Such Things Must Happen, But the End is Not Yet

Trump was purportedly going to give a speech on Sunday during the Super Bowl, which didn’t materialize for whatever reason.  We don’t know if it’s been rescheduled, or if it’s even true. 

The speech was about a couple of things, but one thing caught my attention because Putin is giving a similar speech to the Russian Federal Assembly on January 21, where he’s going to talk about “security and defense” “. . . new military-political realities,” and “The fight against terrorists, the fight against saboteurs, against agents of foreign special services.”

In Trump’s, as of yet not delivered speech, it says, “In the coming days and weeks you will experience an unprecedented series of events that will rock the very foundation of everything we have ever known” and he goes on to talk about instructions that will come on every electronic device, phone, computer, TVs, etc. alerting people what to do in their area. 

That’s kind of a chilling prospect.     

I personally think we’re in the midst of WWIII, which in my opinion started decades ago but has largely gone unnoticed because it’s an unconventional war.  It’s not a nation against nation kind of thing, although there is certainly some of that going on and more is expected due to the shuffling of the deck.

The war I’m talking about is the war against humanity as evidenced by some of the following:  

#1  COVID which was a bioweapon, as are the vaccines, which fortunately didn’t have the desired effect of culling the better part of the population.  That they were created for this purpose is getting harder and harder to deny.   

#2  The rivers are drying up.  Some of you probably remember Trump saying, “Watch the water.”  In the United States, 4 prominent rivers: the Colorado, Mississippi, Snake, and Mobile rivers have dried up.  Here in Tulsa, homes all along the Arkansas River were flooded in 2018.  Now the river bed is completely devoid of water. 

I was shocked to hear the Euphrates and the Nile were also dry.  These rivers are so old they’re in the Bible.  Even the Amazon is dry and though the Yangtze flooded 5 times in 2020, it is also dry, as well as every river from the Yangtze to the Rhine to the Danube to the Tiber and Po to the Elbe and the Volga – spanning not just continents but much of the globe. 

If “climate change” were the culprit, every river on the planet would not be drying up at the same time or at such a fast pace.  Some can be explained by drought, but not all of them.  Not at the same time.  Of course, by swapping out “Global Warming” and replacing it with “Climate Change,” this could be the punchline for every argument.    

Severe Drought = Climate Change  Severe Flooding = Climate Change  The Sun is Shining = Climate Change  There are Clouds in the Sky = Climate Change  

#3 Food processing plants all over the country have been blown up.  #4 Chickens are no longer laying eggs possibly due to something in their feed.  #4 Ships are backed up in harbors.  #5 Trucks are unable to get from destination to destination and because they need diesel and to make diesel, you need oil, which is hard to come by these days.  #6 We have pilot shortages and though they were forecasted in 2018 and 2019, the issue was exacerbated when thousands of older pilots took buyouts during the pandemic.  And then there is that which cannot be said:  the vaccination concern.  #7 Trains are derailing with toxic chemicals every few days now.  #8 The cost of food is astronomically high and grocery stores are beginning to look like they did during the lockdowns.  #9 NATO is fighting tooth and nail to keep Ukraine alive to get close enough to Russia to annihilate it  and with it, it’s traditional values.  #10 The Federal Reserve is bankrupt and the stock market is dangerously close to crashing.  

But one of the worst things our country has had to suffer is the loss of free speech; the very thing that defines what being an American is all about.    

We have a formidable enemy.  The entire world is at war with the people who are heavily represented in groups like the World Economic Forum, the WHO, and the UN.  Names like Schwab, Soros, Rockefeller and Rothschild come to mind, as well as the Khazarian Mafia, which includes principals in the Central Banks, the Vatican, and even the Royal family.    

And then there are their many minions.

In the U.S., there are programs like DARPA, as well as our three letter agencies, the CIA, FBI, DOJ and DoD, who have people in them who are working against us.  Industries like Hollywood, the MSM, and Big Tech are heavily invested in distorting our world view. 

The NIH, and what we believed were our watchdog groups, the CDC and the FDA, are all on the same page and it’s the wrong page.  Not the one that protects the people.  Big Pharma is no different.  They, too, are on the wrong page, only at the top of their page are dollar signs.

Our educational institutions are full of Marxists.  We have crooked politicians and people in government who didn’t investigate possible election fraud even though they received over one hundred credible reports, some, if not all, from members of Congress.

This is a lot to grapple with, I know.

Although many of us are just beginning to see what’s going on, others have known about this ensuing chaos for a couple of decades, at least as far back as the seventeenth episode, of the eleventh season, of the American animated television series, The Simpsons, called “Bart to the Future,” which aired in March 2000.  The audience sees President Lisa Simpson talking about Trump’s presidency when she says: “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget cut from President Trump.”

And in another episode that aired in 2015, you see Homer Simpson and a presidential campaign sign that reads “Trump 2024.”  And then there is the scene where Homer comes down the escalator behind Trump. 

Trump was selected to play a role for which he was uniquely qualified.  He is the Monty Hall of “Let’s Make a Deal” and a wreaking ball when it comes to “get ‘er done.”  He and others have been working with heads of state and intelligence communities around the world.

At the grassroots level, people are protesting all over the planet:  Now Spain, Peru, and England.   The entire nation of France is in open revolt with demonstrations in over 300 locations.  A picture is worth a 1000 words: 

Worldwide, over 400 significant antigovernment protests have erupted just within the last 5 years. protest-tracker

Each country has a role to play and if you do the research, which I hope you will,  you will be astounded to learn who is doing what, and what they’ve accomplished.  Just coordinating their efforts and allowing for adjustments when things change is a monumental enterprise.  Nothing like this has ever been attempted and losing this war is not an option.  

The consensus is we’re winning.  Good seems to have prevailed (was there any doubt) and we’re on the home stretch now.  The bad people are literally making deals or being extracted.  This possible warning of Trump’s would-be speech could be in anticipation of their side pulling out all the stops in sheer desperation at the end.  No one knows exactly what they’re going to do, however, the good news is a lot of what they could do is being mitigated.  

There will undoubtedly be “false flags.”  False flags are real, and real people can and do get hurt, but they are usually meant to be distractions more than anything else like the recent Chinese balloons.   

The end game is supposed to be an announcement that we’re being attacked by UFOs.  A lot of people believe in UFOs, but I’m not sure they’re not going to fall for something like that.  It will then be “game over” for them and for the first time, in a long time, we’ll be able to breathe a little easier.

When all is said and done, the landscape will change.  I’m guessing the now defunct United States Corporation will be replaced by a Republic.  In some cases lines may be redrawn and not just around the states.  But most importantly we will be turning back the clock and renewing our commitment to the original constitution. 

Other important things are going to be happening.  Instead of the Digital Currency System which would have enabled the powers-that-be to usher in the social credit system, something called the Quantum Financial System is in the works.  Can’t say that I understand it completely but I know quantum tech expands computing power exponentially and offers a kind of cyber security we currently don’t have.    

In case you were wondering, we’re not going to be left with one big financial mess after all this is over.  Provisions have been made to offset financial losses so people can rebuild, and rebuild quickly around the world.  It won’t save the people we lost, and the sadness will be with us for a long, long time, but at least our children and grandchildren won’t have to pay off debt related to freeing the world.  Quite the contrary.  There is a silver lining to all this which can be explained another day.

I realize that I am going way out on a limb here in saying all this but if I didn’t tell you, I wouldn’t feel good about it.  Trump’s maybe, could be, speech gave me the opportunity.  Prepare to the extent it makes sense. 

And don’t lose hope.  

Reasonable advise on how to prepare:


Putin To Give Message To Federal Assembly On February 21st

MOSCOW – Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Putin will be reading out a message to the Russian Federal Assembly on February 21st in Gostiny Dvor that will focus on “the current situation” – the “special operation” and the “economy“, as well as “the social sphere“.

Russian state news agency RIA Novosti [From translation] reported that the streets in the Gostiny Dvor are “will be blocked” in the center of Moscow “on the day of the announcement of the message of Russian President Vladimir Putin”.

The Telegram channel of the Moscow Department of Transport said: “On the twenty-first of February,  from 00.01 until the end of the event, sections from Novaya Square to  Red Square, from Kitaigorodsky Proyezd to Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge  and from Ilyinka Street to Varvarka Street in the area of ​​house 5 on  Red Square will be unavailable for travel. Parking in the area will also  be unavailable ceilings”.

Novosti reported that Putin’s message will be covering “security and defense”, the economy in the “new military-political realities”, and address what Moscow calls “gangster methods” to seize the hydrocarbon market and establish a “political and economic protectorate” over all of Europe.

RIA Novosti cited the first deputy head of the international committee of  the Federation Council, FSB General Vladimir Dzhabarov as saying that the “first issue could be” to increase defense capabilities and, “The fight against terrorists, the fight against saboteurs, against agents of foreign special services”.

Slutsky said that Putin’s speech will “set priorities” that will “leave no hope for our enemies to defeat Russia, weaken or try to subdue it to its neo-colonial dictate.”

Alexei Didenko, deputy head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) faction in the Russian Duma said, “Surely the president will focus on the work of the military-industrial complex, which is now functioning  on a forced basis, on combat capabilities and the latest weapons  technologies”.

The Russian news agency said that “Almost all parliamentarians” are also assuming that Putin will speak on the economy, sanctions and “overcoming pressure from the West in one way or another”.

Article by Donald Standeford, Defcon & SSJ Founder/Publisher



  1. In Trump’s, as of yet not delivered speech, it says, “In the coming days and weeks you will experience an unprecedented series of events that will rock the very foundation of everything we have ever known” and he goes on to talk about instructions that will come on every electronic device, phone, computer, TVs, etc. alerting people what to do in their area.

    Is the text of that speech available anywhere?

  2. As for the role of so-called white hats, I agree with Richard Sauder:

    I have yet to see effective action by so-called white hats, who so many in the alternative media say are riding hard, coming to rescue Humanity from the Satanic faction that is now killing the Earth. The so-called white hats are conspicuously missing in action. For me they are mythical, imaginary creatures, like Q Anon, or NESARA, or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny or Satan Claus.

    I don’t look for external political saviours. As the Psalmist says: “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.” (Ps. 145)

    • The “white hats” aren’t political. They’re tactical, which is why you don’t see them. Working within a community is not putting your faith in man over God. It is using what God has sent you through the many gifts God has imbued within the members of a community. – Ever heard the story of the drowning man?

      The Drowning Man

      A fellow was stuck on his rooftop in a flood. He was praying to God for help.

      Soon a man in a rowboat came by and the fellow shouted to the man on the roof, “Jump in, I can save you.”

      The stranded fellow shouted back, “No, it’s OK, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me.”

      So the rowboat went on.

      Then a motorboat came by. “The fellow in the motorboat shouted, “Jump in, I can save you.”

      To this the stranded man said, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.”

      So the motorboat went on.

      Then a helicopter came by and the pilot shouted down, “Grab this rope and I will lift you to safety.”

      To this the stranded man again replied, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.”

      So the helicopter reluctantly flew away.

      Soon the water rose above the rooftop and the man drowned. He went to Heaven. He finally got his chance to discuss this whole situation with God, at which point he exclaimed, “I had faith in you but you didn’t save me, you let me drown. I don’t understand why!”

      To this God replied, “I sent you a rowboat and a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you expect?”

      Romans 12:4-5

      For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.

    • I saw footage of the so-called white hats doing propaganda photos and video from the war in Syria several years ago. Remember that photo of the little Syrian boy covered in dust supposedly rescued from a shelled building? The man being dug out of rubble by guys in white helmets? These images wound up in mainstream news and were part of the propaganda used to prop up our continuing the war vs. Assad. Then whistleblowers uploaded video of the staged videography, explained how it was all faked, and exploded the myth of the “white hats” being anything other than part of the globalist US propaganda machine. Soros probably paid for them, too.

      • RE: “I saw footage of the so-called white hats doing propaganda photos and video from the war in Syria. . .”

        Those were the White Helmets, hence the name.

        The term “white hats” is just an expression people use for the “good guys.” It’s not an organization.

        • Vanessa Beeley: NATO White Helmets follow al-Qaeda to Ukraine

          “Four-hundred and fifty extremists from Idlib, north-west Syria
          have arrived in Ukraine according to Al Mayadeen.”

          ‘ Four-hundred and fifty extremists from Idlib, north-west Syria have arrived in Ukraine according to Al Mayadeen.

          Hailing from Idlib – the “largest Al Qaeda haven since 9/11”- these fanatics from various countries have been despatched to Ukraine to fight against the Russian forces that alongside the Syrian Arab Amy signified the end of their Caliphatist dreams in Syria.

          These extremists passed through Turkey, a NATO member state, to arrive at their destination in western Ukraine. According to Al Mayadeen:

          senior fighters from the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir-Al-Sham (rebranded version of Jabhat Al Nusra aka Al Qaeda) have held a number of meetings with senior leaders in the Turkistan Islamic Party group and Ansar Al Tawhid and Hurras Al Din groups, and agreed on allowing a number of their fighters to enter Ukraine through Turkey”.

          According to the Counter Extremist Project:

          Hurras al-Din and its leaders are U.S. Specially Designated Global Terrorists. The U.S. presently offers a $5 million reward for information on three of its leaders”

          Yet here they are fighting for NATO member states, led by the US, in Ukraine, alongside the NATO fascist and Neo-Nazi contras.

          Sources in Idlib added that these foreign fighters are veterans of the war against Syria led by the US and UK, bankrolled by Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. … ‘

        • Thanks for clarifying the distinction.

  3. We are bearing witness to our nation falling apart in real time due to bureaucratization. Embedded in every town, city, and state are bureaucratic narcissists willing to carry out the dark agenda of billionaires who want to own you, the soil you stand on, and brainwash your kids. What can you do? What will you do when you are faced with an SHTF moment?

    Do not collaborate. Do not yield. Do not submit. Of course, the action you take must not endanger others. You can start practicing right away! Let me give a few examples:

    When an insurance company asks use to use their app online to conduct business just say, “No.” Do not engage with apps that you have not taken the time to read the privacy terms and legal lingo.

    When the doctor tells you to take a certain EUA medication, tell the doctor that you refuse to take unlicensed medication.

    When your asked to do a survey online by any business or medical establishment, ignore it.

    Get rid of your Big Brother television that is used by both government and corporations to control you.

    Listen to the following short video:

    Change your political affiliation to neither Democrat or Republican. Do not feed the beast that gives you two flavors of ice cream!

    I could go on for hours offering examples as to how you can empower yourself and break free from traitorous swine. It’s up to each one of us to plug the holes in the dam.

    Fortify your the life by living in smaller quantities of time. The corporate media constantly sends us fear messages which raises cortisol levels which lowers our immunity and our ability to think logically.

    Make your home a temple for Jesus. Read your Bible, take time to prepare your food in a relaxed manner. Listen to inspirational music to calm your mind. Make your bedroom a haven of peace and tranquility. Save an animal at your local animal shelter and reap the benefits of loving a pet.

    Buy yourself some flowers, play ball, refuse to eat processed foods or at least cut them down. Talk to your neighbor. Share all the tidbits of info you can about Agenda 2030. Spark people’s minds dulled by artificial intelligence agendas.

    Keep reading Monomakhos! Thank you, Gail for being a light in the dark.

    • Great advise, especially that last part. 😉

      George and I have a comfortable home that can sleep multiple families if it came to that. So I go up and down the aisles of the stores and buy as much protein and staples as I can. I have protein powders (that would last a family 6 months if that’s all they had) 12 jars of peanut butter, grains, rice, both caned and dried beans of multiple varieties, different cereals (hot and cold), evaporated milk (which makes GREAT mash potatoes and cream sauces, but can also substitute for baby formula), cheeses, butter, almond milk, and lots of tomato sauce and pasta. I try to freeze the food I make but George loves my cooking so we keep having to go back to replenish everything!

      I do the same in the freezer section for vegetables. George and I made an investment in growing our own food and have everything ready for the spring so we’re looking forward to doing that.

      Since we may be the place where people come, we made an investment in purchasing an EMP shield for the entire house. This means if Oklahoma can maintain services and get water, electricity and gas to its residents (which they say they can), I can continue to function at full capacity if needed to until other people can get back on their feet. It also means that George and I can remain connected to the outside world.

      The best EMP house protectors offer lightning, solar flare, and surge protection. The one we have has a 10 year warranty. If anything electronic is fried or we suffer any damages, it comes with an insurance policy of up to $25,000. It is the world’s fastest EMP shield and capable of withstanding up to 228,000 AMPS.

      Someone on-line asked: Isn’t a nuclear explosion required to create an EMP?

      Answer: The threat of an EMP is the large amount of electricity that is induced into conductors that generate heat and can be destroyed. There are only a few testing facilities in the world capable of producing the same amount of electricity that an EMP produces.

      The EMP Shield has been rigorously tested at the Keystone compliance facility which is a federally approved testing facility that is used to conduct many of today’s most advanced and rigorous technological tests. Out testing and evaluations conducted at the facility were documented in depth to show the true ability and durability of the EMP Shield. (I reviewed their Keystone Compliance testing results and they met all requirements and conditions.)

      This particular device was built by the military. If we could afford it, we would buy similar protection for the car as George can drive as many as 100 miles to and from a job a day. But we felt the house was the priority since we would then be in a position to help others.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Fantastic ideas, Jane! In addition, I would add 1) to not have more than a minimal amount of money in the bank, 2) don’t pay bills through auto-pay (a poor fellow in Texas last year lost $30,000 when his heating bill came due during that horrendous ice storm), and 3) have a nice-sized family altar that can serve as the focal point for a house-church.

        Also, 4) live nearby a pond that’s well-stocked with fish and of course 5) load up on ammo.

        While we’re at it, the 1/16th part of me that’s Sicilian encourages you to learn to observe the law of omerta (“silence”). The best we can hope for are a series of screw-ups by the ABC agency, like the most recent one by the field office of the FBI in Richmond. Here’s the moral of that story: they got caught.

        Otherwise, they’re going to double down on their anti-Christian program. Count on it.

      • You and George are to be commended. You will save many lives because you have prepared so well. You are an inspiration to anyone reading your post!

        I am on a limited budget but continue each day to prepare for the trail of tears ahead. No matter how busy we are, how stringent our cash flow, we all can prep. Not only for ourselves but for others.

        Another suggestion: Pack a bag with emergency items, and leave it in the trunk of your car. You never know if you will have to leave your car to save your life or someone else’s.. I also do not think it is wise to travel to far nowadays. Be sure to have extra pet food and some first aid items for both your pet at home and on the road. Many animals will be stranded.

        Also, pack some dollar store toiletries in baggies (socks, soap, etc) for the homeless. Bottled water is a great giveaway. Have stuff to give away. People will be very agitated. Also, some extra wine… to soothe those in need of it. There is much for all of us to think about.

        • Love your ideas, Jane. Especially about animals. During Katrina, good hearted Samaritans flew pets all over the country where they were temporarily housed in shelters where room was made by local veterinarians fostering them. One of my good friends did this.


        • Jane, I also recommend buying a used car, one made before 2013 with as few bells and whistles on it as possible. And insuring it for collision only.

          Also, cut the cable. Even the so-called conservative news outlets (i.e. FOX and Newsmax are controlled opposition, infused with neocons from top to bottom.) I’m not sure about OAN but I wouldn’t doubt it.

          Soon, I’ll put out a list of blogs and vlogs that are outside the Matrix.

          • Looking forward to your list when and if you decide to post it. I gave up tv 7 years ago. I saw what was coming (parts of it). Waking up is hard to do.

            As for the car, mine is pretty old now. I refuse all bells and whistles; including AI. I am from the ‘use your key’ to open the car door generation. Lol!

          • I’m not sure about OAN. I haven’t seen anything too bad coming from them. Newsmax has dropped the ball at times. Fox is, as you say, controlled opposition – the voice of the conservative establishment. Right Side Broadcasting Network seems ok, as far as I can tell. But it is rah-rah Trump and I’m not sure if any of these have the Russo-Ukrainian thing right. For that you need the Alexes (Duran), Berletic (New Atlas), Redacted, Robert Barnes, Garland Nixon, etc.

            Very telling that almost all the major media have been infiltrated and coopted by the CIA/DS. When the intelligence services take over all the major media in such an obvious way, you know that they are circling the wagons in panic mode.

      • The Keystone Compliance Facility?
        Is compliance enforced by the Keystone Kops?

        • Apparently, the “Keystone Compliance is a full-service regulatory compliance laboratory offering solutions for nearly all EMC/EMI, environmental, ISTA-certified package and ingress protection testing requirements.”

      • I am in love with this conversation. I am a prepper, too, and we’ve been raising almost all our own produce for years in our small urban neighborhood backyard. We also have had chickens for the two decades we’ve been married. Before the pandemic, we felt a pressure to begin seriously stocking up, and we converted our spare bedroom into our “prepper pantry”. It is stocked with a year’s supply of grains, dried beans, canned veg, pastas, soups, coffee, and canned and dried proteins. We also have several months of freeze dried entrees. We have a system of rotating thru supplies, and we always grab stuff on sale from our local market.

        We haven’t invested in the EMF shield like you, but we do have six months of propane stored for cooking on our outdoor grill, in addition to an outdoor fire pit. We know we cannot rely on the grid at all. I had been watching Elana Freeman’s (on YouTube) extensive research on the Space Fence and DARPA, and believed her conclusion that a lockdown was coming. So we planned and continue to do so.

        The most important investment anyone can make is ensuring a pure water source. It is vital. This isn’t just a prepper thing–we cannot trust our water sources anymore. Most reservoirs are unprotected and a single bag of fentanyl dropped into a reservoir as an act of terrorism could kill millions in a day. So having a good purification system or water collection system is a must.

        There are amazing YouTube channels of very educational and practical prepper how-to’s. The key is to start small and start now. All I can say is that it is about time the American Orthodox community started this conversation about food and water security! Thanks to our esteemed blog hosts for facilitating this excellent topic!!!

        • People are asking for direction and what sorts of things they need to do. Maybe you could posts some links that you think are good. It would be most appreciated.

          • Absolutely! I for one don’t have all the answers or even pretend to. Same for Gail. However she is a wealth of information to me and the research she does behind the scenes is herculean. We have both come to the conclusion that we’re “all in” as far as getting the word out. People need to informed.

            If you will permit me a tangent, one that I think will put things in perspective: today, as I was running some errands, I was talking to a close relative of mine. I said something to the effect that “God bestows blessings on us in order to prepare us for what will come.” (I really do believe that by the way.)

            This friend asked me what I meant by that. I replied, “well things are starting to look like a sh!t show.” He pressed me further. I replied, didn’t you hear about the train derailments?” Crickets. “What do you mean?” I replied, “please google ‘East Palestine, OH’ and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a Chernobyl-like event.”

            This person is a well-educated professional, an accomplished parent and pillar of the community. And yet had no idea about these derailments. At all.

            In reality, I can’t fault that person, given the fact that the MSM has gone out of the way to whitewash the entire scenario. See what I mean? If it wasn’t for all the work that Gail does behind the scenes, I probably wouldn’t have known about it either.

          • Thanks for suggesting! I will put together some resources and send your way!

      • Elana Freeland is a must-read. Over one decade ago, she started publishing her extensive research into the creation of the Space Fence in the 1970s that created a forcefield around our planet’s environment, the release of ionized and nano-technology within this Space Fence to create a conductive environment, implementation of a massive geoengineering program of cellular and digital technology that would change brains and bodies with the goal of manipulation and surveillance, weather manipulation to destroy forests and farms, the purchase of massive swaths of land to experiment on and produce genetically manipulated animals and food, and forced vaccination programs that would distribute nanotechnology into our bodies that would be one of the final phases of the agenda to transhumanize the population.

        Based on her research, she wrote a trilogy of well-researched books that outlined all of these starting back in 2014: “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth,” “Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown,” “Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment has been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetics, and Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology.”

        It’s fine if you think I’m a conspiracy theorist, but I’d encourage you to read her books, or perhaps at least watch her from over seven years ago, and see for yourself how everything she was saying nearly a decade ago (based on her scientific research and following the global money trail) has come true:
        And of course this classic:

        • That second video link is actually one of my wife’s favorites. We’ve shared it many times with friends, who’ve had a change of heart after watching it. Predicting vaccines that cause infertility? Predicting ChatGPT? These folks were way ahead of the curve.

      • Lev Gatrinov says
  4. I’m guessing the now defunct United States Corporation will be replaced by a Republic.

    Huh? What makes you guess that? I thought we’re a republic already? In high school civics they would teach us that though not strictly a democracy, the United States was a democratic republic. That is, we are a republic because elected representatives wield power on our behalf.

    What on Earth is the United States Corporation and why is it defunct?

    • That is a piece of “Patriot Mythology” which has been thoroughly exploded countless times.

      Well-known Patriot attorney Lowell (“Larry”) Becraft explains this fallacy in this article:

      As I have repeatedly stated here, this war will not be won by a bunch of “Philedelphia lawyers” coming up with clever legal arguments. Everyone who has tried has failed, and many have been imprisoned.

      There isn’t any “magic legal argument” that is going to get us out of this, there is no “magic stash of gold” that will make the unrepayable debt disappear, and there ain’t no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny, either.

      This will be surmounted like other, similar crises have been surmounted in the past, by “Hard Times Creating Strong Men.” This, along with mass repentance, is the way forward.

      We need to get out of this “American exceptionalism” mode of thinking that we can make the same stupid mistakes that every empire before us has made, yet somehow escape the same consequences all previous empires have suffered. This is sheer magical thinking.

      • Michael,
        Thanks for the reality check and the link. I think you are spot on in your observation and advice.

        I’ve seen the patriot propaganda, and the “Quantum Reset” piece really raised huge red flags of the “If it sounds too good to be true, it is” variety for me. I’ve seen evidence and am willing to bet there is no major American political player who is not an actor working for the swamp. I do not believe ANY billionaire falls outside that category, (though I would be happy to be proved mistaken).

        Definitely, it’s a good idea to prepare for hard times….

        • There is nothing biased, misleading or political about any of this, Karen. It’s existing technology.

          • My comment should not be construed as any kind of accusation of you, Gail. It expresses skepticism of aspects of this narrative (which I accept you sincerely believe), which I have seen propagated in places other than this site—other sources which raise significant red flags for me. We all have biases—yours and mine are probably more similar than not. I don’t fault anyone for having biases, unless they are blind to their own and/or trying to hide them. That does not seem to describe you and George. From this post, I am concerned you may have fallen prey to a false narrative, and a significant piece of which I see addressed and debunked in Michael’s post (and link). I do not dispute the Quantum technology exists, but I see no evidence the promises/claims being made in the narrative about how it will be used to benefit citizens is true. Hope that clarifies my perspective….

            The only reset I believe in is the spiritual one God will set in motion (according to prophesies by some contemporary Orthodox Saints & Elders) in response to the repentance of His people. There’s nothing in those prophesies about a political save of the banking system on behalf of us plebes in the West or the US.—only of the bankers’ sudden removal of capital from the marketplace and total economic collapse and WWIII.

            • Honestly, Karen, we have so many comments I just put them out there. If you’re concerned, I’m sorry!

        • I said “patriot propaganda”. What I meant was propaganda aimed at patriots. Big difference! Sorry for the potentially misleading comment.

          • Propaganda is defined as “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

            In what way is Quantum technology “patriot propaganda?” How is it political and what is its intended point of view? If it’s biased, and it must be if it’s propaganda, biased toward what and why? Why would you think that it has anything to do with “Patriots” given it’s wide spread application? They first started developing this technology in the late 90s (the concept was around even earlier) so how could it be propaganda directed to or by “patriots”?

            • I see why I have you confused. I think perhaps psyop is a better term for what I mean (though that can overlap with propaganda), and the psyop is the narrative to the effect there is a long-planned rescue operation in motion using our military under Trump that will take down the bad actors currently in power and use the Quantum reset to return stolen assets to citizens. I personally believe this is a grand seductive Lie and part of a multilayered psychological warfare being targeted at citizens over the last several years to control and manipulate. This particular piece of the psyop seems to be aimed at Trump-supporting patriots. A couple years ago I came across this narrative being pushed by (supposedly former) military intelligence types who I found NO good reasons to continue to trust and plenty to be skeptical, though I don’t now remember all the details of how I came to those conclusions.

              • Actually you didn’t confuse me. Your intention was to make the point you just did but you went about it in a circuitous way by saying Quantum Financial System was propaganda which it isn’t.

                Nor is it a “reset” to return stolen assets.

                I think what you’re talking about is NESARA/GESARA which would be nice if it’s true but that wasn’t what I was talking about. Trump has gone on record saying we can rebuild quickly because he has “saved money for a rainy day.” He’s running in 2024, which is going to be a challenging 4 years. He could just walk away from this mess. He’s not that stupid to lie about something he can’t do because if he didn’t pull it off, he’d go down in history as a loser and he doesn’t like to lose.

                In terms of the blog, people can’t cast dispersions on those with whom they disagree. They can’t try to undermine and discredit people who have a different point of view. When you tell people that you’re “concerned” about them or that they’re “confused” it makes them sound like they don’t know what’s going on, which is total BS.

                On this blog you cannot say anything about a person that is disparaging, even indirectly.

                Long standing rule with us because we worry about our other commenters. Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of someone’s “concern.” People see this and then they worry about expressing their own opinions because you might be “concerned” about them, too, and try to make them look stupid. Not OK. And dangerous for you, because if you can’t support your position, someone will be happy to point it out to you.

                Just present facts if you disagree with someone. Ask questions. You could have asked me about the Quantum Financial System rather that assert what you thought you knew about it.

                Having gotten all that out of the way, what do you think is going to happen given where we are. Are you of the opinion that this is the end? Let’s have a genuine dialog about it. What do you think?

      • Thank you for this brief, Michael.

    • Antiochene Son says

      If anyone is going to get rid of the United States, it would be a tremendous wasted opportunity to replace it with something as terrible as a republic.

      • Get rid of it???

      • AS,
        Actually, I predicted early on after the Steal that it would end the two party system and usher in some type of authoritarian govt, either of the Left or the Right. I stand by that.

        Now it’s a fascist left wing oligarchy, but if it is overturned, it will have to be single party hard right. No other govt would be stable and the two party model can’t endure the dishonesty, corruption and totalitarianism of the Dems. More than half the country wants them destroyed rather than defeated, never able to seize power again.

        • I would say the two party system is over because it would not have been possible to turn around the house without members of both parties. Republicans have often stated they vote Republican to be in a position to vote the RINOs out.

        • Bingo! Even though the leftist narrative rules the day at present (and neoconservatism is a utopian scheme that arose from the bowels of Trotsky so it ain’t “conservative”), we are presently witnessing the not-so-slow motion death of said paradigm. It cannot be sustained. No ideology that is not based on ethnicity and culture can sustain a nation for very long. Add to that the infusion of cultural Marxism and it’s “Katie bar the door!”.

  5. Sceuron More says

    Govt men in black are breeding superaggressive black Bronx squirrels originally to control pidgeons and rodents but now to control poverty births. Muffled black AWACS helos drop them into homes and babies disappear to Nellis AFB, Groom Lake, NV. These squirrels have eight instead of the usual four (A,G,C,T) DNA base pairs, because the UFO-derived bases of hazinine, vudanine, quikunine and shugimine are included. UFOs also passed on their W and Z heterogametic chromosomes to snakes, birds and moths. Translucent blue-skinned, pointed-ear, subterranean reptile-human-hybrid aliens (aka subters), whose white-hair-covered elders are mistaken for sashquatch, also have these eight base pairs, and it was by experimenting with them that the squirrels were developed. These subterraneans were bred by the reptoids from fallen blues, from which commonly known as angels or fairies. The fallen blues were sent to help humans ascend to a higher plane but instead conspired with the reptoids and became what we commonly think of as demons and witches.
    These subterraneans have a complex underground world of tunnels which connect them to major secret underground archives of many powerful organisations. Their central offices are in fact hidden unerneath Vatican Hill and connect to the Vatican archives, where cloaked aliens are mistaken for apparitions of dead popes. The pyramids of Egypt have long been laboratories where they experiment on humans. The aliens thusly manipulate Vatican, White House and Kremlin archives to control world events. Their peculiar-shaped single eye, surrounded with pyramid-like horn-bone structure has served as the symbol for the masonic and illuminatist movements, whose highest-ranking members attend the councils of the subterranean masters. The horn-bone is also the basis of the unicorn myth. They had also fooled the Jewish people into thinking they were a tribe, and so actually form the mythical “lost tribe” of Israel, as well as the supposed lost continent of Atlantis. Petroleum is actually synthetically produced from their sewage and they pipe it into reserviors we mistakenly call oilfields, and by manipulating the appearance of oil, they further control world events by sending oil mostly to Islamic countries succeptible to subterranean-inspired superstitions – The famous meteor of Muhammad was actually fired by the reptoids to help the subterraneans do so.
    Common UFO drones are greys which were bred to serve the reptoids, and some have been bred for earth and disguised as some, but not all, monkeys. The monkeys which spread AIDS to humanity were actually greys, as were the Ashanti who sold African slaves to the West. The fallen blues fought a nuclear war with the reptoids on earth which led to the extinction of reptoid-derived dinosaurs, allowing humanoids to first settle the earth. The time-travelling Pleiadians are the source of Judeao-Christian deity, and the Haryapans (commonly called “Aryans” and after whom Harappa was named) are the source of Hindu-Graeco-Nordic deity. Humanoids from Sirius are the combined source of the Mongolian, Shinto and AmerIndian deities, and those from Vega are the source of African animist deities.

    • Therefore, we are DOOMED! Except that petroleum comes from sludge obtained from decaying dinosaurs (a priest told me that!).

      • That’s the sad part. In the United States we have enough fossil fuel to last this population 95 years. But Biden turned it off!. I suspect it will be turned back on when people get hungry enough.

        • Abiotic oil? Now there’s a thought
          to keep a Rockefeller awake at night…

          Abiotic Oil and Gas: A Theory That Refuses To Vanish

          ‘ In the West it is almost universally held that all oil and gas is derived from fossils. This is not the case elsewhere, particularly among Russian and Ukrainian scientists who have, over several generations, tenaciously propounded the notion that oil and gas are abiotic, can be found deep below the surface of the earth in most parts of the world and in very large amounts.

          Western geologists and scientists find the theory either annoying or amusing and refuse to consider it seriously although there are exceptions. The theory continues to be held in much higher regard by Russian scientists and geologists (including some working in the West) for historical and perhaps ideological reasons.

          Many Russian geologists and petroleum researchers credit the rise of Russia over the past 50 years as the largest producer of oil and second largest producer of natural gas in the world to the successful application of the abiogenic theory of oil and gas formation. The Russians claim to have successfully drilled over 300 ultra deep (around 40,000feet) oil and gas wells through granite and basalt based on this theory. These claims have been questioned by Western geologists and petroleum engineers.

          The most recent attempt at gaining credence for the abiogenic idea was only a few months ago. A research team at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, led by Vladimir Kutherov, demonstrated that animal and plant fossils are not necessary for producing oil and natural gas. The team simulated the thermal and pressure processes that occur in the inner layers of the earth to generate hydrocarbons, the chief component of oil and natural gas. The team also noted that oil and gas has been found 7 miles below ground in Texas and fossil oil and gas could not, via, gravity have seeped down to such depths.

          According to the Prof. Kutherov all types of bedrock can serve as reservoirs of hydrocarbon energy and their method of discovery can enhance exploration success rates from 20 % to 70 %. The research team has developed a new technique for locating oil and gas resources. It consists of dividing the globe into a fine grid, which corresponds to underground fissures or migration channels. Hydrocarbon resources will be found wherever migration channels intersect, predicts the team.

          An abiogenic theory of petroleum is not new, dating from the 16th century .In the 19th century two very accomplished scientists, Alexander von Humboldt and Dimitri Mendeleev( of the Periodic Table fame) advanced the concept. In the 20th century the Russian- Ukrainian School of geology emerged in the Soviet Union to vigorously formulate the modern theory of abiogenic oil and gas. In the West, the most eloquent and determined proponent was the famous astronomer Thomas Gold. After his death, Jack Kenney of Gas Resources Corporation has become the leading Western exponent.

          The prevailing abiotic theory is that the full complement of hydrocarbons found in oil and gas are generated in the mantle (40 to 90 miles below the surface of the earth) by non-biological processes. These hydrocarbons then migrate out of the mantle into the crust where they escape or are trapped by impermeable strata that lead to reservoir formation.

          Specific examples to support the abiotic theory have been cited over the years. Each example has been dismissed by the Western establishment as specious while it has been hailed by proponents as convincing. This is always so when a deeply entrenched belief and massive money flows encounter a subversive idea that profoundly threatens the prevailing order. The debate is becoming increasingly shrill as the two diametrically opposed views of Peak Oil and Abiogenic(Superabundant) Oil collide in a clash not only of science but, far more importantly, of money and ideology.

          Specific examples cited are the impressive recharging from below, not the sides, of the Eugene Island field (wells in deep decline exhibiting sharply increased production; recovery far in excess of estimated remaining reserves) off new Orleans; the White Tiger oil field in Vietnam( discovered by a Russian company, Vietsovpetro) in fractured basement granite; the Panhandle-Hugoton field (high helium content) in Teaxs-Oklahoma, the Shengli Field and Songliao Basin in Northeastern China( supposedly mantle derived natural gas), and the well known Chimaera natural gas seep in Turkey. This seep has been known to be continuously active for thousands of years and represents the largest cataloged emission of abiogenic methane on land. The vast amounts of methane released by the biggest mud volcano eruptions are allegedly greater than found in the most abundant natural gas fields in commercial production. The presence of considerable amounts of hydrocarbons not associated with tectonic structures is also presented as evidence and, of course, the enormous methane hydrate deposits found all over the world are asserted to be of abiogenic origin. Finally, theory advocates aver that the impressive record of recent ultra deep drilling in the Gulf of Mexico supports their idea.

          The matrix of scientific, political and business interests in the West, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brazil (an emerging oil exporter of consequence) and Venezuela that refuses to countenance abiogenic theories is big and potent. These interests want oil and gas to be scarce and expensive for a variety of reasons. It is natural and understandable that no credible test of the theory will be attempted within the ambit of these interests.

          The Russian authorities and oil and gas companies seem to be deeply conflicted between intellectual pride (it is their theory, after all) and the desire to keep oil and gas prices high via the idea of scarcity when talking to the rest of the world about their abiogenic oil and gas reserves.

          It seems to the author, however, that China and India have compelling economic and national security interests in proving or disproving the theory, convincingly. If the theory is false then they are no worse off than today. If it is correct then they, of the major nations in the world, have the most to gain in subverting the prevailing oil and gas order of the world. So, of course, do scores of millions of ordinary Americans who care nothing about theories but want cheap, abundant, reliable oil and gas. ‘

          • Brendan, thank you for posting this. Even though I grew up in the Oil Patch (where oil is king), I started doubting the biotic origin of oil about 10 years ago. You know, the whole “fossil fuel” hypothesis. Now, I’m not a petroleum geologist but I do like to scour alternative sources of information. We may be on the cusp of a scientific paradigm shift as regards to petroleum geology.

        • If it were up to Biden, he’d make sure we starved. That’s one way the globalists are going to get us to give up our guns.

  6. I think we need to slow down and reexamine our assumptions.

  7. Austin Martin says

    Although many of us are just beginning to see what’s going on, others have known about this ensuing chaos for a couple of decades, at least as far back as the seventeenth episode, of the eleventh season, of the American animated television series, The Simpsons, called “Bart to the Future,” which aired in March 2000. The audience sees President Lisa Simpson talking about Trump’s presidency when she says: “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget cut from President Trump.”

    And in another episode that aired in 2015, you see Homer Simpson and a presidential campaign sign that reads “Trump 2024.” And then there is the scene where Homer comes down the escalator behind Trump.

    This was debunked by JJ McCullough.

    Trump ran in 2000 on a very third party ticket. So it was a throw away joke about a random loser candidate being president. Like if a show today made a joke about Kanye having become president, and then fifteen years later it actually happened.

    As for the escalator bit, that aired after Trump went down the escalator.

    That’s a very interesting youtube channel, just in general.

    At the grassroots level, people are protesting all over the planet: Now Spain, Peru, and England. The entire nation of France is in open revolt with demonstrations in over 300 locations.

    The problem is that protests do not do anything. We were told this beautiful hagiography about the civil rights movement and the right to petition the government, etc., but actually these left-wing protests are just the victory parade. They give the government a mandate to do what it wanted anyway.

    The government doesn’t care if we protest. They know there won’t be a real insurrection. Even if the protests turned violent, it could quickly be crushed, and that would give the government permission to intensify the police state (c.f., Charlottesville, January 6). What is supposed to actually happen with the protests? Are we really expecting to kill all the senators and establish a strongman dictator?

    The most successful protest of recent times was the Canadian truckers. I think that did a lot to shift Americans’ stereotypes of Canadians. The Canadian government came down on it with the full weight of force, even trampling a woman with a horse. Finally with enough tear gas they dispersed the crowd, and that law did not change at all. Instead the government used it to increase their ability to respond more forcefully to future protests. The Vaccine requirement remains in place.

    Or as Gail said in another article, the fair is in Pomona. It doesn’t matter what is fair or not. This is the world we’ve been given.

    The only thing that can kill the government is it collapsing under the weight of its own incompetence. That may happen if we get into a hot war with Russia or China. Some people are convinced that we can beat either of those powers, but we just lost a war to goat farmers in sandals with Chevy trucks.

    The end game is supposed to be an announcement that we’re being attacked by UFOs. A lot of people believe in UFOs, but I’m not sure they’re not going to fall for something like that. It will then be “game over” for them and for the first time, in a long time, we’ll be able to breathe a little easier.

    They’ve been sowing those seeds for a long time. There’s a large chunk of the population who wants to believe in UFOs. It’s a messianic expectation.

    And obviously this plays into what Fr Seraphim Rose said about them being demonic.

    But most importantly we will be turning back the clock and renewing our commitment to the original constitution.

    I very strongly doubt that this will happen. A collapse of government leads to an autocratic strongman seizing power with the promise to end anarchy. Representative republicanism was an experiment out of the British Enlightenment with the assumption that people can be civil and open-minded. It is republicanism that got us into our present condition.

    This isn’t a criticism of you personally, but I see a lot of the … dissident right … people with a long-term optimism, that if we can just get past the coming collapse, we will finally have our golden age. But the golden age never comes. It is in the nature of things that they will only get worse.

    This parallels the fall of communism. Everyone thought that if this evil system of government could fall, then people could finally live in peace. Instead the Balkan peoples immediately started slaughtering each other. And without the Soviet Union as an evil enemy to hate, the West has lost a sense of defined evil, so now there is nothing to compare our own degeneracy with. As bad as the Soviet Union was, and as positive as its fall has been in many aspects, overall the world has become a worse place in its aftermath.

    Or consider the last few years. In 2017 there was the Russian collusion investigation. And we thought, What could possibly be dumber than this? Then there was the Brett Kavanaugh allegations in 2018, as though there couldn’t be any worse BS. Then in 2019 there was the impeachment. And it’s like, okay, this is as farcical as the Democrats could possibly get. 2020 saw COVID, a pandemic for a virus that may not exist and certainly did not leave millions of bodies in the streets, of which all of society played along with the charade. Then there was Vaccine coercion in 2021. Finally in 2022 we got a little window of breathing room from government oppression and visible hoaxes, although we saw further rampant increases in prices and this charade of Russia being Hitler.

    What will happen in 2023? What fresh dumb hoax awaits us that every institution in society will pretend to take seriously for the sake of staying in business? I think they’re going to start pushing the “eat the bugs” hoax very hard, and you will all be amazed at the large percentage of the population who starts eating cricket pizza. And after a few weeks, it will just be normal, and you will forget what it’s like for everyone in society who isn’t a ten year old boy to think that eating insects is gross. Ten years ago no one would have thought abolishing ICE or cows was a serious political idea.

    I think the government only let the boot up because it was an election year. A lesser reason is because they didn’t know what to do with their victory and made a tactical blunder of slowing down COVID tyranny, because they are all grossly incompetent morons. As bad as Hoxha was, he could at least keep the country running.

    Our own “great reset”, so to speak, isn’t coming. There will not be a return to the Bill of Rights. The patriarchy will not reassert itself. There will not be “traditional family values”. Churches of all denominations will continue to die, even though outright atheists as a demographic are shrinking. Divorces won’t go down. The gay agenda will not de-escalate. The aggrieved ethnic minorities will not decide to forgive whites for past wrongs — real or imagined. Young white men will not become less “radicalized” or less “racist” or less anything.

    Even if the federal government collapsed, or even if states seceded, or even if God suddenly killed every single new world order politician and bureaucrat, all these problems are only going to get worse. Our children will not inherit a better world than we will. Entropy is the nature of the world.

    • I think what was debunked is the escalator scene being in 2000, but I didn’t say that. As for the rest of it, we shall see, my friend, we shall see.

    • Utter hopeless pessimism is its own curse.

    • Ronda Wintheiser says

      I agree with you about this, Mr. Martin.

      From the time I became a delegate in the Republican Party here in Minnesota in 1980, to the present, it has always appeared to me that we are on a trajectory downhill that isn’t reversible.

      In early 2020, watching what was unprecedented in the history of the world rush toward the election, to Biden “winning” the election, it seems crystal clear that the stage is being set. Globalism, the Great Reset, ESG, the rise of the biomedical security state, etc. etc. etc… I think what have to look forward to is simply antiChristian. Watch Fr. John Peck’s series on Ecclesioclasm.

      I do not believe our children will inherit a better world. That seems nearly an antiChristian idea. We are racing toward the end. Come, Lord Jesus.

    • Austin, FWIW, Trump did not actually “run” in 2000, if by “run” you mean making speaches, going to Iowa and New Hampshire, etc. It was reminiscent of Reagan’s “run” in 1968 and Ted Kennedy’s “run” in 1980 when both men just kind of whistled standing around the finish line in case the Republican and Democrat candidates didn’t have a majority of the delegates to secure their respective party’s nominations. (At least that’s how I remember it.)

      As for Trump, he was considering throwing his hat in the ring on the Reform Party ticket but he decided not to pull the trigger at the last minute. Word was that he was perturbed by H Ross Perot and saw him as a brittle figure who was creating a cult of personality.

  8. Meanwhile in a small Kentucky town God has been working miracles. A great outpouring of the Holy Spirit has descended there. And people from all over are pouring in to take part in it, to worship God and to thank Him. The only agenda is to praise God.

    You can go to the Website of AsburyUniversity to learn more. This has been going on since February 8, 2023.

    God is working His purpose out.

  9. Ronda Wintheiser says

    My two cents: (actually, Dr. Mercola’s):

    “…Many prepper recommendations fall short in that they primarily focus on large quantities of rice and beans, but unless you’re willing to let your health go to waste, you’d be wise to focus on nutrition rather than carb-rich belly-fillers…”

    I purchase my meat from a local farmer, so we always have a freezer full of frozen meat. Having lived in Alaska for years, I know first hand that you can survive very well and even thrive on nothing but animal protein. Sure, native Alaskans also have access to berries, which can be frozen or dried, as can meat and fish as back up to frozen meat.

    • I appreciate the information because I am not what you’d call a prepper.

      A few months ago, I picked up a book because it looked like an easy read and I needed the distraction. It was about a modern family with all the normal dysfunctions. Nothing too out of the ordinary. A husband focused on pleasing his boss, a bored mom who had a drinking problem she hadn’t acknowledged, a teenage daughter with a packed schedule worried about getting into a good college, and a 12-year-old son who worried his best friends like his nemeses better than him.

      The book was about an EMP attack and how unprepared and clueless they were. It’s takes them awhile to even realize what’s going on. I think the kid figured it out first because of his video games. This family knew enough to fill their bathtubs up with water, had a first aid kit, candles, and a few cans of tuna in the basement, but that’s pretty much it.

      Nothing gross happened and the ending of the book was sort of anticlimactic I thought but it was enough to get me thinking.

      • “…the ending of the book was sort of anticlimactic”.

        You mean they didn’t all die?

        • So you think my idea of a good climatic ending would be they all die?

          Were you were making a statement or asking a question?

          It was anticlimactic because the story ended with them moving to another place where they’d have the same problems minus a house to live in. I think the author just got tired of these characters and wanted the story to be over. I did, too, at that point.

          • It was a rhetorical question, not requiring answer.
            I was merely noting the literary tension between “ending”
            and “anti-climactic” and that it was unresolved in the tale.

  10. Gail, either you are right, or you and your followers are nuts! Take your pick, guys and gals.

    • You’ve thought I was nuts for (gosh, I think it’s been two decades) now, Jim, but you keep reading! We’re getting old!!!

    • Does Gail have followers…?
      Or does she have companions?

    • Well, Jim, being married to Gail, one would assume that I would always come to her defense whether right or wrong. In reality, we don’t always agree and there’s a whole lotta give-and-take at stately Monomakhos Manor.

      But here’s the thing: she has been proven right on so many occasions that my default position is now: “Hmmm. That’s possible,” or “Lemme think about it Babe.”

      Case in point: when the whole COVID nonsense happened, like everybody else, we were concerned. And even though we came to the right conclusion within short order, she came to the right conclusion weeks before I did (and I’m the one with two science degrees) and months before the MSM.

      So, I’ve learned to give her the benefit of the doubt.

      • Often it’s the ones with the science degrees
        that can’t think outside the box labelled ‘Science’.

        • George, can absolutely think outside the box, Brendan. If that were not the case, his blog wouldn’t have lasted over a decade.

          In terms of his credentials, I think he actually taught chemistry at one time, but I could be wrong about this. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree, BTW. What I especially like about George is he’s direct and to the point and I’ve never read anything he’s ever written that is snide.

          He is being truthful when he says we don’t always agree and because we have different interests, he can’t know what I know anymore than I can know the details of a historical moment which he can also rattle off his tongue.

          But we respect each other enough to give each other the benefit of the doubt which is what he told you. We don’t expect people on the blog to extend us the same courtesy but it would be nice if people could be polite. That really would be appreciated.

          • “Often” does not mean “always”.
            It does not even mean “most of the time”.
            But in the case of COVID, “most” of those with science degrees
            queued up in line to get both their shots and their boosters;
            while condemning “all” those that did not as unscientific.

            That George did not is so clearly shown in his writing
            that it should be obvious that the use of “often”
            in this context is not applied to him.

            • I wasn’t thinking in terms of often vs always. I think George’s statement wasn’t so much about COVID but about not immediately dismissing something I say. Sorry. Your point was not obvious to me.

          • Thank you, my dear for those very kind words.

            BTW, I did teach Chem 101 for 3 semesters at Tulsa Community College.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Plus there’s that darned feminine intuition that I keep hearing about.

  11. Ronda Wintheiser says

    I think you mean Putin is giving his speech on *February* 21st? (Second paragraph; you have it correct later in the piece.)

    No need to post this comment. 🙂

  12. Remona Carilas says

    Druggards and drunkards have an obligation to become organ donors and space
    colonists just as street urchins were indentured to colonize new
    continents. These deplorable wastrels have rejected society’s attempt to
    educate them, and have destroyed their God-given brains with steroids,
    opioids, football injuries, marijuana, alcoholic Korsakov dementia, lysergic
    hallucinogens, so as such, they have an obligation to society to become
    instruments of human betterment. Eastern religions never believed in original
    sin because Mary bettered herself to Immaculateness. Further, a wondrously
    rapturous nuclear war would not only reverse global warming and eliminate
    misevolved urban vermin, but would also seriously damage the advances of
    microbes against humanity. see

  13. I have followed these investigational journalists for a couple of years. They are skilled at coming up with the rest of the story. The hidden part of the iceberg. If you are patient and follow this multi-faceted conversation to the end, you will get some true reporting that is very interesting. George Webb is on Twitter as George Webb 1. He brings forth an interesting proposition at the end of this video for all patriots.

  14. This video is very clever but somewhat of a reminder from the past as to where we are headed now.

  15. The Kulturkampf Kontinues…

    Mail Online: You must be having a laugh!
    Yes Minister and The Thick of It were among the satire programmes flagged
    by beleaguered counter-terror Prevent scheme for ‘encouraging far-right sympathies’

    It said the works of fiction were ‘key texts’ for ‘white nationalists/supremacists’
    The taxpayer-funded document included references to The Lord Of The Rings

    ‘ Some of Britain’s most popular sitcoms and greatest works of literature were flagged as potential signs of far-Right extremism by a counter-terror programme.

    The flagship Prevent scheme, recently the subject of a scathing audit, singled out comedies Yes Minister and The Thick Of It, the 1955 epic war film The Dam Busters, and even The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare as possible red flags of extremism.

    It said the works of fiction were ‘key texts’ for ‘white nationalists/supremacists’.

    A report by Prevent’s Research Information and Communications Unit (RICU) described how far-Right extremists promoted ‘reading lists’ on online bulletin boards. And it reproduced an image being shared on far-Right corners of the internet that listed ‘important texts’, under pictures of Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader, and Oswald Mosley, who led the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s.

    The taxpayer-funded document included references to The Lord Of The Rings by JRR Tolkien, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent, 1984 by George Orwell and the poems of GK Chesterton. It also referenced films including The Bridge On The River Kwai, The Great Escape and Zulu.

    It said the works of fiction were ‘key texts’ for ‘white nationalists/supremacists’

    Inexplicably, it said the BBC’s Great British Railway Journeys, presented by former Conservative minister Michael Portillo, was of interest to the far-Right

    Works by some of the world’s greatest writers were included as examples of warning signs of potential extremism, including Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton, Tennyson, Kipling and Edmund Burke.

    The report even highlighted the BBC’s 1990s political thriller House Of Cards, John le Carre’s seminal spy trilogy Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Sharpe, the ITV drama set in the Napoleonic wars.

    Historian and broadcaster Andrew Roberts said: ‘This is truly extraordinary. This is the reading list of anyone who wants a civilised, liberal, cultured education.

    ‘It includes some of the greatest works in the Western canon and in some cases – such as Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent – powerful critiques of terrorism. Burke, Huxley, Orwell and Tolkien were all anti-totalitarian writers.’

    Other books, shows and films on list:

    The Canterbury Tales
    The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare
    Paradise Lost
    The Four Feathers
    Lady Hamilton
    The Dam Busters
    The Bridge On The River Kwai
    The Great Escape
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    House Of Cards Trilogy
    Ray Mears’ Bushcraft Survival
    David Starkey’s Monarchy

    Author Douglas Murray obtained the full list and discovered that one of his books had been given a red flag by Prevent.

    Mr Murray wrote in The Spectator magazine: ‘A number of books are singled out, the possession or reading of which could point to severe wrongthink and therefore potential radicalisation… It seems that RICU is so far off-track that it believes that books identifying the problem that it was itself set up to tackle are in fact a part of the problem.’ He concluded that RICU’s work was ‘pathetic’ and called for ‘accountability’ for its errors and ‘sackings by the score’. The list has emerged following a major review into the Prevent scheme by William Shawcross.

    His report, published earlier this month, exposed serious failings in Prevent, warning that it applies a ‘double standard’ to Islamist and far-Right threats. The £49million-a-year scheme had prioritised countering far-Right activity above tackling the prime Islamist threat, it added.

    The report said Prevent had scrutinised Right-wing material which ‘falls well short of the extremism threshold altogether’.

    Home Secretary Suella Braverman told MPs Prevent had ‘defined the extreme Right-wing too broadly, encompassing the respectable Right and the centre-Right’.

    House of Cards screenwriter Andrew Davies said: ‘It almost seems like a joke. House Of Cards was actually a satirical view of Right-wing politics. This list includes more or less the entire classical canon of literature and some of the very best British television programmes ever made.’

    A Home Office spokesman said: ‘The Home Secretary made clear that Prevent will now ensure it focuses on the key threat of Islamist terrorism, as well as remaining vigilant on emerging threats. We’ve accepted all 34 recommendations and are committed to protecting our country from the threat posed by terrorism.’

  16. Tucker’s latest is quite good.

    • Great video. And do you know I have heard it was Trump who put the Alliance together which includes Russia and China. We then see former Chinese President Hu Jintao, a diehard communist party leader, helped off the stage literally and figuratively. We also see the COVID hostages released. It seems China is migrating back to their Ming Dynasty days. Lots of changes in the world.

      • It is true that Trump practically drove the Chinese into Russia’s embrace. But Biden’s continuation of the arming of the Ukraine and egging them on in their war in the Donbas really made the Alliance between China and Russia inevitable. Russia signed that shortly before starting the SMO.

        As Tucker said, that Alliance is world changing. What neither of these countries could do alone they can comfortably accomplish together. And the eighty percent can see it thru the Western bs. India, Iran and a number if others increasingly seem on board.

  17. George Michalopulos says

    Here’s our boy, Jackson speaking at the “Rage Against the War Machine Rally:

  18. The Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles was shot and killed at his home on Saturday?!

    The word that keeps coming up about the murdered bishop is “peacemaker,” and according to his archbishop, “a man of deep prayer who had a great love for our Blessed Mother.” In April 2020, Bishop O’Connell’s response to COVID-19: “he led a blessing of the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas as he held up a monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament from a nearby lookout”—and he himself was quoted as saying around that time: “We’ve been forced to draw back from each other. The danger is when we accept that as normal.”

    It’s profoundly disturbing to hear about a bishop (of any Christian communion!) being murdered in America, but especially as good and wise a man as all the accounts I’ve read have described Bishop O’Connell.

  19. Amazon’s new ‘Holy Spirit’ Ouija board

    “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?”
    What has Amazon to do with the Holy Spirit?