Kondratick and thus strengthen his own position as an objective journalist (since we all know about the bad blood between them). If that’s the case, then I owe MS an apology.

        However, a strong case could be made that he dare not say anything about this “unilateral” action by B+H because it would legitimize the actions of +Jonah.

        Either way, the +Jonah-haters have got to get their stories straight, one way to start would be to look at the actual statutes of the OCA and find out exactly what powers and prerogatives the Metropolitan enjoys. My guess is that the Met. has a lot of arrows in his quiver, that’s one reason that they’re trying to throw as much dirt in his face as possible.