Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Not Too Far Away)


So Target took the risk and it’s backfiring.  Customers are throwing merchandise on the floor. 

A company spokesperson said, “Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.” She added that the company, which has been selling Pride Month merchandise for a decade, remained committed to the L.G.B.T.Q. community “and standing with them as we celebrate Pride Month and throughout the year.”  

One of our favorite bloggers submitted her own report via email:

I went to [the] manager.  He thought the clothing was great for trans kids.   –  I interviewed two women. One was young and the other old.   Both thought it’s okay to sell trans clothing.  –  I asked all three people I spoke with if they ever saw clothing in Target for the blind, deaf, or disabled.  They all answered no!  I blessed myself in front of the store manager, put my hands together in prayer, and stated, “Don’t follow Satan.”  His eyes filled with hatred.  I walked out quietly.  I also called Target headquarters and stated my view.

Target is so “committed,” they are offering over 2,000 products, including clothing, books, home furnishings, and calendars, among other things, to celebrate what used to be called “Gay Pride.”  Now it’s just called “Pride” which begs the question, pride in what exactly?  It keeps changing so it’s getting harder and harder to keep up.   What is consistent is that whatever it is, it is decidedly different than normal. 

It is not normal to make s-e-x a roadmap for life.  We are all assigned a sex by our Creator.  Because we have free will, we can do with it whatever we want, short of wishing it out of existence which they are desperately trying to do. 

Sexuality is on a spectrum and there are people who represent each end, and everything in between.  In the past, not a whole lot of people cared where any one person fell on the spectrum.  There are some who will pick a fight over it, to be sure, but most of us don’t care how far people are from the norm, as long as we’re all on the same spectrum of human behavior.  But even that’s changing.  

So this begs the question: why is so much attention being given to sexuality today?  The percentage of people who fall this way or that way of center hasn’t much changed (if at all), so why is it suddenly so important to call out each “color in the rainbow?” 

And how many young parents identify so strongly with “pride” that they’re opting to pay homage to it throughout their homes with sayings on their coffee mugs like “Gender Fluid,” wall hangings, and bathroom décor.  They even slap pithy slogans on their baby’s onesies so they match the overall theme.  

Target is betting there are many such parents and because Target has been pretty successful with previous marketing campaigns, I’m guessing there are A LOT more parents out there like this than we know. 

Not everyone is on-board, though.  One woman recorded a TikTok video in a Target store on Monday in which she became angry at seeing a greeting card that read “So Glad You Came Out” and a yellow onesie that said “¡Bien Proud!”   “If that doesn’t give you a reason to boycott Target, I don’t know what does,” she said.

Children are being turned into billboards for “pride.”  People are no longer looking into strollers to see the face of a smiling baby, but to see the slogan the parents have selected for their blankie.  Matching father/son t-shirts that use to say, “Our First Father’s Day,” have been replaced with, “Our First Pride Day.”    

All this says what about the parents today, exactly?  That they’re cool with people who like different sexual things?  OK.  Why does anyone have to be cool with the sex life of anyone else?   What difference does it make if we’re cool with it or not?      

And how many parents are actually saying to themselves, “Gee, I should probably be reading my toddler, “Pride 1,2,3,” “Bye Bye, Binary,” and “I’m Not a Girl.”  Target also suggests “The Pronoun Book” for kids aged 0–3.  Again, why?  Toddlers don’t need to know anything about sex!  

Pride displays, anywhere and everywhere, reek of indoctrination.  It’s like an overpowering perfume.  The stench is everywhere.

This has nothing to do with being “wok.”  “Wok,” as it turns out, is a means to and end and the end of this game is transhumanism.  They are replacing what God made with whatever happens to pop into one’s imagination.  72 genders?  Sure, why not.  (Why so few?)  These transhumanist creators are not bound by gender or anything else.  Soon you won’t even need a human to populate the planet.  Organisms will be creating organisms.  If they make ones that talk from their feet, it will be “normal” simply because it exists.  (But they’ll make them “pretty” like a rainbow.)   Bring home a cyborg to introduce to your parents?  The question will still be, “how much money does it make?”  Get it?  Normal.  Sort of.

That’s the plan, anyway.  To normalize everything.

This little rainbow looking stuff is just eye candy (literally candy for the eyes) so you’ll be able to accept how quickly the world is changing and think, “It’s pretty, so it must be good.”

Bozo the Clown

As time goes on, the Golden Ratio will become conspicuously absent.  We’ll know something is off, but we probably won’t know what it is.  No more will we see visually balanced faces which are approximately 1.618 times longer than wide, where the distance from the top of the nose to the center of the lips is around 1.618 times the distance from the center of the lips to the chin.  The world will take on a fun house appeal with distorted mirrors.  We won’t know what’s wrong, because we will have become conditioned to accept it.  –  It’s like clown faces.  Many, especially children, are repulsed by them because they distort human faces.  I was terrified of Bozo when I was growing up!  But he looks way normal now, especially in comparison to Pennywise!

If they’re successful in taking the most basic instinct we have and nullifying its importance by exaggerating the deviations, there is nothing they can’t get us to accept.  And why not?  They can already create unique living organisms out of human-made DNA. 

Even the “wok” people will be crying at the conclusion of this game, but it will be too late.  Our children will have been fully indoctrinated by then and with Target’s help, they will be conditioned to turn on us for not being “loving” enough.  

This “pride” stuff is going to lead to a terrifying conclusion and there won’t be anything “pretty” about it.     





  1. If it’s any consolation, Target has taken an even bigger hit than Annheuser Busch did with their Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light roll-out, which is in its second month of non-stop controversy.

    My favorite meme was “Bud Lite: from ‘Real Men of Genius’ to “Fake Chicks with a Penis”.

  2. Gail tells it like it is. She does not beat around the bush! See her statement below:

    “Children are being turned into billboards for “pride.” People are no longer looking into strollers to see the face of a smiling baby, but to see the slogan the parents have selected for their blankie. Matching father/son t-shirts that use to say, “Our First Father’s Day,” have been replaced with, “Our First Pride Day.”

    Here is a Christian man who is not afraid to speak out. Denying Christ by our silence is an abomination!

    Here is the phone number of Target Headquarters. Make your view known. Save the children.

    • I’m calling Target right now; after I eat the grilled cheese sandwich George has fixed me. Thanks, Jane. Thanks for all the great work you do behind the scenes.

  3. Pride is what got satan kicked out of paradise and so it is very telling that LGBTQ uses that word to “express itself”.

  4. Err… ‘wok’ is a cooking pot, I believe…

    • Yes, and that’s what the algorithms will think, too. – It never occurred to me that shortening it would throw our readers off. My fear is we’re already under scrutiny and “woke” is a key word. I’ll change it by putting it in quotes throughout the piece instead of just the first time.

  5. Dcn John says

    I think this pretty much spells it out

  6. Antiochene Son says

    This is another reason why Trump should not be the GOP candidate in 24. The culture wars have exploded since 2020 and he is not socially conservative by any means. He was introduced by a gay man at the RNC and Trump celebrated this and the applause the guy received.

    Trump is not the man for this moment; we are in a massive battle right now, not seen since the gay marriage battle of the early aughts. Conservatives lost that battle and by now most have quietly fallen into line. We warned the children would be next, we are now here, and actual opposition must be put up. Someone willing to die on this hill. I don’t know who that is.

    • From my point of view, being introduced by a gay man is not a problem unless the man who introduces you is known to target children, fund “pride,” etc. We actually NEED prominent gay people supporting Trump to help disavow the idea that if you’re gay you have to vote for a “rainbow” candidate.

      Many, many gay people want nothing to do with “rainbows.” Leveraging gays is just the insidious way these transhumanists have chosen to cloak their true agenda, which is to bend our ideas on gender. Gender, of course, has nothing to do with being gay.

      I think it’s great that Theil was comfortable enough to say I’m gay but I’m introducing Trump anyway because I support his platform: “Of course, every American has a unique identity,” he continued. “I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all, I am proud to be an American. I don’t pretend to agree with every plank in our party’s platform. But fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline.”

      Gays are Americans, too.

      Here is a list of 7 Core Principles of Conservatism (for gay and non-gay alike). If Trump runs afoul of any of these, let me know:

      (1) Individual Freedom.
      (2) Limited Government.
      (3) The Rule of Law.
      (4) Peace through Strength.
      (5) Fiscal Responsibility.
      (6) Free Markets.
      (7) Human Dignity. (Not endorsing Mike Johnson, per se, as I don’t know much about him, but when I Googled “principals of conservatism,” these popped up and they seem pretty consistent with my ideas. George agreed.)

      • Antiochene Son says

        I highly doubt any conservative would have said anything remotely like this 20 years ago. We have been desensitized to the gay agenda. Not wanting to cut off children’s genitals is too low a bar for me.

        I have no interest in joining hands with gay “conservatives”. To live a gay lifestyle is to cease being conservative. They can’t be trusted.

        As for that list, I don’t agree with it and I’m done with this kind of conservatism. It only cares about corporations and the devil’s kind of freedom.

        1. Freedom to do the right thing
        2. Government that promotes the right thing
        3. The rule of correctly formed consciences
        4. Peace through not making war unless your territory is directly threatened
        5. Pro human fiscal policy
        6. Something closer to distributism
        7. Human dignity

        • AS,

          Yes, I’m much more enamored with Classical Conservatism than the American variety. But that is why I like Trump. You have to set aside his weakness for appealing to gays. He does not nominate judges from that mindset but from an originalist perspective. That is the key thing.

          As to fiscal matters, that is the thing that scares the Establishment about Trump. He will not toe the American Conservative line about fiscal libertarianism while simply advocating a somewhat less costly alternative. That is conventional Republican bread and butter: Gov’t may increase by 3-4% per year, but not the 7% that the Dems want (in a nutshell). Been that way since Reagan.

          Trump realizes the country is bankrupt and arguing about the margins is irrelevant. He won’t be outbid for largesse by the Democrats. That upsets the apple cart. The platforms of the respective parties are constructed so as to include a certain percentage of the public and exclude a certain percentage. This is the pro-wrestling aspect of the two party system. It doesn’t work if one party, especially the “moon” party which mainly serves as a foil, gobbles up the vast majority of popular support. That is a ticket to a dominant party system, given the perks of incumbency. It’s already happening in much of the South. The Democratic Party is going extinct.

          So if you want a revolution, Trump is your only shot. If you want to rearrange the deck chairs of the Titanic, be my guest, but I won’t participate.

          • Misha, if I may add my 2 cents about Trump and the “gay thing”: when there was an opening on SCOTUS (I believe it was Kavanaugh or Coney Barrett), Judge Andrew Napolitano thought it was his for the picking. Napolitano is a brilliant legal mind in the ur-libertarian tradition, and would have occupied the Scalia tradition but Trump overlooked him. (I’ll let y’all connect the dots as to why he did so.)

        • We have been desensitized to the gay agenda. Not wanting to cut off children’s genitals is too low a bar for me.

          I agree with Antiochene Son. It is too conveniently pragmatic for Orthodox Christians, who should know better, to stand shoulder to shoulder with first- generation gay people simply because they are as repulsed by the mutilation of children as we are. We would do well to be as wise as serpents and maintain our distance. Although, some may call that a smug attitude; I would rather call it prudent.

          Why? Once we become overtly enthusiastic about gay support for our normal objection to this butchery of innocent children, we tacitly and unwittingly legitimize homosexuality. Once we’ve done that, we forfeit our erstwhile moral ground that used to be just as sickened by the very thought of anal copulation and barren pseudo-matrimony. Inasmuch as each of us represents the Church in his own small way, it behooves us to be watchful that we not weaken the Church’s moral stance with our carelessness.

    • Trump may have no personal animosity toward gays but he has committed to nominating originalist judges, which is the main place the culture wars are relevant in the government. The president can’t do much by himself on these issues without Congress so Trump’s personal shortcomings aren’t really the issue.

      The issue is whether a candidate can be bought by the Uniparty establishment. Trump is the one and only candidate to have passed that test. It’s because he doesn’t need the money. One simply cannot say the same of anyone else and that is why he, and he alone, has a chance to clean the Augean stables.

      I say “chance” because that is all it is. I wouldn’t bet on it but he deserves the opportunity to try it. If he doesn’t, then America will get cut down to size by the Rest.

      • “The issue is whether a candidate can be
        bought by the Uniparty establishment.”

        I don’t think RFK Jnr will be bought by
        those who killed his father and his uncle.

      • Antiochene Son says

        Trump doesn’t have to be bought when his cultural ideology agrees with the coastal “mainstream.” He filled the administration with swamp creatures. Yes I am grateful for his judge choices, but that doesn’t excuse all the rest. Most of all not pardoning the Jan 6 protestors.

      • “There are many reasons why one man or woman is incapable of turning America around but first among them is that our system was not designed to be ruined or fixed by a single person. Our federalist system ensures that states and cities have the power to do good or evil on their own, regardless of who resides in the White House. Will the election of a conservative president, for example, stop New York City from implementing its newly announced plan to track residents’ food purchases and place caps on meat served by public institutions?

        We’ve had nine presidential administrations over the last 50 years, five Republican and four Democrat.
        Nixon/Ford (R)
        Carter (D)
        Reagan (R)
        Bush Sr. (R)
        Clinton (D)
        Bush Jr. (R)
        Obama (D)
        Trump (R)
        Biden (D)
        Despite the relatively equal amount of time we’ve spent being governed by each of these two parties over the last 50 years, the New World Order has continued to march forward. Republican presidents have failed to deliver on their promises of smaller government while the Democrats have methodically gone about implementing the most radical elements of their agenda. So it’s an indisputable fact that both parties have presided over an exponential growth in the size and reach of the monster we call the federal government.
        Both parties get their talking points from the same NGOs, outfits like the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR has served since 1921 as the nerve center of the neocon warmongering policies that envision America as the policeman of the world, quick to intervene in other countries’ affairs, rig elections, and foment revolutions if they don’t accept America’s economic hegemony.”
        Leo Hohmann. Investigative Journalist

        Leo Hohmann

    • While you are correct in the main, the problem is not Trump or Peter Thiel, it is the culture. I agree with the late Andrew Breitbart, who said “politics is downstream from culture”.

      We lost the culture wars back in the 90s, probably earlier. The last unapologetically Americanist/trad “Christian” decade was the 1950s.

      Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t win a few battles now and then. I look at it this way: things are so bad that there’s only two ways they can go: (1) completely collapse into a Soylent Green type dystopia, or (2) rise out of it.

      In any event, I choose to fight till the last. In the interim, I will not live by lies. Solzhenitsyn was right.

      • Antiochene Son says

        We have not lost the culture. I probably live in a bubble, but I don’t live in a culture that embraces gays or transgenders. That is the culture being fed to us, including, sadly, by Trump. He has no interest in fighting or winning battles on moral issues, he didn’t in 2016 either.

        • Have you read this? I would love to hear your perspective on it.

        • If you don’t believe we’ve lost the culture, then you’re not paying attention. That ship has sailed. The pendulum does not exist. What happens is it gets worse until it either gets better or collapses. The latter is increasingly likely.

          Either Trump will be the Republican nominee or the Democrat will win because most of us will not turn out for anyone else. It’s that simple. Either he gets a chance to do it right this time or we’re better off letting it burn.

          • Exactly, Misha.

            Many Boomers’ worldview was crystallized in the 1950-70s when the political disagreements were about economic or foreign policy issues but the basic foundations of what life was all about were essentially agreed upon. R’s and D’s in the 1950s-1970s disagreed on policy but went to church together, nearly everyone celebrated Christmas and Easter in one way or another, they dined together and played golf together. That’s because then, nearly all Americans were of Catholic or Protestant stock who agreed on the Christian basics of what was important about life.

            These days it’s an entirely different ballgame. We no longer agree on the basics. The essential Christian foundation of American life is gone — not enough people believe in it anymore. But many Boomers fail to see this reality, for whatever reason, either willfully or not, I’m not sure why. I’ve heard it’s because when our worldview is crystallized by about age 20 or 25, it rarely changes afterward. These are the folks who still think that CNN and NBC matter.

            The disagreements today are far more ontological and anthropological — what is man’s purpose on earth, what is the meaning of our life, does God even exist? Questions like that. If people don’t get this new distinction, they are definitely being played and gaslit by the System who wants them to stay asleep.

            That a “multicultural” society can work without one culture clearly dominating and maintaining power is a complete lie. Move to Japan – you’ll be a guest there forever, and the Japanese won’t feel bad about that reality at all. This is how the world works.

            The current mainstream R’s and D’s both essentially agree on the overwhelmingly secular nature of modern life, that the American man’s purpose is to be a producer or consumer, nothing else. Which is why – for an increasing number of us – neither of the major political parties represents us. None. Which is why anti-uni-party politicians are attractive…. Trump, Kari Lake, etc. Take your pick. We are so done with the System that doesn’t represent us.

            So many of us Americans – as the D.C. license plate says – are “taxed without representation.” And we’re sick of it.

            • We absolutely don’t agree on the basics. This is precisely what the problem is and you’re right, both parties have fallen victim to the secular nature of modern life to such a degree that they’ve cancelled each other out.

              Medicine, too, has lost its way by relying on pharmaceutical companies. I heard a doctor say the other day say that it never occurred to him to question the vaccines because the regulation of vaccines in the past had been so stringent. -I remember people saying something similar about Catholic Hospitals back in the 80s. Before then you could expect very good care in hospitals run by nuns, but then the nuns started employing business managers because it was the only way they could keep their doors open. Now its six of one, half a dozen of the other.

              The point being: the secular nature of modern life has infiltrated everything which has lowered standards, and blurred lines across the board. That which we use to be able trust is no more. We cannot say with conviction or confidence what we’re getting with anything anymore, which is certainly true of politics.

              What does being a Republican or Democrat even mean anymore? We’ve lost our way.

              It seems we all have that in common. Our one uniting factor. We can’t navigate the world anymore. It’s like all the signposts have been written in a foreign language. This may explain why so many people are flocking to churches.

          • Misha, I would add only this: the Dems will have a better chance of winning because they will have rigged the system completely by 2024.

            • Link?

            • George,
              That is entirely possible. I am slightly encouraged by the fact that Trump is even in the race. If he did not have a plan to defeat the Dem cheating, I do not think he would have run again simply to be robbed a second time.

              But they did cheat him once already, so who can say?

              • Misha, as evil as the Evil Party is (and as stupid as the Stupid Party is as sabotaging themselves), the Evil Party is not as omnipotent as we think they are.

                I too, believe that Trump has some bases covered; perhaps many.

                I look at it this way: in 2024 the DS was able to deny Trump the presidency despite his overwhelming increase in votes cast for him. As you pointed out they made a desperate decision: either deny Trump the presidency or deny the GOP their majority in the Senate. They chose to deny Trump.

                In 2022, the DS knew that there was going to be a Red Tsunami so they had a choice to make: they went to Cocaine Mitch and told him to make sure the GOP didn’t get a majority in the Senate. Still, the GOP got 5 million more votes than the Democrats.

                The trajectory is clear. I think that’s what Trump is banking on. (Among other things.)

        • There’s a Russian saying: “the people get the priest they deserve”. If anybody believes that electing a moralist conservative as POTUS is going to reverse the rot that pervades the West today, they are gravely mistaken.

          Frankly, it’s impossible.

          Only the people, once they repent (which means comes to their senses) will shake off the shackles of perversion that they’ve placed around their arms and legs.

          True story: I remember back in the mid 70s, when Playboy magazine (which like all other teenagers back then, I only “read for the articles”) published an edition dedicated to the poetry of Sappho and which showed two women embracing each other in various stages of undress.

          The howling was instantaneous and loud. If memory serves, Hefner had to apologize. Then there was the controversy when Penthouse magazine came out (I believe sometimes in 1975), showing full frontal nudity (which Playboy never did up till that time). Hefner criticized the publisher saying “that’s not nudity, that’s pornography”.

          In six months, Hefner was showing full frontal nudes in his magazine. Now we don’t care, heck even politicians go to the Playboy mansion to raise dollars.

          What’s the point? Baby steps.

  7. Seraphim says

    I doubt we’ll be able to ever really reverse this course. But I hope the Orthodox can slow it down a tad with their prayers. The trans thing didn’t start with itself. It goes back much further to a more lax attitude toward heterosexual ethics. We Christians allowed the spirit of the world to creep in and did not stand our ground. I have to look at myself and ask, “Would I have made it as a Christian in the first few years after Christ?” After reading Acts 5, I doubt it. I’m far too worldly, and the Church had much less tolerance for loving the things of this world. The only hope we have now, as usual, is to change ourselves. We need to stop compromising, even in the “small stuff.”

  8. Make what you want of this but this was amazing!

    • LOVE IT!

      • I am fed up with LGBQT tactic using children as tools to turn the republic communist. I don’t belong to any community. Just a human being – do not fly a flag based on my gender. Ridiculous.

  9. Hilber Nelson says

    It is no coincidence that the trans craze exploded shortly after flip phones were replaced with iPhones and Androids. In other words, trans mania is a social contagion (indoctrination) orchestrated by media conglomerates like Disney, major corporations like Target, big tech and every department and agency within our own government. It’s also no coincidence that Pride month is celebrated in June, the month of summer solstice, a major pagan observance. To characterize wokeism as purely a social or culture war is to not understand that we are witnessing an unprecedented surge of paganism in post-Christian America and the West. For Christians who are awake, God is calling His Church to put on the full armor of God in battling the powers and principalities operating behind Pride month. For that, we need shepherds with the moral courage to call us to arms, to be His saints. For God has not called us to fit in, but to stand out. So far, I only hear the sound of crickets among the still seated.

    • Well, as an old friend of mine used to say, “The secular world steps in when the Christian world doesn’t do its job. “

  10. Mark E. Fisus says

    Matching father/son t-shirts that use to say, “Our First Father’s Day,” have been replaced with, “Our First Pride Day.”

    In another decade, teen rebellion will look like archconservatism.

  11. Tina Turner: Rest in Peace.

  12. Christine says

    And may God bless these very brave high schoolers,who are doing what their parents and adults around the world (me included) should have been doing for the past 40 years: