Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter “Ear”

Constantinople’s schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” is at it again.  Ortho Christian posted the following story entitled:  SCHISMATICS HOLD SATANIC “FUNERAL” FOR UOC OUTSIDE KIEV CAVES LAVRA   

Guy with a hat problem.  https://orthochristian.com/153743.html 

Something more to see:  https://tinyurl.com/3m2sbhm9


  1. God will not be mocked and this sacrilege will not go unpunished.

    In more negative news related to the EP/GOA, as reported by Helleniscope it looks like the “wedding” did occur at the St. Nicholas shrine in NYC between an Orthodox and Jewish person, how this was allowed in the Church without the groom converting is beyond me. It’s one thing to marry a Protestant or Catholic (still not ideal), but it’s another thing to marry someone who’s religion is in total opposition to Christ and His Church.


    What will be next, Elpi baptizing their child along with a rabbi doing the bris

    • Mark E. Fisus says

      the “wedding” did occur at the St. Nicholas shrine in NYC between an Orthodox and Jewish person

      I don’t know that this is the battle to pick. I wish the newlyweds many blessings and a happy marriage.

      Elpi baptizing their child along with a rabbi doing the bris

      The old circumcision along with the new. Two-for-one deal, who could pass it up?

      With modern hygiene, circumcision is largely unnecessary and the trauma from that early life event has lifelong impact. The US is the only country that routinely does it for ostensibly medical purposes. God gave us foreskin for a reason. If this were done on females, it would be called genital mutilation. It’s time to call people’s bluff on gender equality and demand they stop doing to males what they would not do to females. If the boy wants to be circumcised, he can choose that himself later in life. What happened to my body my choice?

      Banning forced circumcision — that is the battle I would pick.

    • As it’s been explained to me, in traditionally Orthodox countries like Ukraine and Russia, it is not uncommon for Orthodox women to want to marry Jewish men because many Orthodox men are abusive and drunk. Don’t know about Greece at all – after the Jewish Greeks were forcibly removed and killed by the Nazis during WW2 (Thessaloniki used to have a vibrant Jewish Greek community) – I don’t think there are many Jewish Greeks around anymore.

      It’s easy to get self-righteous about it, and yes – absolutely – an Orthodox Christian marriage is about two people pursuing a life in Christ with each other, each bearing the martyr’s crown for the other. And yes, if one is a truly strong Christian, he/she simply won’t want to marry someone who is also not a truly strong Christian — if Christ is the most important thing in your life, you want your spouse to share that perspective.

      But the fact that many Orthodox men in traditional Orthodox countries are abusive and drunk is a problem that those local countries – and those local Churches – must solve. Until then, can you blame Orthodox women who don’t want to marry those kinds of guys? A lot of these Jewish guys who are married to Orthodox women are good guys, even if they are not Christian – I know a few!

      But to say this phenomenon doesn’t confuse the faithful to no end is an understatement. It’s messed up. At a minimum, Orthodox clergy should outright refuse to perform marriages where one spouse is a non-converted Jew. But as we all know, many don’t refuse to do so. Zelensky’s wife is another ostensibly Orthodox Christian women who married a Jewish guy. In Ukraine and in the Middle East, it’s also common for Orthodox Christians to marry Uniates in Orthodox church weddings – as if it’s all the same. Maybe they do consider it all the same? Not sure.

      • Most Jews of Greece were not killed off by the Nazis. Most left after the great fire of Thessaloniki in 1917 and settled in the UK, America and Palestine.
        A Greek marrying a Jew in Greece is a great rarity. But it’s common in the New York greater Metropolitan region. Both men and women it’s rampant. We know of famous Greeks having married Jews such as Jamie Dimon and Michael. Dukakis, but it’s pretty rampant in the NY area. Heck both my brothers were engaged to Jews at one point. .
        It’s all about the money for the women and Jewish men like eastern European women and foreign women generally, their own being overbearing (yes many have flat out told me).

      • Mark E. Fisus says

        not uncommon for Orthodox women to want to marry Jewish men because many Orthodox men are abusive and drunk.

        And then the Jewish women get with Orthodox men? The equation must balance!

      • “many Orthodox men are abusive and drunk”

        Are you one of them?

      • “Drunk and abusive” is kind of a defamatory stereotype, not that it’s completely baseless as most stereotypes at least touch on some underlying substance. Much more likely that it has to do with female hypergamy.

  2. That’s just sickening.

  3. Sam Starrett says

    These guys do not represent OCU and have been condemned by an archbishop of that church. Lying is a sin.

    • Where? I’d like to see it.

      • LonelyDn says

        Sam and Gail,

        While the fake archbishop might have been quoted as condemning the actions, he did not really condemn the actions as we saw them.

        As Pravoslav reports,

        “For his part, “Archbishop” Evstraty Zorya of the schismatic OCU condemned such actions because they make the [canonical] UOC look like a victim while discrediting the [schismatic] OCU.”

        Notice the “archbishop” didn’t condemn the action because it’s disgusting and blasphemous, satanic, or for any other good reason. He simply condemned the actions because they make the UOC look like a victim.

        Did they condemn the ghoulish freak show held months ago inside the lavra? Remember that? What about Zelensky showing up in his Goodwill costume presenting the anti-icon before Pope Franny?

        The schismatics, paid by the State Department and Europe, only condemn themselves before Christ. It is painful to watch, indeed.

        • Well spotted. Zorya did not condemn it on principle.
          He condemned it on policy – and policy is changeable.

      • Jeff Moss says

        The condemnation was reported in the last sentence of that article at OrthoChristian:

        “For his part, “Archbishop” Evstraty Zorya of the schismatic OCU condemned such actions because they make the [canonical] UOC look like a victim while discrediting the [schismatic] OCU.” (linked Facebook post is in Ukrainian)

        But Zorya’s condemnation doesn’t necessarily mean that these actions are not the work of the OCU—even though he hints in his piece that the “funeral” might be a sort of false flag operation for the benefit of the Moscow Patriarchate.

  4. Amen. “ It is important to oppose all аntісhrіsts and die with dignity; not to have a cowardly position.”

    Blessed Elder Justin Parvu (who reposed in 2013)
    I hope everyone shares the words of Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop.“The victory belongs to Christ, and to those who choose to align themselves under the holy banner of the Cross.”

    ✝️Soldiers of Christ, report to your duty. Time is short.

  5. Gen Corr says

    Mark your calendars.

    A prophecy from the Great Lavra says that Ukraine falls six months after the Lavra is lost.

  6. Just read the O.T. and see what the “wrath” of God does to the disobedient.

  7. Hilber Nelson says

    I’m still waiting for a public condemnation and calling for Pat. Bart to be deposed by our American hierarchs. If I missed it, please post as a reply so I can lay to rest my worries our higher ups aren’t up for the job of defending the faith.

    • I promise you’ll be the first to know!

    • Anonymous II says

      I don’t expect them to condemn Bart/Elpi before a giant uproar from the faithful and/or monasteries. Hopefully I’m wrong. Although I am surprised a statement hasn’t been released from Athos yet.

      Historically, God sends a singular person, a saint, to stand against the current in situations like we’re seeing right now. And this may well happen before the house of cards collapses. Nevertheless, the faithful will be greatly encouraged to see a firm, clear stance against this evil.

  8. https://spzh.news/ru/zashhita-very/73957-protiv-tomosa-i-fanara-o-chem-budut-hovorit-na-sobore-ptsu

    You’ll need to run the above article through Google Translate, but looks like there’s trouble in paradise for the schismatics and looks like another power struggle is emerging.

    Tmrw they are meeting to decide on a new charter, it will essentially strip the UOC of any rights within Ukraine.

    Of note, it’s speculated that the OCU will be in charge of the Ukrainian diaspora. That presents a huge problem here in the U.S as there are Ukrainian bishops on the AOB. Will the other hierarchs choose to remain on an Assembly with bishops under a schismatic?

    You have to wonder if this is what Bart intends for the new GOA charter.

  9. Wayne Matthew Syvinski says

    Another “victory” for the Ecumenist Heresiarch of Istanbul.