…if you don’t have the facts, pound the table.

Raising questions about the fitness of Met. Nikita to investigate homosexual allegations is not allowed it appears. I posted my misgivings on Angela Damianakis’ Facebook page, and then I was blocked from further comment.

(What follows is the comment that I was prevented from giving):

Elias, just so you know, in my first blog posting, I invited all comers to offer their opinions. (I even welcomed ad hominem attacks against me.) Therefore, you are wrong right off the bat.

Leaving that aside, what “untruthful ‘facts'” have I published here or anywhere? All of my essays on the AOI have been edited and reviewed prior to publication. As for our egos being “delicate,” I can assure you that in my case, nothing could be further from the truth. I have been held up twice (so far) at gunpoint and once had a policemen point a rifle at me (he thought I was a burglar). Even worse than that, I was president of my church’s parish council for three years, and twice a delegate to the Clergy-Laity Congress. So, no, I’m no shrinking violet.

Let us lay our cards on the table: this travesty at St Irene Chryosovolantou has been ongoing for several years. It was not unkown within the corridors of 79th St. It’s simply impossible for a criminal ring to operate in complete secrecy. Any cop will tell you that.

Regardless, I pray for a quick and just resolution to this atrocity, not a whitewash. If not, I would issue a brotherly warning to the Archons of the Ecumenical Throne: gentlemen, get out your checkbooks.

–Geo Michalopulos

p.s. I like the “Jorge” bit. People have been calling me that for decades now. How ever did you know?


  1. George, don’t REACT so easily. Pray for Met. Nikita and all our priesthood.

  2. Peggy, your words are a stinging rebuke. I can be quite cynical at times and that is something I need to work on. Having said that, the purpose of this posting was to inform people that we need to keep their bishops’ feet to the fire, otherwise, we will do major damage to Orthodoxy in America. I don’t see how the GOA can take much more of these things.

  3. Ashley Nevins says

    The issue is the Priesthood of the Laity Believer. Where is its authority in such matters of ethical and moral corruption? Is it powerless to stand up and act against such obvious church leadership failure? What made them so powerless to face down these forms of corruption of Holy Christ?

    The spiritual apathy and indifference of the GO laity in such matters has a causation source. The source is a church/state theology that is top down authoritarian, closed, isolated and subjective. This results in a structure and system of church whose character is totalism power and control self centered, self protective and self sufficient. Such a church is without Christ ethics and morality at its center holding all transparent and accountable by God the Holy Spirit. It has man at its center who replaces the authority of God in the church and the church goes corrupt. The traditions of men based church is a church based upon tradition as authority equal to God. That is just one of its causes of failure.

    The indoctrination into this system of church turns the indoctrinated into its state of mind. Is is the subtle power of spiritual abuse suppressing and depressing the spiritual life of Christ centered spiritual maturity and character development in the church. It is the evil one making the laity powerless against him. The church laity then goes carnal apathetic and indifferent corrupt. They become religious followers of a corrupt, failed and dying religion and take on the spiritual irrelevancy of a dead church. Dead religion replaces the spiritual life in the Holy Spirit. The church system by its power and control totalism molds them into a carnal state of tolerance of immorality and unethical corruptions. They are mind controlled by totalism in ways and by means not a one of them can see. The mind molded mind controlled disagree.

    In John 8:31-59 you see Christ confronting the mindset of tradition based totalism theology. All the tradition based apologetic defenses are found there. You can clearly see what has MOLDED their minds. These are system verses explaining the system of Christ in the Gospels verses that of the evil one. Christ is not found to be a system of totalism theology. The evil one is. The totalists disagreed with him in their failure. He exposed their idol that made them circular without Christ as their solution. They didn’t like Christ confrontation in John for how Christ made them an expose’. Their reponse was very ephramite like. They share so very much in common.

    Jesus Christ is not theological totalism come to mold us into corruption, failure and death as a church. This is the state that Gods only alone right and one true church is found in today. That would be both the RCC and EOC. They both make the same claim and the claim causes them the same problems. Totalism always claims itself to be alone right and the only true truth or it would not be totalism. If that is not a set up for sure failure then I really do not know what it is I am talking about, do I?

    There are no perfect churches. If I ever found one I would not join it. My sin would ruin it. However, there are safe, healthy and functional churches that are not circular without solution. Yes, they have problems and they also have solution to the problems. The Orthodox need to read a book called Toxic Faith by Aterburn. It will reveal what roles all GOA play in the corrupt church failure. It will reveal what value, worth, meaning and purpose all GOA bring to themselves and their church by roles played in making their church corrupt. It’s not the bishops or the monastics that are the problem. Its the whole structure and system. In fact, it is the same structure and system causing the failure of the EOC in general.

    Christ is repentance to tranformation to change to innovation to relevancy. He is an alive church that is safe, healthy and growing. This is not an alone right and one true church. It is a true church.

    This is all Christian common sense not found to be so common among the GOA.

    If the GOA does not soon find repentance to transformation to relevancy that places Christ at the center of the church holding all transparent and accountable in one generation it will not even be found relevant to itself, let alone to anyone outside of it. It will continue to exist, but exit as what? The Gates of Hell will prevail against it. Hell can prevail against and rule over a false church. It will be a church whose character is spiritual abuse, spiritual abandonment, corruption, immorality, failure and irrelevancy. In other words, what its character is today will continue to be its character in the future. It will be a church that is circular without solution to its failure by applying the very thing that fails it to its failure guranteeing its continued failure.

    The solution to the circular without solution is simple to those who are not circular without solution.

    The solution to the circular without solution is complex to those who are circualar without solution.

    The solution is in this post. Did you miss it? The Priesthood of the Laity Believer in a true church does not miss the solution. They live the solution. Period.

    The evil one in the Gospels is all about pride top down totalism power and control that kills.

    Christ in the Gospels is all about life giving bottom up humility that frees us from pride totalism power and control.

    One theology, structure and system places you into totalism bondage and a different one not based upon totalism frees you of it.

    Not to worry GOA. Another monastic has come to save you from yourselves. Elder Ephraim received a vision from the Mother of God to come to America to put all of you back on the ultra fundamentalist Orthodox spiritually correct Mt. Athos path back to relevancy.

    The solution is simple and not complex. Follow the Elder and not your bishops. Let the GO monastics lead you into becoming a safe, healthy and growing church. Let them indoctrinate your minds into their cultic fundamentalism and out of your apathy and indifference. Let them become your bishops. Its all in the Elders grand design for all of you that they eventually do. Oh, yes, it is too.

    The dead cannot hear. How can they? They are dead. Are you listening?

    This Stavropegic monastery debacle is nothing compared to the church division debacle Elder Ephraim is bringing you. Can you see the divisive division he brings you? Only those with Christian maturity and character discernment can see it coming and see it for what it truly is as it comes.

    Can the dead see?

    Between the sexually corrupt hierarchy and the guru cultism of the Elder the future of the GOA is easy to predict. This church is a formula for disaster where the formula for disaster worked. The evil one is the one behind the scenes pulling all the bishop, monastic, priest and laity puppet strings to their own self destruction by theological totalism power and control. The puppets on their strings all disagree. He has them right where he wants them. Powerless.

    Ashley Nevins