“Are We Ready to Accept the Fact that an American President Did This?” Yep.

This story was sent to us by our friend, Father Joseph Wilson, and it’s a good one we think you’ll want to read.  

Frankly, we’re not used to seeing too much truth anymore unless we report it ourselves.  And this particular journalist, Seymour Hersh, actually did his job and is standing up to the scrutiny.  He deserves more than an honorable mention.    

‘Damn Stupid’: US Journalist Behind Nord Stream Bombshell Takes Aim at Biden, Legacy Media

Gas leak location on Nord Stream 2 - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.02.2023
American journalist Seymour Hersh is “taking heat” over his recent explosive report documenting how the US sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines, the legendary reporter revealed in a new interview.
In a wide-ranging discussion on the War Nerd podcast, Hersh called on US President Joe Biden to come clean to the American people about the Biden administration’s role in the attack. The journalist underscored that the US public is being misinformed about the proxy war in Ukraine en masse.
Last week, Hersh published a dizzying report detailing how US Navy divers planted C-4 charges on the Nord Stream pipelines during a NATO training exercise and then remotely detonated them with a Norwegian reconnaissance plan.
The veteran war journalist suggests media outlets are refusing to cover his new revelations because “they think that the story I wrote supports Russia” – which “it does,” he concedes.
But Hersh said that despite being “colossally bad” for the European economy and “inexcusable,” the American government’s intentional attack on the critical energy infrastructure of a US ally is not technically illegal under international law.
“The law on the sea is very interesting. There are treaties that go back to 1884, when we began to lay Telegraph lines across the ocean, and if you inadvertently or deliberately ran across the line that was a real bad deal.”
But “there were mostly economic consequences” for those infractions, Hersh pointed out, noting there’s actually “no law on the books that says deliberately building up a pipeline is a crime.”
Such a crime “has never been considered,” Hersh said, but there are “certainly a lot of law about damages, if you damage a pipeline. And this is a pipeline that’s probably going to cost… — there’s a Swiss company that did an estimate — 1.5 billion to fix the pipelines.”

Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction project - Sputnik International, 1920, 11.02.2023


Why Hersh’s Nord Stream Bombshell May Become Legal Nightmare for Team Biden & Its Nordic Allies

In reality, Hersh said “the fear was: Biden wants this war.”
“Don’t ask me why presidents want war. I think it’s good for their ratings. I just don’t know.”
“But Biden was very big on showing the Russians that in the Ukraine, with Ukrainian bodies, soldiers, we’ll show ‘em – we can stand up to Russia,” the journalist explains.
Anti-Russian posturing is “good politically in America too,” Hersh added, noting that in the US, “we all, you know, we wake up everyday kicking Russia and Putin, our…”
“Our nemesis,” the host chimed in.
In the comprehensive interview, Hersh took aim at outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post, who he said are only interested in burning his source for the Nord Stream story. According to his recent report, that anonymous figure had “direct knowledge of the operational planning” of the pipeline attack.
“I think what the newspapers… think I should do” is “use his name and get him put in jail” – something which would end my career,” Hersh added, stating that under no circumstances would he ever give up a source. “Inside the community, I protect people.”
“I’m taking heat, I have a source, I’m taking heat – but that’s okay, that’s my job, right? But it’s their job to understand the business a little better.” And in terms of the conflict in Ukraine, mainstream Western outlets “don’t seem to have anybody inside,” Hersh said.
“The coverage of the Ukrainian war is, compared to what I’m hearing from my friends who have access to the information… it’s – the thinking is so dumb.”

“The war I know about isn’t the war you’re reading about,” Hersh said cryptically, pointing out that military operations against Russia were by no means going well. “No, of course not. Are you kidding?”

While he admitted Russian forces “made great misjudgments,” he acknowledged “they have a 350,000 man regular army that hasn’t gone in yet.”
One of the likely causes for those waves of misinformation may be what the host refers to as the “Bellingcats and the OSINT [open source intelligence] bros.”
Responding to their mention, Hersh doesn’t mince words: “No one cares about those people.”

Gas leak location on Nord Stream 2 - Sputnik International, 1920, 11.02.2023

Nord Stream Sabotage

NATO Planes Regularly Circled Sites of Nord Stream Blasts During Baltops Exercise, Analysis Finds

The storied journalist seemingly suggested instead that Bellingcat, the self-professed ‘independent’ outlet upheld by much of the mainstream media, is actually a British intelligence operation:
“I mean, why don’t you think about their nexus to certain intelligence agencies in a certain country,” Hersh asked rhetorically.
“You know, you get to know who’s who.”
“But there are legitimate people complaining” about his reporting as well, he added.
“It’s amazing to me how they fall in line, my colleagues,” the reporter expressed. “When I was at the New York Times, they didn’t do that.”
“I’m not sure they underestimate the American people,” Hersh said. “We’re ready to accept the fact that an American president did this.”
And “it’s not only accepting it,” the journalist added. “You have to hold the president to account.”
Of the mainstream Western outlets that covered the story, Hersh faced fierce pushback from most of them, which tended to emphasize White House and CIA denials of the Nord Stream allegations.
Reuters called his jaw-dropping exposé a “blog post,” and one headline from Insider described the report as a “claim by a discredited journalist” which the authors insist “is proving a gift to Putin.”
Hersh faced major attacks on his reputation in the wake of stories debunking now–discredited claims from Western governments about Syrian forces using sarin gas, and for his writings dismantling the official story of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. As for the criticism, he says he’s “used to it.”
But this time, it “sort of stunned me because this was such an obvious story,” he said.
As Hersh noted in his story, top US officials – including Biden – repeatedly threatened to sabotage the pipeline in the event that Russian troops engaged Ukrainian forces. Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland warned in January: “if Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”
“So what does that mean?” Hersh asked. “I don’t know what anybody’s thinking but I’ll tell you what that means: that’s called a threat.”
“A friend of mine put it this way: what you’ve done, [Seymour]… you’re an expert at deconstructing the obvious. What else was it? What else was it?”
“It’s just not even a hard story to understand – the president of the United States and the undersecretary of state both said they were going to do it and then they did it,” Hersh stated, adding: “they waited a long time but they cut off oil.”
“Literally within a month of the actual event,” Hersh noted, Secretary of State Antony Blinken “gave a speech in which he talked about stopping Russia from weaponizing oil and gas – ‘now is the time we can do it,’ he said.”
Meanwhile, the effect on the European economy is “devastating.”
As Hersh pointed out, Germany’s BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, shut down nearly 100 plants and “has actually been talking to China about moving some facilities there.”
In terms of “the economic stuff, which hasn’t been reported nearly enough in the Western press here,” Hersh said, “this is called, I guess you could [say], shooting off your left foot.”
“For no reason whatsoever, yes, we shot ourselves in the foot. Yes, it’s stupid beyond belief. Yes.”
“I would think that it’s certainly, unquestionably, a wonderful degree of stupidity at the White House and on [the] part of the president. It’s just stupid – it’s just damn stupid.”
The journalist said it’s unlikely Biden will face scrutiny for his actions in many mainstream media outlets anytime soon, because “this White House,” Hersh said, has “the New York Times and the Washington Post and MSN and CNN fronting for them.”
And “the enemy is Fox News.”
But “the only reporter that has called me from any TV station – outside of somebody that’s running out of the kitchen of their mother’s house” was Fox News host Tucker Carlson.
Hersh declined the request, but said Carlson has been “dead right” about the Nord Stream attack. “And I’ll tell you something else – Tucker’s been right about is the war in Ukraine.”

Seymour Hersh, the investigative journalist who wrote that the US government's story about the assassination of Osama bin Laden was a lie, is vigorously defending his reporting. - Sputnik International, 1920, 09.02.2023

Nord Stream Sabotage

‘Dynamite’: Anti-War Pundits Hail Hersh Exposé of US Hand in Nord Stream Sabotage

The reporter repeatedly emphasized his unwillingness to discuss his sourcing, explaining “the one thing government’s good at is tracking down people who talk.” But ultimately, he suggested the information could be coming from someone inside the US oil and gas industry, telling his interviewer: “there’s something called a pipeline industry.”
“There’s an industry [with] American companies involved. They build pipelines around the world. Are you listening to me? They know what happened,” Hersh said. “The last thing they want to do is end up in a goddamn newspaper story, but they know who did what.”
“Of course they know – they built the goddamn things!”
“I’m not talking necessarily about Nord Stream 1 or 2, but they build pipelines and they talk to divers, and they know what’s happening, they know who has the capability, and they know what they hear inside,” Hersh concluded.


  1. So, it should be no mystery why Biden is using the Air Force to fend off a bourgeoning invasion by space aliens.

    Control the narrative.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I first heard about this in May 2021 when I posted this on FaceBook:

      Gail Zink Sheppard
      May 12, 2021
      Shared with Public
      In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Pentagon recently, last April they began legitimizing a rash of military UFO signings.

      If you Google it, you will see what I mean.

      I’ve been told this could be another psyop designed to bring us back under the control of our (not so) trustworthy government. After all, they’ve kind of lost our attention with COVID, now that it is 99.7% curable.

      In other words, they need us back under their control and are in the process of staging yet another sting to make us believe the sky is dripping with UFOs ready to attack.

      If you look up in the sky in June (I am told) the sky will be filled with bright fancy drones, CGI, and other technology that look like UFOs.

      There will be casualties, too. Think “fun house” without the fun. (It’s never fun.)

      The purpose of this psyop is to scare people so badly they will flock to (follow) the guy who raises his hand with a solution, i.e. Uncle Sam in this case.

      Kind of like Fuci and Gates did with COVID. Their little arms shot up in the air even BEFORE “show and tell” when the rest of us found out: “Pick me. Pick me. I know. The answer is V-A-C-C-I-N-E and I have just the one (the 4 or 6 or whatever).”


      With this extraterrestrial thing, however, they’ve even created an official medical code to cover injuries sustained at the hands of someone/something with a “bizarre personal appearance.”

      ICD-10 R46.1

      Interestingly it excludes anyone with a mental illness which leaves out all the Walmart shoppers.

      So, if you see some “little greys” running around or a tall Arian-looking guy who communicates telepathically and calls himself Alan, don’t worry. It’s not real.
      (Actually, only ONE of them is real. Haha)

    • Project Blue Beam, Jay Dyer has done some videos on it previously so none of this comes as a shock

  2. “Are We Ready to Accept the Fact that an American President Did This?”

    At this point it would have been a even bigger surprise if America had not done this.

    We are quickly becoming a world pariah, if not already mostly there. The world is tired of 50 years of America B.S and hegemony and us bossing the world around. Our very strong foreign policy is the domestic policy in countries we “rule” over and the only thing we export to those countries anymore is degeneracy in the name of “freedom”

  3. When you think you heard it all, you never do! No surprises nodays.

  4. https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/against-saving-planet

    This is pretty good regarding “not saving the planet”. I don’t agree with his cosmology, but he has a real point about natural vs. artificial and the false dichotomies that modern people draw in their alienation from the material world. I think it is a legacy of sorts of the Western doctrine of original guilt, transformed into misanthropy by space cadets.

  5. French Historian: World War III Has Already Begun

    ‘ A French historian who accurately predicted the fall of the Soviet Union over a decade in advance says that World War III has already begun as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

    The comments were made by Emmanuel Todd, one of France’s leading intellectuals, during an interview with the Le Figaro newspaper.

    “It is evident that the conflict, initially a limited territorial war, has evolved into a global economic confrontation between the whole West on one side, and Russia, backed by China, on the other. It has become a world war,” Todd said.

    Todd added that “the resistance of the Russian economy is pushing the U.S. imperial system toward the abyss” and that Biden must “hurry” to rescue a “fragile” America.

    According to the historian, U.S. control of the world financial system is at risk because the Russian economy’s resistance to sanctions is pushing “the American imperial system” toward the precipice,” with Russia still able to rely on China for monetary backing.

    Todd says America “cannot withdraw from the conflict, they cannot let go,” because it has no exit strategy and the stakes are too high.

    “This is why we are now in an endless war, in a confrontation whose outcome must be the collapse of one or the other,” said the intellectual.

    Todd is a widely respected figure, having accurately predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union 14 years before it happened. … ‘

    He may not often be wrong but,
    it looks like he’s right again…

    • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

      RE Emmanuel Todd’s suggestion: “It is evident that the conflict, initially a limited territorial war, has evolved into a global economic confrontation between the whole West on one side, and Russia, backed by China, on the other. It has become a world war,”

      I think he may be right. The current global situation bears a haunting resemblance to the three global powers in George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984 (written in 1948 during the nascent Cold War). Today “Oceania” (USA & NATO) is confronting two allied global powers–“Eurasia” (Russia and perhaps unsavory “allies” such as Iran) and “East Asia” (Communist China and minor ally North Korea)–in a dangerous struggle for global supremacy. Ironically, all three global powers in this real world situation are run, more (“Oceania” & “East Asia”) or less (“Eurasia”), by “Big Brother” political regimes.

      • Russia, however, is not totalitarian but Christian. And India, another big player, is Hindu. Religion makes a difference. Often we are blinded by the “democracy” bs and label all regimes not immersed in Western Liberalism as totalitarian “Big Brother”. But the point of Big Brother was really that his rule was not restrained by any god. The state was God

        One can make that argument about the West and even about China, though it is morphing from communism to Confucianist nationalism. But Russia, India and Iran are different. They are not totalitarian at all but religion based.

        The question is whether the norm is Western democracy, which is really totalitarian lite (and increasingly full on totalitarian) or is it some Orthodox form of authoritarian symphonia?

        Democracy is what the Fathers referred to as “polyarchy”, which ends in anarchy and atheism. America is case in point.

      • I see your point, up to a point. Right now, it looks like “EastAsia” (i.e. China and the mongoloid nations) is in the process of being consolidating with “Eurasia” (i.e. the caucasoid races of the European continent + Africa and Latin America, the “Global South”).

        This may actually be better in a way, offering the Third-world nations a “way out” of the IMF/WEF stranglehold.

        One thing I can say for “multipolarity” is that it might create a more stable world situation.

        • Multipolarity offers balanced interchange;
          whereas unipolarity is like a parasitic back hole,
          sucking all life into its swelling substance until,
          having consumed all else that there is to consume,
          it either explodes in catastrophe or eats itself alive.

          Its greatest literary figure is Ungoliant in the Silmarillion.

      • One should ask the question, “If this is not WWIII, what would WWIII look like?”

        Well, a world war is a scenario where a number of great powers are fighting each other for great geopolitical transformation. So far, it is a Cold World War by this definition. The fighting is primarily in the Ukraine. However, the stakes are enormous and the reason the fighting is contained to Eastern European forces (largely) is that the US is scared to challenge Russia more directly. Real Neo-cons wold already have boots on the ground over there. These are Neo-liberals who are essentially atheist, socialist cowards who are power hungry monsters.

        The reason the West is going at this full bore, aggressively lying, propaganda and censorship on full tilt boogie, as if it were a world war, is that the stakes are those of a world war. It is the stakes that characterize the conflict. As Jack Nicholson’s character said to the reporter in Hoffa, “What’s important is what’s been gained and what’s been lost. Make the rest up yourself.”

        This is a war for dominance of Europe, not just the Ukraine. That is why some fool like Miley can get on the tube and say that Russia has “lost” the war. He knows the real stakes and, so far, Russia hasn’t gained dominance of the continent. But that is in the tea leaves. He’s just in denial.

        Assuming that Russia wins this conflict in the Ukraine, they will have shown that NATO is no match for them and that the West cannot break them economically. That accomplished, it is only a matter of time until economic relations resume with Europe, including energy transactions. Nothing can change the fact that Russia has the energy and Europe needs it. That flow will resume, it’s just a matter of time. And during that time, the economic situation in Europe will worsen, governments will continue to fall and the bad taste in the mouths of Europeans for American colonialism will get stronger.

        Thus, in medium term, Europe is destined to become energy dependent on Russia, regardless of the US’s attempt to destroy Nordstream. NS can be repaired, OR, it could be rebuilt in time given the demand for energy. I don’t want to sound like a complete economic determinist, but there is a lot to be said for the general idea that money flow has a strong, often overwhelming, influence on political decisions.

  6. Toss the Biden administration overboard. ASAP!

  7. George Michalopulos says
  8. Turley’s latest livestream intro is priceless. I don’t agree with a couple of things he said about Russia being welcome in NATO earlier, not sure what that was about. Putin offered to join and they declined. But the rest of it is gold.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Actually, back in 2004 Putin asked W about Russia joining NATO. Bush was in favor. The DS put the kibosh on it.

  9. This too is pretty good, from the Spectator. It’s about Samantha Powers and her Democracy Everywhere doctrine. She is the mother of Grendal as far as I am concerned in that she founded the neoliberal humanitarian intervention doctrine in order for the liberals to support American imperialism and colonialism.

    They are often mistaken for neocons, especially by those historically associated with the Left, but their rationale is different. Not that it matters much. It all results in imperialism for the benefit of Western MNC’s and the MIC. That’s the impetus that created the rationalization known as “neoliberalism”. That neocons are worse is, of course, no defense.

  10. I think I understand the whole Western self-delusion phenomenon:

    The elites, whether it’s the ruling oligarchy, their intelligence service assets or the politician puppets, understand at the highest level (oligarchy and intelligence services) that they are in an existential war for the survival of the hegemony of Western Liberal Democracy. Thus they want to place us on a real war footing as much as possible without the bite that comes from actual mobilization. So they concentrate on the economic war and proxy military war. But they are losing both.

    In this environment (where one is losing a very important war) esprit d’corps, enthusiasm, confidence are all important. They are even more important than reality since confidence is the will to advance and overcome – to persevere. So they believe in fostering any story that furthers their narrative because it boosts “national morale” and emotional stability and confidence.

    But they’ve been lying hard and laying it all on the line – betting the farm, so to speak. It’s total war time propaganda at a time when we are denying direct involvement but rather fighting a proxy war. This is why many of us are suggesting that this is actually the next Great War. It’s just that one side is afraid to fight it directly because they think their best bet is a proxy war on the ground and a relentless propaganda war in the ether.

    What I’m saying, essentially, is that at the highest levels they know they’ve lost the kinetic conflict and that this has serious consequences; however, they have to rule at home and maintain public confidence and morale. They are desperately trying to preserve hegemony over Western Europe. Desperate as in blasting NSII. And they fear that they may be contained to North America, the UK, Australia and our Asian colonies (Japan, S. Korea, etc.).

    They are behaving this way to avoid Western psychological depression and the political consequences thereof.