The Chickens are Finally Coming Home to Roost

OK, y’all did it again!  We had to pull this out of comments because it hit a nerve.  This was submitted by our own Misha, a frequent poster and provocative thinker.

So, without further ado, we give you Misha!


I’ve wondered to myself why I have thoughts and feelings of positive elation when reading about the presence and spread of the riots across America.  Part of me is truly happy to see it and welcomes it, violence, destruction and all.  Not being one to feel knee jerk guilt, I’m taking a moment to openly analyze this feeling. 

Basically, it is a grateful satisfaction with the fact that the chickens are coming home to roost. 

Demsheviks have stoked the fires of racial and class hatred for decade after decade.  They have reprogrammed large segments of otherwise rational people, black and white, into reflexive parroting of their sick critical ideology.  Riots by blacks and anarcho-communist terrorists are the natural result.  The Democrats deserve every ounce of this and much, much more.

By pushing the beachball deep underwater with lockdowns while constantly broadcasting disinformation that Trump is a corrupt, disloyal, racist, misogynist, class enemy – what did they expect to happen?  And somehow, someway in their deranged brains it makes sense that an insurrectionist uprising will help bring down Trump.
Everything they do against the man backfires in his favor.  Everything.  He’s either too good at this or enjoys some divine anointment or both.  When you’re in a hole, quit digging.  But they can’t.  They genuinely believe that their sick little ideology is the end stage of human history and that this can’t possibly be happening.

It is that crazy, deranged mindset which is driving their actions at this point.  They don’t know how to behave differently or feel differently than as progressives and they’ve deluded themselves into the psychological box that theirs is the morally superior and thus necessarily prevalent worldview.  It makes them ever increasingly desperate.
This stands in stark contrast to the wave slowly sweeping from the east across Europe.  There is indeed a revolution going on in the West.  It is a hostile takeover of the Western political establishment by Christian Nationalists.  Putin, Orban, Le Pen, AfD, the Law and Justice Party, Farage and Trump are all part of the same underlying dynamic.  And that is the wave of the future in the West.

Seen from a historical perspective, it makes sense.  Poverty as it formerly existed is unknown in the West.  The only real class and racial grievances are isolated incidents and contrived ideologies.  Representative government has outlasted its usefulness and spawned a monster – the MSM – which simply exacerbates the problems created by a failed ideology and stokes frustration at its enemies.  Moral, authoritarian rule is the next logical step after society descends into amoral chaos.  Thus, Christian Nationalism.

It will take time but it is ascendant, committed and cannot be suppressed by free societies and thus it will prevail.  It is backed by a nuclear power, unified in its resolve (unlike the West), that controls one sixth of the surface of the earth.  The odds are strongly with us.

Thank God.

So riot on, ladies.  You merely destroy the status quo which has served no one well.  I mean, does anybody really believe that American business would allow true socialism to take hold?  Bear in mind that Bernie couldn’t even win the primary in the American leftist party without their elites torpedoing him.  What about the militant South?  Would southern whites roll over for a socialist revolution in response to a breakdown of the center?

Destroy the social contract (please, I dare you) and the Right prevails by default.  Trump has mobilized the Right and we would never allow any other result to transpire.  It is now the centrist status quo that is the enemy and it is being attacked by Antifa nationwide with the full support of the rest of the Left.

What could be better?


  1. cynthia curran says

    One thing I noticed a lack of Asian protesters. Blacks have a history of insulting Asians in black cities like Oakland.

  2. cynthia curran says

    Really, while its true the George Floyd thing was bad. There was a homeless white guy killed several years ago by a Latino and 2 white cops that had also marks of the cops in the wrong. Unlike Floyd, no one riot for him and most people outside of the local news market didn’t know about it. The left makes blacks victims too much while police have had bad behavoir toward whites or Asians or Latinos as well.

    • Steven J. M. says

      Cynthia, that’s right. I think the there are lots of stats to back that up 

    • Antiochene Son says

      Other examples of police brutality which saw zero protest:
      Daniel Shaver was murdered in cold blood while pleading for his life. The cop who shot him was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter.
      Duncan Lemp murdered in his home while asleep by Baltimore police, who are trained in Israel with their paramilitary tactics which include these kinds of assassinations.
      If it matters (it might) both victims were white.

      • Sage-Girl says

        Exactly – IF victims are White then media ignores police brutality; it’s got to fit deceitful narrative that only Blacks are victims + now even rioters are elevated to angels. Unbelievable!

      • Alitheia 1875 says

        Please post the reference where you found that police are trained in Israel.

  3. George, that’s called accelerationism, Lenin’s “the worse, the better.”
    The problem is, the destructive part is clear and certain. Whether anything good comes of it is another matter. It’s speculative at best.
    Any idiot knows how to turn an aquarium into fish soup. Nobody knows how to reverse the process. Once society breaks down, it tends to stay broken.
    The fact is, the forces of destruction MIGHT WIN. In fact, that’s the most likely outcome IMO (whether Trump, who’s essentially useless, goes in 20121 or 2025).
    Will it be “socialism”? Not in the usual sense. Antifa, BLM, LGBT etc. will be in perfect lockstep with their corporate and Deep State sponsors.
    More than 20 years ago, when it was barely on the horizon, I called it Rainbow Fascism:

    • A man carrying our American flag is attacked and beaten by ANTIFA, BLM, & La Raza at a George Floyd riot in Portland, Oregon on May 30, 2020.  Then they hunt down the one guy in the blue shirt who tried to defend the man being beaten on the ground:

      Flashback 2018:  The Left has been violently purging the US flag from among themselves for years:

      Police arresting Asian shop owners for using shotguns to protect their store (the reason Democrats/Leftists are anti-gun/anti-selfdefense/pro-criminal is so good people of all races, can’t defend themselves from criminals, Leftist mobs, and the actual government controlled police/military when they are controlled by the Left):

      Sac Kings NBA Announcer fired affter 22 years for simply tweeting “All Lives Matter, Every Single One!!!”  A totally innocent statement and he’s finished. (Whites are already systemicaly oppressed at the bottom of a pyramid that gives education/employment privileges that favors others races with blacks on top, but even that status quo isn’t Black Supremacist enough):

      Absolute warzone:

      Most of these cities haven’t had a Republican mayor since the early 70s, or late sixities, or earlier.  And Democratic governors of states caused almost all of the deaths from Covid-19 (the non pandemic that it was) by sticking infected in with retirement/nursing homes, all while empyting the prisons, while they were arresting joggers/surfers and mothers taking children to play in the park, and now they’re finishing off what remains of small business with by standing down to anti-white, Communist terror. 

      Ellison, the *****deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee******, posted a photo on Twitter Wednesday of himself posing with the book ‘Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.’

      Ellison’s post said the book should ‘strike fear into the heart’ of President Donald Trump.”

      Perhaps, we can persuade our bishops to fully re-open churches, without pretending to care about the virus, venerating icons by kissing, etc, if we ceremonially disrespect a US flag or something during coffee hour?

      Nursing Home Abuser Made Video Asserting “Black People Are Supposed To Rule The Earth”:

      Hayden was a **patient** (20-year-old Jadon with body builder or college football player build) in the nursing home…

      Proof that Democrat governors caused most of the deaths by forcing infected into retirement/nursing homes:

      Citing “an urgent need to expand hospital capacity,” New York state issued a blanket rule on March 25 requiring nursing homes to admit new or returning residents regardless of their COVID-19 status. The guidance also prohibited the facilities from testing patients before admission. New Jersey and California [and more] have implemented similar requirements.

    • George Michalopulos says

      No argument, just a quibble: while the corporations will go along with this soft fascism (PC), the looting of their stores will cause them to rein them in.

      Just like the 60s riots. 

      • And it was the 1960s riots that got Nixon elected in 1968.  Recall that during most of the 1960s, Nixon was a bitter, has-been, former VP of Eisenhower who lost the 1962 California governor’s race.  He was widely seen as unlikable and accused the media of favoring his opponent Pat Brown in the 1962 governor’s race (in his concession speech, he famously said to the media, “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around any more”).
        A few differences though between 2020 and 1968 is that there was a 3rd-party candidate running in 1968 (George Wallace), who got almost 10 million votes.  The final tally between Nixon and Humphrey was about 31,800,000 (Nixon) to 31,300,000 (Humphrey) — fairly close, though Nixon easily beat Humphrey in electoral votes.
        I could see many of the “silent majority” today tiring of the current riots and going with the party more seen to favor law and order, rather than going with the leftist Biden, a man with clinical dementia whose opportunistic wife is probably the real impetus behind him staying in the race.  I’m no Trump fan, but this fall’s presidential contest will be interesting.
        So many on the Left are such self-declared Stalinists but they try to hide it.  Not sure why.  They may as well come out and repeat Stalin’s words: “Well, to make an omelet you have to break some eggs.”  So many modern Leftists clearly think it’s worth it to collapse society just for “sh**s and giggles” as we used to say — just to see what happens. Heck, why not?

        Those who dominate our culture today are dangerous nihilists.

        And with Antiracism as the true faith and religion of the wealthy leftist elite who run our culture, they are utterly powerless to stop the riots, since saying anything negative about the riots goes against the tenets of their Antiracism faith.

        Heck, the N.J. governor flat out said that today public gatherings for riots and protests are fully OK, but gathering for church/synagogue or opening your nail salon is not OK.

        The former is virtuous and worthy according to the governing Leftist elite’s values and faith; the latter are not. Should we thick peasants just get this under our skulls and be the people whom our Leftist leaders want us to be?

        • George Michalopulos says
        • I agree with FTS. As Sailer says, “The Establishment views blacks as our Sacred Cows, above criticism, but beneath agency.” That doesn’t change the fact that POCs are functionally shock troops of the new order. Lamenting that POCs, blacks especially, are just being used is beside the point. When racially conscious people are sicced onto those they see as racial enemies (who themselves have low level of ethnic self-awareness), it brings out their worst impulses, which in this case are pretty bad. Look at crime stats (but who cares). In fact, though, I don’t think there will be much of a fight. Our domestic color revolution is on the verge of victory (some call it the Black Revolution: “This country is (finally) on the verge of a long-overdue Black revolution. White people shouldn’t be surprised, but they should be worried.” )  The rioters are backed up by the corporate and deep state establishment. Look at the way feds targeted supposed white nationalists (who are the REAL cause of all the problems) while Antifa and BLM run amok. Who’s going to rein them in? Trump? Since when has he ever DONE anything, not just talk and tweet? The fact is, he isn’t in charge of anything. Comparing to Ukraine 2014, America’s “Berkut” have already defected to the “Maidan.” Things will start to calm when Trump is presented with solid bipartisan fait accompli of anti-“racism” “reforms”: more prison releases, police procedures that amount to letting black and other certified Victims break (minor?) laws with impunity (but no demilitarization of police), more official historical revisionism (bye bye Robert E. Lee, Andrew Jackson, maybe Thomas Jefferson, Washington, Columbus, etc), “ballot access,” historical “truth commission” (reparations), brutal Brown Scare against anything white (who are all Nazis of course), and much, much more (Trump’s social media executive order was worthless). Trump will very probably lose in November but if he happens to win, we’ll have another BLM flare up in response to a “stolen election” (maybe another covid flare up too?) to make him even more useless than he’s been so far. So for four more years he’ll be just about as useful as a mammary gland on the intact male of species Bos taurus. Whether he leaves in 2021 or 2025 it’s all the same. He should have been an Octavian. I used to say he turned out to be Gorbachev. Instead, he’s proving to be a Kerensky.

          • “to make [Trump] even more useless than he’s been so far. ”
            Don’t underestimate that for all the bluster, Trump hasn’t started any new wars, and allowed Putin to run the CIA backed ISIS/etc out of Syria, even if he had do an token airstrike or two to appease “the powers that be” after false flag chemical weapon attacks whenever Assad’s forces just happened to be on a huge winning streak. 

            • George Michalopulos says

              Yeah, Jim, I’m with Myst on this one. Trump has executed about 75% of what he said he would. That’s way more than the Bushes ever did.

              • If you mean what he’s NOT done — starting any new wars — I’m with you and grateful for it. He’s better than any identifiable alternative. Sadly, aside from some decent Judicial (but not Executive) appointments, that’s pretty much where it ends. In terms of positive accomplishments to restore what’s left of the American nation, he’s been all hat, no cattle. Maybe nobody could have done any better under the circumstances. More’s the pity. 

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Well, the Wall is continuing to be built, we’re out of the Paris Accords, the Pacific Rim thing, income taxes that would do Reagan proud, regulations being slashed left and right, redid NAFTA to something better, forced China to come to the negotiating table (not done yet, hence the present mess), A whole lotta Executive Orders I like, and great judicial successes, even on the 9th Circuit.

                  But here’s the biggest thing of all: every day that The Golden Don draws breath, liberals’ heads explode.

                  Seriously, if Kayleigh McEnany said that the President had a normal bowel movement and he thoroughly washed his hands afterwards, the entire Washington Press Corps would immediately disembowel themselves and smear excrement all over their bodies while in their death-throws.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Jim, I don’t doubt one word about what you describe. The fix is almost in. Today, Generals Mattis and Kelly almost called out for a military coup.

            The problem is that Trump is baiting them. Personally, I hope they do stage a coup. At least then it will become obvious that the banana republic becomes official. But, there’s always a but, I’m not sure it would succeed. In fact, Trump has been so successful at jiu-jitsu that I could envision him turning the tables on them. In fact, I think the majority of the country would like for him to declare martial law.

            My question Jim, is this: if there is indeed to be a Soros-led “color” revolution and America descends into complete anarchy, how will we be able to sustain our overseas empire? For all the degeneracy that is rotting away our military, it is still lethal when it is applied. The neocon/neoliberal Establishment still want our empire to exist. They may hate the average Southerner or Midwesterner who make up the ranks but they still need us to fight and day in the Sandbox. Otherwise, the banks will fail. How can it do so if the American heartland is in flames? And continues to be anarchic, even after a “black revolution”? The new police “reforms” which will mean that police will never be able to arrest a black man for anything less than murder, will make every American city burst into metaphorical flames. Who will pay the taxes to sustain our bloated military if the historic American nation decamps for Idaho, the Far West or Appalachia? Or if, like the Afrikaners, they move en masse to Russia? Will NYC continue to be the financial capital of the world?

            The other night, I was watching Hannity, and Leo Terrell, a very left-wing civil rights attorney was frothing at the mouth about the need for law and order in the black community. The guy absolutely lost it in front of God and everybody. While I could never agree with him politically, I recognized in his demeanor that he realizes that black people are being led to the slaughter by white SJWs. And that their communities in Milwaukee, St Louis and Chicago will go the way of Detroit, never to rise again.

            The way I see it, we sit on a knife’s-edge. It could go either way.

            Anyway, these are my thoughts, fears, musings and whatnot. Please let me know if or where I’m wrong. I certainly don’t have all the answers.

            • George, re: “My question Jim, is this: if there is indeed to be a Soros-led “color” revolution and America descends into complete anarchy, how will we be able to sustain our overseas empire?” et seq.: Yes, in the long run it might. But in large part what we see is an effort to SAVE the empire, the establishment’s obsessive concern ever since Trump was elected. You notice that even while imposing absurd and onerous “lockdown” on the law-abiding, the authorities are letting Antifa and BLM run amok in the name of “social justice,” while digging up mythical “white supremacists” under every rock (“that’s who’s REALLY behind the violence….”) This is the very definition of anarcho-tyranny, as described by my late friend Sam Francis.  In sum, the social fabric, based on the ethos of the state-building, non-“hyphenated” American ethnos (European, Christian, Anglophone) is being shredded, but at the same time the organs of state power are being strengthened (with new revolutiony core based on “intersectionality,” in which ethnic, racial and religious minorities play a key role, similar to what happened in Russia). Think of the difference between the Russian Empire and the USSR. The former, based on Orthodoxy and Russians as the state-building ethnos, was replaced on the same territory with a new, more powerful state based on proletarian internationalism that defined itself by its hostility to the old, prerevolutionary identity. (Only under Stalin, and especially during the “Great Patriotic War,” did some semblance of the old identity start to creep back in: the USSR’s first Thermidor.) Society suffered, but the state apparatus, under new management and with a new ideological content, reached unprecedented powers of repression. (All analogies break down. In Russia, the old state was thoroughly destroyed and a new one arose in its place. In America today, the revolutionaries already control almost all the levers of power, with the partial, largely symbolic but impotent exception of Orange Hitler himself.)  Speaking of whom, let us nonetheless try to be optimistic. In 2016 I hoped he could be an Octavian. I feared he would be a Gorbachev. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s going to be a Kerensky.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Jim, thank you very much for your response. I will take all you write under advisement.

                I must say though, that although a “replacement of regime” (my words) occurred in Russia, that is it was replaced by an atheistic Soviet regime, which (ironically enough) continued the Russian empire, do you think that the American kakistocracy can pull this off here in America? And thereby, save their globalist empire?

                For some reason, I doubt it.

                Here are my reasons for doubting that they could pull that off:

                1. The commies were able to convince a significant portion of the Russian ethnos that the Tsar was corrupt, inept, cruel, etc. So much so that he “lost” the war. They accomplished delegitimization, then they proceeded to go further.

                2. Once they bought into this delegitimization project, the Russian ethnos could continue to serve as the backbone (Herrenvolk) of the new Soviet regime. The American oligarchy doesn’t have that luxury as the Historic American Nation (hereinafter HAN or Amerikaner) is being cucked out of existence by ethnicities that have on average lower IQs and have never demonstrated civilizational-building capabilities.

                3. The Bolshies were given massive amounts of aid to prop up their regime. Wall Street bankers (Schiff, Warburg, Kuen-Loeb, etc.) were able to send gold bullion to Lenin. Who will bail out the hollowed-out Dhimmicrat regime once they take over and continue the destruction of Blue American cities (which is inevitable at this point).

                4. Then, when Hitler slipped his leash and invaded Russia, the commies were given even more money by the US in the form of Lend-Lease. Stalin of course changed course and “re-Russified” the Communist Party, even going to the great lengths to liberate the Orthodox Church.

                5. In 1918, Russia was the most heavily-armed nation on earth. Lenin convinced the “citizens” that it was in “their interests” to turn in their guns. Foolishly, millions did so. One silver lining about the current “pandemic” and the “peaceful protests” going on is that the Second Amendment issue has been settled for at least a generation. Even those minority ethnicities which have no cultural affinity for Anglo-Saxon self-governance (i.e. Mesoamericans, Asians, Muslims) are quickly turning into gun enthusiasts. Even dumb-ass white liberals who believe all their nonsense are buying guns at a record clip. This was even before the recent festivities. Now, gun sales are through the friggin’ roof.

                6. While I do agree that the military has been politicized and the upper reaches are cucked into BLM/progressive nonsense, I’m not sure how much of the lower ranks have bought into this bullshit. Lenin was able to consolidate power but only after a bloody five year civil war against the White Army (i.e. those Russians that did not give up their guns for the “greater good”). The military is a wild card. I could see a President Kamala Harris ordering the invasion of the Red states but I’m not sure how many of the rank-and-file would go along with that. (I do see the continued degradation of Blue city police forces or even their outright defunding, but then you would see a mass exodus of whites and productive minorities out of those cities. So that Minneapolis and becomes Mogadishu and Chicago becomes Soweto. I’m personally keeping a sharp eye on New York City: now it is merely unsafe for Observant Jews to walk on the streets, what will happen when liberal elites can no longer shop at Cartier or Tiffany’s once those establishments have had to close their doors?)

                7. My maxim has always been “don’t look at what they say, look at what they do”. Yes, Wal-Mart has bought into the George Floyd=Mohandas Gandhi nonsense but right now that stupid lesbo mayor of Chicago is begging them to reopen their looted store in Chicago. Let’s see if they do it. My guess is no. It’s possible but only under severe restrictions. For example, from my own experience, I can tell you this: when I worked at a CVS in a certain area of Oklahoma City, I can tell you that despite all the best protocols in place, the Rx area was a complete dump and the majority of OTCs (not just condoms) were under lock and key. I’m talking about things like Tums and Alka-Seltzer. The pharmacy personnel were constantly interrupted by customers asking for the key to go to the bathroom. (A good rule-of-thumb is that when a customer needs a key to go to the bathroom, it’s not a place you want to take your family shopping.)

                8. For all the evilness of the Bolshies, they did not advocate for sexual licentiousness. Even Stalin outlawed homosexuality. Even if today’s Weimerika gave way to a Hitlerian or Leninist regime, the gays ain’t going away. (Now a Muslim takeover of the major American cities would be a different story.) My point is that a permanently morally-degraded America in which silly, simpleminded, single women call all the shots or at best, are forced to fight it out with blacks as to who has the most victim points, is not one that can maintain an oversees empire.

                9. The military itself. As alluded in point #6 above, the military has become hyper-politicized. That idiot captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt beached his own ship because of COVID. And he was cheered by the crew. That ship was the major weapon that the US had in the Pacific. Several months ago, I wrote about a tranny sailor that served aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. I would say that the average military base, naval vessel and Air Force installation has a tremendous number of societal problems associated with it thanks to sexual assaults against women, men and assorted transgendered agitation for gender-reassignment surgery.

                Mind you, the above are merely musings. I don’t doubt yours (or Sam Francis’) narrative or the suspicions you have about what’s in store for us. My own assessments above are based on a broad historical narrative. Even with the present lethality of the US armed forces, we can’t even contain Afghanistan, which is now our longest war. The Bolsheviks on the other hand, had the iron discipline needed to consolidate their grip on the former Russian empire and even though they had to give up some land to Western powers, they were still able to form a functional society.

                Jim, going on with these musings, I have to wonder: is America’s (nonsensical) devotion to diversity –which has led us to this present mess–going to be able to serve as the catechism of a Diversicrat regime? And will that regime be able to sustain the present American empire? In the final analysis, the Bolsheviks were able to sustain the Russian empire and after a few fits and starts, make it into a globalist one.

                • It seems that Christian Civilisation, if it is to survive at all, will survive in Russia.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Most probably.

                  • Brendan,
                    Russia has its problems, but it is unabashedly Christian and governed by a Christian Nationalist.  It is actually a miracle that Russia has transformed so in the last 30 years.
                    The best thing about a resurrected Holy Russia is its influence on the rest of the world.  Being more or less authoritarian in governance, it is mostly impervious to Western liberal attempts at ideological infiltration.  The government controls the lion’s share of the media and would not let that happen.
                    This is a great thing vis a vis the atheistic, socialist West.  Russia holds 1/6th of the earth’s land surface and has an impressive array of nuclear arms.  It also engages propaganda in Eastern Europe and the West to varying degrees through social media, et al.
                    So you can’t invade them, nor can you persuade them, and they are proactive in ideological warfare. 
                    That’s why Russia is so pricelessly important in the re-establishment of Christendom.  And that is why it is likely they/we will win.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      I’m glad of Russia for at least one thing:  there’s only two sexes in that country.  Here we have 38.

                    • Russia unabashedly christian?  What percentage of Russians GO to church?  What would it look like if it was close to zero?  For around 1600 years people have been impressed when some clown in power has been taught to cross himself and light a candle in a church.  They’re even impressed when one clears a path to a boarded up episcopal church and succeeds in (oh, drama!) holding up a bible right side up, with a big frown.  That sure took a lot of mental and spiritual effort.  It doesn’t take much to entertain the masses and even he knows it.  Try and have slightly higher expectations.  Putin and Trump are hardly people to look up to.  

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Bob, I’ve been to Russia. Twice. It’s far more Christian in culture than even America has been for at least a generation.

                      One of my fondest memories was seeing ordinary Russian pedestrians go out of their way to receive a blessing from one of the American priests who were on pilgrimage with us. One even went to a deacon thinking that he was a priest.

                      Is it perfect? No. Far from it? Is it imbued in an Orthodox Christian ethos? You bet.

                    • Thirty-eight is an even number, George. It is divisible by two. Therefore it is oppressive. You cannot be liberated unless you have an odd number of sexes. Re-calculate please…

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      My bad!

                    • Antiochene Son says

                      Bob, I don’t know what Putin or Trump believe in their hearts, but I do know that they value Christian civilization. 
                      Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian in any conventional sense, but he still attended church services at the capitol every Sunday because he thought it was good to model that behavior.
                      Maybe lighting a candle or holding a Bible does nothing for for Putin or Trump’s soul, but that is not for us to judge. It does encourage the faithful though, and that is a good thing. 

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      I completely agree on on all points. Jefferson especially.

                • “For all the evilness of the Bolshies, they did not advocate for sexual licentiousness.”

                  Actually, they DID, it was Stalin behind the reversal of course in the mid 1920s, because you can’t sustain a country off of single moms, or women in large harems with rich guys, which is what they got.

                • Again, George, respectfully disagree:

                  A significant part of the majority Murican ethnos (European ancestry, Christian, Anglophobe) supports our current revolution, just like a critical minority of Russians supported a majority-minority coup against their own country.
                  Here’s where analogies break down. Yes, Russians formed the core of the Soviet state out of sheer demographic necessity. In fact, it was gradual replacement of minorities in the upper Soviet echelons that doomed it. Solzhenitsyn’s 1974 Letter to the Soviet Leaders stated it presumed he was addressing mostly Russians and Ukrainians. OTOH, Muricans will be demographically displaced. In a couple of generations, there will be a new core, but composed of mutually hostile squabbling factions.
                  Who do you think is funding this revolution? Every fat corporation has gone over to BLM like they did to LGBT.
                  No similar external threat is likely, at least for a very long time. Will some future leader of the new fake “America” call on the Muricans in time of need? Who knows. Who cares.
                  We’ll see how much the guns matter. For most Muricans, they’re great for LARPing but seldom used because they know the authorities, which have far superior firepower, will consider them Nazis and mercilessly crush them.
                  They won’t need to invade Red States. They will count on cowardly GOP (do I repeat myself?) politicians to do their bidding for fear of being called bad names and – death penalty – Big Biz boycott. See Pence on conscience law, Nikki Haley on Confederate flag.
                  Yes, the new “America” will not be a nice place. People will try to hide. Everyone I know is suddenly talking rural cabin. Good luck with that.
                  Yes, the human materials are unsatisfactory, but they all have one thing in common: they hate you, you Nazi scum. BTW, white women are the swing demographic. They’ll be told to shut the f— up and do what their intersectional superiors tell them. Many of them will
                  If you think America can count on the military, think again. The brass is as PC and rotten as the (usually female, preferably minority) police chief of any crime-ridden Blue city. Even Trump’s appointees are horrible (in fact, I can’t think of one who’s not). Many of the rank and file military are great, but they can’t do much on their own.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Jim, thanks for responding. Please re-read what I wrote about the military. I think it’s essentially on a knife’s-edge as well. Feminism and faggotry have done their damage. My question was how can such a degraded military uphold the American (Globalist) empire? We can’t even win in Afghanistan against pedeerasts who wear pajamas.

                    • Well, for the short time we’ll do what we usually do: wage war against civilians with sanctions, rely on technological superiority to give the illusion of winning just because we manage to kill lots of their people while losing few of our own. 
                      Of course if we have to fight the Russians or Chinese — or maybe both — that might be a different story. 

      • Maybe eventually, but for now they’re funding them, cheering them on — even in trashing their OWN stores. Long game.
        All that matters is the Oppressor/Victim dichotomy, Victims are winning:

        • George Michalopulos says

          Jim, I don’t doubt the “long game” but in the final analysis, even the revolutionaries become tyrants (or cede the field to tyranny). Think Robespierre to Napoleon, Kerensky to Lenin, Weimar to Hitler. Wasn’t Empodecles who said “Nature abhors a vacuum”? I don’t think there’s a place on earth which is always anarchic. Even the failed state of Mexico has entire swaths of it controlled by the cartels.

          The reason? Because reality always wins in the end. Even a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany or the USSR is better than complete chaos. At least for a while.

          I realize of course that the nation is probably on its last legs and that even if Trump wins again, the PC culture will continue to degrade society as it already has for the past fifty years. I’m not a Pollyanna by any stretch of the imagination and I’ve gone from taking red pills to shiny black ones. Having said that I look at things realistically.

          I think of it this way: the most revolutionary, radical regime in history was Communism. But while we in the liberal West were busy destroying our culture with Woodstock, feminism and faggotry, Lenin, Stalin, Mao & company said “nothing doing”. Violent street crime in those countries was non-existent. No rioting or looting because of “police brutality”.

          Also there’s this: the United States will be ungovernable if the SJWs take over. Once the US becomes minority/majority, then the era of white guilt will be over as neither Asians nor Mesoamericans nor Muslims give a rat’s ass about African-Americans, gays or trannies. Then there’s the fact that the only nations that are stable and prosperous are European-founded ones. (I know, East Asians are no slouches in this regard but they became dominant when they mimicked Europeans in warfare, science and technology.)

          Look at that damn fool SWF SJW who was walking her dog in Central Park. She was a typical dumbass liberal and she thought that the police would come to her rescue when she believed that a black SJW was threatening her. The silly girl was arrested instead and fired within 6 hours from cushy Affirmative Action job and had her dog taken away from her. And I bet she still has tens of thousands of dollars in student loans to pay. Instead of living a traditional life with a husband and children, she chose instead to become a cat-lady-in-waiting. As we Greeks say “kala na pathei” (serves her right).

          Bottom line, true revolutionary Leftism is unsustainable. On this, I agree with Misha. Because even Leftism always devolves into authoritarianism. Yes, if Trump loses, we be screwed big-time. But even if he is reelected (likely) we are going to see more of this nonsense. The Outer Party, those idiots in the streets who say they believe in “muh racism”, notwithstanding, the real power, the Inner Party, will eventually restore order all the while intoning the nonsensical Leftist bromides. I do understand the anarcho-tyrannical paradigm but I just don’t see how it’s sustainable once the anarchy becomes all-consuming. Like onke when the “peaceful protesters” are destroying Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue, or they get too close to one of the Rothschild’s mansions for comfort.

          Eventually, the powers-that-be are going to prop up some Democrat to mow them down and restore order. Anyway, black pills all the way around.

          Then again, I could be wrong.

          • “Wasn’t Empodecles who said “Nature abhors a vacuum”?”
            I believe it was Aristotle; however Galileo Galilei observed
            that the horror only extends to about thirty-two feet.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Jim, your observations deserve much consideration.  The situation continues to be fluid however, therefore I plan on addressing them via a (long-overdue) video log very soon. 

      • Antiochene Son says

        I’m not sure, George. Insurance will probably cover a lot, and Trump has already mentioned some sort of a bailout for affected businesses. They might rather signal their wokeness than save their assets and their employees’ jobs.
        Every corporation that had shops looted, I would wager, turned their social media icons to black squares yesterday.

        • George Michalopulos says

          One silver lining in all of this, is that none of the Big Three states that are demanding bailouts (NY, Cali, Illinois), are saying “boo!” presently. If the GOP plays this right, they can pit the reparations crowd against the bailouters, with none of them getting anything.

          Lots of chickens, lots of roosting. The Blue State governors are going to have a devil of a time facing their govt pensioners. This will pit the retired state employees against the Welfare recipients. That will be a hootenany!

  4. Yes, color me an accelerator.
    And I say that because the current status quo serves no one.  The Floyd killing was simply a pretext.  I can understand demonstrations in Minneapolis, perhaps throughout Minnesota – maybe one day of peaceful demonstrations nationally on the weekend instead of this “blackout” nonsense.  But the grievance level is wildly accelerated itself.  And that is a much more serious problem than most anybody is willing to admit.
    The reason blacks are demonstrating has precious little to do with George Floyd and everything to do with the MSM demonization of Trump as a racist.  That is what the BLM and general black outrage is about – a Black Nationalist response to a perceived White Nationalist president.
    I saw an extended monologue by Tucker Carlson that is getting much praise over at RedState:
    I agree with much of what he says about the AWOL response of both Democratic and Republican leadership during this.  But I think he gets something wrong that is of the highest significance.
    Carlson wants to keep this about the rule of law and the duty to protect the citizens underneath ones charge.  He acknowledges the race baiting and the class warfare posture of Antifa, but wants to keep the conflict above the tribal level and away from any authoritarian impulses to change the Social Contract.
    We are passed that.  Half the country or more is disloyal and the minorities have no intent of living in equality but wish to seize power by any means necessary from what is left of white rule.  That’s where we are.  There is no point in denying it or in Constitutionalist nostalgia.  Most Americans do not care about the Constitution at all and there is no way to change that.  If there were, it would have been tried and working but that is not the case.
    In the above piece, my points were twofold.  One was the schadenfreude at the fact that the Demsheviks caused this whole rioting scenario and that it is primarily affecting Democratic controlled areas.
    The other was that too many armed Americans and business leaders would take exception to real socialist rule for that to materialize here and, as a consequence of that and the riots, the legitimacy of liberal/centrist government and ideology is collapsing due to the Democratic support for the riots and their ineffective responses.
    The only stable force left is the Right.
    At the heart of this, though, is a monumental problem with race as I alluded to above.  The Race War is already upon us.  It is a war for political supremacy on both sides.  If half the black community were conservative Republicans, such a war would have been much less likely.  But they have totally sided with the party whose power is fading and being displaced and are being used by that party as a destructive weapon to hold the entire system hostage to Democratic rule.
    That is the recipe for a nasty, nasty extended race conflict.
    If Trump does not win and find a way to bring the MSM under right wing control, that is where we are headed.  The Left/MSM will delight in it –  “Burn, baby, burn.” – as they already are.
    Yet what is happening now will galvanize every American opposed to mob rule that only a strong leader like Trump can stop it.  Electorally, I assume it will be like 1968/1972 all over again.  Both elements are there this time:  the racial unrest and the socialist threat.
    However, and I truly believe this at the bottom of my heart, unless the races are separated – not integrated, not segregated, but separated into different geographical areas – the unrest will continue indefinitely.  The sense of entitlement in the black community is enormous and they will not be content with equality anymore.  They have been deified by the Demsheviks and the Republicans/Whites have been demonized and that’s all she wrote.

    • George Michalopulos says

      One thing that is missing from the George Floyd/evil cop narrative is that the racial composition of the other three cops in the altercation which led to Floyd’s death:  one was a bi-racial (mulatto), the other was a Thai of Cambodian descent, and the other was Chinese.  Derek Chauvin himself was married to a Hmong woman. 

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, I disagree with you there.  I go to a parish that is bi-racial (Ethiopian & Eritrean).  The re-segregation of the races has been happening ever since integration became legal.  It’s whites who agitate blacks into riots.  Now, for the first time, we see it in broad technicolor.  

      The scales are finally coming off the eyes of Normies and blacks this time.  

      • Sage-Girl says

        I just saw pic of Archbishop Elpidoforos marching in Brooklyn for a Black person murdered by police…
        I’m sure he means well, is a caring, loving monastic + he accepted invitation by leftists to march so they’d have an Archbishop Iakavos moment, but would he march for a White person that’s been murdered by Blacks? Would he do it for Tessa Majors a White student murdered by gang of Black boys?
        Would he even do it for a White Orthodox brother/sister murdered by Blacks? 

        • Well, that wouldn’t get him his much-coveted MLK moment, would it?
          The ongoing hypocrisy and political correctness of the “hierarchs” in this country is sickening.

        • AE is no monastic or he never would have been “unanimously elected” to his absurd job.  He is and always will be the former headmaster of Halki, a school with no students.  Let that sink in.   You have never met a more forlorn person.

  5. Sage-Girl says

    Don’t forget Tessa Majors, she was White Barnard student in NY murdered by gang of young Black thugs for pot…
    NO Riots, looting, or burning down the town by Whites …
    O.J. Simpson murdered White wife & her White man friend + despite overwhelming evidence from DNA , majority Black jury acquitted him…
    NO Riots, no looting, no burning down the town by Whites…
    The list is tragically too long to list of all Black on White crime; suffice to say what the great 20th century psychologist C.G. Jung observed after meeting Blacks in America + Africa: 
    “There’s dangers for White people living side by side with Blacks; the European cannot live engulfed with primitivity by the Negroes”.

  6. Really, it’s much more simple than any of us are stating here:
    America is committing suicide and there is no force on the horizon to stop it.

    • YES.  That is what I see as well.  America turned her back on God and embraced immorality and wickedness and called it good.  The final straw was our Bishops closing Churches and dropping our defenses to the Devil and his minions.  Woe to us in America!  The harvest is being reaped.

  7. Where is Christ in this? The question still applies. “Race War?” Separation? No No No. How does such inflammatory rhetoric help? The short answer, is that it doesn’t. Voting Republican is one thing, this is something quite different. This is a very dark path. Turn back now.

    • Brandon,
      The die is cast.  It takes two to tango and Black America has been so filled with hatred by their white liberal massas that they are turning into a serious threat to the security of all whites. 
      The American experiment with race, which is quite novel in history, is officially an abysmal failure.  It just has to play itself out.  More and more whites were coming to this conclusion every year.  This year may be a tipping point if it is a “hot summer” before the election.  Whitey alone seems unaware of his own interests in terms of identity politics.

      • Sage-Girl says

        Misha, excellent perception –
        how embarrassing + disheartening to see 2 White policemen take a knee to appease savages burning down the town. When you see this much insanity you know, Inmates have taken over Asylum … 
        + God forbid, if Elpidoforos takes a knee? Then folks, it’s time We protest big time

          Bonchie over at RedState has a fairly accurate take on this and he concludes that none of this is getting better anytime soon, regardless of the election results.
          I will take issue only with his last observation:
          “So what’s the solution? Unless we get back to a place of liberal thought on speech, discussion, rationality, and disagreement, there will be no solution.”
          And thus the dog returns to its vomit.
          Liberal thought (in the classical sense) is how we arrived at this point and there are no answers in the Spirit of ’76, just more enabling.  We need a dominant party state where the state itself maintains an overwhelming presence in the media with dissenting voices marginalized.  That brings unity.  The marketplace of ideas simply brings polyarchy which leads to anarchy.

  8. If this happens then it is time marshall law and the abolishment of the left wing media.  Oh and a total shutdown of social media which enables these terrorists to organize and coordinate

  9. George Michalopulos says
  10. Misha (et al),
      This is not the way of the Gospel.   This is the language of division, the language of hate.    You may see it in terms of “necessity” or “inevitability” but it is neither.If you no longer believe America is viable, why put your soul in danger to “protect it”?    God is the Lord of History.    Don’t let your heart be darkened.We are all children of God, all made in his image.   Turn away from this path.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      BRANDON, the Holy Fathers tell us the worse sin is pride. It certainly got Satan in a lot of trouble! It’s one of the hardest sins to deal with because it takes so many forms and it is extremely hard to recognize within one’s self.

      I’m going to ask you a question: Do you think talking to people as if they are not coming from a place where they are not as spiritually enlightened as you are, using words like “this is not the way of the Gospel” or “you’re putting your soul in danger” or, God forbid, telling them what to do like “turn away from this path” when confronted with an POV you don’t personally ascribe to, is pride? It’s as if you’re saying I know God and His ways, and you don’t.

      In the case with Misha, you can’t possibly know what Misha, et al., believes or doesn’t, as you haven’t been here long enough to know. Some of us have been posting here for 10 years. You’ve been posting here fewer than 10 days.

      So, getting back to my question, look over what you’ve written and see if thinking you’re in position to judge people, ESPECIALLY their hearts, is not coming from a place of pride. If it is, is this what you want? Do you want to continue to come from a place of pride or maybe reconsider your approach.

      • Gail,
        I can only go by what I read.    Someone outside of this blog could read what he wrote and get the wrong idea about him.   I never called him a racist or condemned him.    This language, this rhetoric is not helping any one.
        Yes, I have been posting here for only a few days, but I have been a reader for much longer, and yes I read the comboxes too.    It is the dark turn that the language has taken as of late that prompted me to post.
        Perhaps I am in the wrong place.    It was not a judgement or condemnation, but a plea.    This language helps no one.    I stand firm by that, and if anyone felt offended I am truly sorry….
        But forgive me:   This kind of talk is dangerous.   Race War?  Martial Law?     No.   This isn’t right, it’s wrong.

        • “This is not the way of the Gospel. This is the language of division, the language of hate.”
          “This kind of talk is dangerous. Race War? Martial Law? No. This isn’t right, it’s wrong.”

          Thank you for your opinions, BRANDON. They are duly noted.

          However, BRANDON, you are obviously a liberal. “Division”, “hate”, these are liberal bugaboos.

          “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34

          “These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” Proverbs 6:16-19

          As to “dangerous talk”, that is for George to decide. However, he is a cautious advocate of relatively free speech here at MM. But that is another liberal tactic, muzzling ones adversaries with virtue signaling.

          Martial law may be necessary here and there to preserve order. You should really read a bit about how Orthodox emperors governed before making value judgements like these.

          1. I have no intention of fighting or inciting anyone to participate in any race or class wars afoot. If cornered, of course, I would defend myself. However, what’s going on in the street is just a sideshow. What matters are the machinations at the top and the November election. If America chooses to survive, so be it. If it chooses to die, so be it.

          2. I could not care less who thinks I’m a racist. Though I do not normally think of myself as one, I would never deny it either inasmuch as it is irrelevant to me. “Racism” is a term of very recent coinage dating back only, really, to the 1930’s. There is no common standard of what it describes and, in fact, if studies regarding intellectual and behavioral differences between the races are to be believed, then nature is racist. Fighting against reality is futile. One does not beg the sun for mercy.

          I would rather leave it at the fact that race relations in America are quickly becoming increasingly intolerable and a sort of race war is already afoot. Large racial/ethnic groups are better off generally with their own territory and self rule. This goes for whites, blacks, latinos, etc. Attempts at integration only breed perpetual conflict. This is so because it is the natural aspiration of each group to dominate and that point of gravity will always attract their alpha leaders.

          I’m not going to respond to this type of stuff anymore. Coddling cherries is not my forte.

          • You are free to not respond to me if you like, but let me answer you with this:   I am no liberal.   I am not a conservative either.   For me, there is only Caesar, and he has a split personality, like Two-Face from Batman.   Some years he’s a “liberal,” other years he’s a “conservative.”   There is some democracy on the local level, but beyond that it is all oligarchy.   That is actually how it has always been.  I have no illusions about that, and I sure as heck am not on board for anybody’s “revolution” or bandwagon.
            The Lord is Mercy and Justice.    Healer and Judge.   One cannot be emphasized at the expense of the other. 
            This will be my last post to you.   Who says I’m a cherry?  Not looking for the box of grid squares, friend.  Maybe I should go looking for the PRC-E8?   
            I see this madness and I know we’re better than this.  If that makes me a liberal, than give me my crayons.   Crayola please, and not the fat ones.   

    • “This kind of talk is dangerous. Race War? Martial Law?”

      Semantics. Martial Law is being talked about in the mainstream news, Race War as well, as that is the Left’s claim that the status quo amounts to race war upon blacks.

      DC Mayor Muriel Bowser criticizes fencing around White House: “That’s the People’s House. It’s a sad commentary that the house & its inhabitants have to be walled off… We should want the White House to be opened up for people to be able to access it from all sides.” [Translated: We want those fences down, so our “protesters” can “liberate” aka loot/burn the Whitehouse and maybe even murder/capture the President, and overthrow the government]

      CNN: White Children “Don’t Deserve Innocence”:

      Nurses Who Accused ‘Stay-At-Home’ Protesters Of “Killing Granny” Applaud 1000s Of Demonstrators In NYC:

      Researchers Retract Botched Anti- Hydroxychloroquine Study Which Was Used To Attack Trump:

      • Antiochene Son says

        In the days when America was Great, you could walk up to the White House. Thomas Jefferson was known to answer the door in his bathrobe.
        But in those days, people didn’t look to the state either. The federal government had little direct impact on people’s daily lives.
        The governor and state legislature were much more important. There were no police; citizens policed themselves and Grand Juries were formed to investigate crimes. Mayors actually administrated cities themselves, rather than farming it out to unelected professional managers who had no stake in the community.
        We can’t have these nice things anymore because of lawlessness and rot. Self-governing communities of citizens have come to be ruled by ever more distant and professionally specialized bureaucracies and incomprehensible systems.
        People could govern themselves because they feared God and loved their neighbor. Today the state is god, the people fear the punishment it meets out, and we supplicate it and serve it. There is no place for love, only in directing the flow of fear to achieve whatever ends you want.

        It is all inhuman and anti-human. 

        • George Michalopulos says


          BTW, I like that vignette about Jefferson. John Quincy Adams used to go skinny-dipping in the Potomac to cool off during the hot summer days.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Myst, we are being COMPLETELY lied to about almost everything, especially that hydroxychloroquine study.

        The purpose of this is to shame the white majority (and all non-blacks in general) from acting collectively or even observing common sense.

        I heard yesterday that there’s this man with a Hispanic name who says he works for BLM. He goes around filming himself telling white women that they need to kneel before him and apologize for their white privilege. Those that don’t he chases and berates and calls them racists.

        Of course that’s disgusting but no more disgusting that police forces kneeling down before “mostly peaceful” protesters. It reminds me of this scene from The Avengers, but not in a good way:

        • Sage-Girl says

          ?George excellent enlightening posts!
          If only more Orthodox folk were as perceptive – as sharp instead of the sheeple they’ve become —
          And I’m ashamed also with The National Herald paper, how leftist its devolved + no one comments any longer. FYI:  Years back, I actually had several articles published in TNH

  11. RIP (reluctant internet poster) says

    Well, for anyone who doesn’t think the Constitution is “nostalgia,” the Cato Institute has been on the things which led to this for literally decades.  Let’s fix the thing things which would have horrified our Founders.

    qualified immunity

  12. Here is a nice little take on “racism”:

  13. Meanwhile, back in Englandshire:

    ‘ Burnley’s captain, Ben Mee, said he felt ashamed and embarrassed of supporters who organised a banner displaying the words “White Lives Matter Burnley” to be flown over the Etihad Stadium on Monday. Burnley have vowed to issue lifetime bans to those responsible for the offensive stunt.

    The plane flew over Manchester City’s stadium shortly after the players, coaching staff and match officials had taken the knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. ‘