2021: A Year of Commemoration in Honor of St Aleksandr Nevsky

As we wind down another year, we could not let it pass without a significant mention; 2021 being the 800th anniversary of the birth of Aleksandr Yaroslayevich (d. 1263), Grand Duke of Novgorod and protector of Orthodoxy.

Also known as Aleksandr Nevsky, for his stunning victory over the Swedish invaders in 1240 (when he was just 19 years old), at the Battle of the Neva River, Nevsky has been the paramount hero for the Russian people for centuries.  And not without good reason. 

Still, no good deed goes unpunished, and shortly after this battle, he had a falling out with the boyars of Novgorod who exiled him.  The exile was mercifully short and a year later, Nevsky was called back into service, where he met and defeated the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of Lake Peipus (also known as “the Battle on the Ice”).

It was a stunning victory and it cemented his place in the history of the great captains of history.  

Nevsky was more than a warrior, however.  He was also a far-sighted politician and was able to make accommodations when necessary.  A few years before these battles, the Golden Horde, the much-feared army of the Mongols, had penetrated into the eastern reaches of Kievan Rus’.  He knew that Russia could not fight a two-front war and so he chose to fight the Catholics instead of the Mongols. 

Though the Mongols were more savage, as long as they received an annual tribute, they didn’t care about the internal affairs of the Russian people.  This included their religious affairs; whereas Catholic “assistance” in the form of a military alliance came with too high a price tag, namely submission to Rome.  

This was anathema to Nevsky –and the Russian people.  

Shortly before his death, at the relatively young age of  42, he gave up all of his worldly honors and took up the Great Schema; his name in monastic tonsure being Aleksei.  In 1547, he was canonized as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church.  

As a cultural figure, Nevsky became famous again in the twentieth century, when Sergei Eisenstein, a famous Soviet director, made a film about the Battle on the Ice in 1938.  Admittedly, it was Soviet agitprop:  the leader of the Teutonic Knights, Bishop Hermann of Dorpat, looks remarkably like Hitler, but it unknowingly foreshadowed a thaw in the anti-Christian policies of the Soviet Union.  (Ironically, it was pulled from distribution after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact of 1939 between Nazi Germany and the USSR but then when Hitler broke the pact and invaded Russia two years later, it was hastily put back into circulation again.)

During the reign of Catherine II, the Great, a medal was struck in his honor which became one of the highest decorations for military service in the Russian Empire.  It fell into abeyance when the Bolsheviks took over but this was only temporary, in 1942, Stalin reinstituted a form of this order in order to gin up patriotism against the Nazi invaders.  Here it is:

                                                                         You can’t keep a good man down

In any event, there were several commemorations of his life and legacy held in Russia this past year.  Here is a recap  of some of these events (courtesy of www.orthochristian.com with additional hyperlinks):  https://orthochristian.com/143594.html

P.S. Eisenstein’s magnum opus has been heralded by critics the world over as one of the greatest cinematic pieces of all time.  Its stark black-and-white cinematography, as well as its musical score (written by the great Sergei Prokofiev specifically for the film), set high standards in and of themselves.   Its battle scenes were in a class all by themselves, creating a high bar for future cinematic endeavors.   Below is a scene from the climax:



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  1. Excellent, George!

    Minor correction: It’s Aleksandr Yaroslavich Nevsky; i.e., Alexander, son of Yaroslav, of the Neva.

    • George!,

      First paragraph of story. Spelling error. Story reads “Yaroslayevich”. Patronymic is actually “Yaroslavich”. Sorry, I wasn’t more direct.

      No biggie. Tiny little minor thingie.

  2. Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

    I concur, George, with your assessment of Eisenstein’s “Alexander Nevsky” film as a great cinematic triumph.

    However, it was also a contemptible work of Soviet propaganda: an anti-Christian deconstruction of the life of my own patron saint, through Eisenstein’s Soviet Communist lens in 1938, and a reconstruction of St. Aleksandr as a peasant prince-warrior who had nothing to do with the Russian Orthodox Church and whose sole mission in the film was to thwart rabid Roman Catholic Teutonic Knights from imposing “religion” and foreign rule on the Russian people.

    • Propaganda though it was, Fr Alexander,
      it helped maintain the name of St Alexander amongst the Christian people;
      and revived his memory among those who had been in danger of forgetting,
      under the persecution of the Soviet regime.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Fr, I completely agree with you. However, it was impossible even for Eisenstein to escape the Christian background of Russian history (even if he did create a Soviet agitprop film). If memory serves, in several of the background scenes you can easily spot Christian banners with Christ on them (or the Theotokos).

      Even for commies, there’s only so much truth that they can eradicate.

      • John Sakelaris says

        And there were beautiful Orthodox churches in the background in some shots.

        I hope those churches survived the Nazi attacks a few years later.

        • George Michalopulos says


          • It wasn’t the Nazis that did the most damage to churches. Stalin dynamited Christ the Savior Cathedral which was rebuilt after the Collapse. Under Nikita Khrushchev at one point there were only 500 functioning churches in Soviet Russia. That was the low point, actually. Later they eased up and a number of churches were allowed to reopen – it was up to maybe 7,000 in the USSR in 1988 when Gorbachev commenced the final thaw. Since then it’s skyrocketed. Before the Revolution there were nearly 60,000 churches in the Russian Empire. Now it’s back up to almost 40,000 for the MP, but that is worldwide.

            • Anonymous II says

              Orthodox churches were offering thanksgiving services when Germany marched into the Ukraine. They were welcomed as protectors and liberators against a communism. Mount Athos, too.

  3. Cool article, I didn’t know that St. Alexander became a monk before he died. Always learning something new in Orthodoxy.

    As Russia celebrates St. Alexander I can’t help but note these two articles that recently came out on OrthoChristian:

    The Church of Russia continues it’s campaign to build 200 parishes across Moscow and the UOC-MP continues it’s growth in Ukraine.

    Contrast the above to the following article:

    I can’t help but think that as Patriarch Bartholomew’s OCU has stolen parishes in Ukraine, and so he continue to lose historical parishes in Turkey to the Muslims, first the major Hagia Sophia and now this one.

    All the while the Church of Russia is helping to establish a replica of the Hagia Sophia in Turkey.

  4. Anonymous II says

    Excellent summary of events in the Ukraine:
    How NOTTo Explain The Ukraine Crisis

    US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, who choreographed the 2014 coup that overthrew Ukraine’s democratically-elected government and set the current crisis in motion, was invited by PBS NewsHour on Dec. 7 to explain the standoff in Ukraine.

    Typical of Western media, the story began with Russia’s involvement in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, which took place in March 2014. The crisis actually began a week earlier with the violent overthrow of democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovych on Feb. 22, 2014. While accusations flew of Russian aggression, invasion and annexation, there was not a word about the US instigated coup or Nuland’s role in it.

    For the sin of declining a Western aid package loaded with austerity measures, and accepting instead an unencumbered Russian package, Yanukovych became a target for US regime change. Undersecretary Nuland’s role in the coup is essential to the story.

    While Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy appeared on-stage in Kiev with far-right opposition leader Oleh Tyahnybok in support of the coup, Nuland and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt passed out cookies to anti-government protesters in Maidan Square. This would be like Russian parliamentarians and diplomats coming to Washington to encourage protesters to overthrow the US government.

    Behind the scenes, in an intercepted phone call with Pyatt, Nuland can be heard plotting the make-up of a government to succeed that of Yanukovych. “Yats is the guy” she said, referring to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, America’s preferred leader for the Ukrainian people.

    Her plan for the other two opposition leaders, Vitali Klitschko and Oleh Tyahnybok, was to keep them out, saying “I don’t think Klitsch should go into the government” and “What he [Yatsenyuk] needs is Klitsch and Tyahnybok on the outside.” As for Europe’s competing interests in the outcome of the affair, she infamously said “Fuck the EU.” Nuland had told the U.S.-Ukrainian Foundation on Dec. 13, 2013, that Washington had spent $5 billion over a decade to support Ukraine’s “European aspirations,” in other words to pull it away from Russia.

    To Nick Schifrin, the dutiful PBS reporter interviewing her, this episode was either not relevant, or an impolitic intrusion upon his esteemed guest. Or he was woefully uninformed.

    While the United States was issuing stern warnings of restraint to Yanukovych, neo-Nazi tip-of-the-spear insurrectionists were stockpiling clubs, guns and Molotov cocktails in Maidan Square. With violence rapidly escalating, a deal was brokered between the government and the opposition on Feb. 21, 2014. Yanukovych agreed to immediate power sharing and early elections. In exchange, the opposition agreed to de-escalate the situation on the streets.

    The opposition did not disarm as agreed. Smelling blood in the water, they went on the offensive again the next day. They overran security forces and ransacked government buildings. Snipers in opposition-occupied buildings shot police and protesters alike. Ultimately, over 100 people died, including more than a dozen police. Yanukovych and many of his Party of Regions allies fled for their lives. Ukraine’s democratically elected government fell on Feb. 22.

    Neither Nuland nor Schifrin acknowledged this date, or any of the described events as contributing to the current crisis. It all fell outside their timeline.

    “Yats” was sworn in as prime minister on Feb. 27, 2014. The US now had its government in place. As violent as the coup had been, the real bloodbath was about to begin.

    The Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, populated by a large number of ethnic Russians, did not recognize the coup government, whose first act was to outlaw the public use of the Russian language (which it later reversed). The Donbass immediately sought autonomy from Kiev. It saw the US-installed regime as illegitimate and hostile to its interests and culture. In essence, it was defending a democratic election.

    In April 2014, the Kiev regime launched “anti-terrorist” military operations against the breakaway provinces. Worse yet, it turned a blind eye to the real terrorists, neo-Nazi paramilitary squads like the Azov Battalion, that moved into the region. A bloody civil war was now underway, instigated by Kiev’s willingness to kill its own people in the Donbass. To date, the war has claimed 14,000 lives.


    NATO and US officials said regular units of the Russian military crossed a few kilometers into Ukrainian territory on August 2014, which Russia denied, when the separatist forces had been pushed eastward toward the Russian border and hundreds of civilians had been killed. On Aug. 25, 2014, 10 Russian paratroopers were captured 20 km inside the Ukrainian border.

    Nuland called this “Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine.” The incursion would be more properly characterized as Russia exercising the liberal interventionists’ favorite Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

    As happened in Georgia in 2008, a government militarily attacked its own people and Russia intervened to drive the military forces back and protect the local population. In that 2008 case, a European Union investigation determined that Georgia, not Russia, was the aggressor.

    The U.S. had also claimed that Russia “invaded” Crimea in March 2014, when Russia already had troops stationed there under an agreement with Ukraine. “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pre-text,” said US Secretary of State John Kerry, who voted in the Senate for what a real invasion looks like: the 2003 U.S. unprovoked attack on Iraq — on a completely trumped-up pretext.

    Now there is incessant talk about another Russian invasion, though there was no word when the first one ended. Schifrin told PBS viewers that Russian military drills and a troop build-up today within in its own borders, signals that Russia is “ready for escalation,” though it is questionable how many troops there are, and where they are based.

    Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s vow to send more U.S. troops to NATO’s eastern allies; NATO exercises near Russia’s borders and the supply of $450 million in weaponry to Ukraine are presented as the proper order of things: neither threatening, aggressive nor escalatory.

    Two key demands by Russian President Vladimir Putin, namely, that Ukraine never host U.S. missiles or join NATO, were dismissed by Nuland saying, “Those are decisions for Ukraine to make and for NATO to make, not for the Kremlin to make.”

    Schifrin could have reminded Nuland that the United States promised Russia in 1991 that NATO would not expand east of the newly reunified East and West Germany, but he didn’t. He also could have asked her if stationing missiles on the island of Cuba in 1962 was a sovereign decision to be made by Cuba and the Soviet Union, but he did not.

    By excising her outsized role, PBS allowed Nuland to blame the entire crisis today on Russia.

    It is clearly not the job of establishment media to challenge powerful government figures in any meaningful way. Its job is to build enmity in its audience toward official state adversaries and to cast government actions in the best possible light. PBS NewsHour has demonstrated that it is very good at its job, indeed.

    See: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/how-not-explain-ukraine-crisis

  5. Putting aside the purposes for which the film was made, Alexander Nevsky is a great film with a great musical score. As to the latter, however, the original recording of the musical score was done on subpar equipment that degraded the audio quality.

    In 1993 the score was recorded on modern equipment by the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Yuri Temirkanov. The recorded dialogue was retained, but the original recording of the music was replaced by the 1993 recording and the result makes the film not only worth watching but also listening to. (See, for more detail, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Nevsky_(film)#New_editions_of_the_film )

    I do not know if this version is available on DVD. I managed to find a VHS copy of the film with the 1993 musical score. It differs, in terms of sound quality, from the original film audio as day does from night.

  6. Long before I knew Orthodoxy existed I was trying to learn the Russian language. At that time my brother bought me a VHS tape of the movie, and I really enjoyed it and the character of Alexander Nevsky. I still have it as well. Many many years later I came to Orthodoxy and found out the Alexander Nevsky in the film was a saint. I now have an icon of him in my prayer corner. I love the way God works.

  7. Not necessarily on topic, but… big news from the Moscow Patriarchate:


    I personally think that this is a bad idea. While it’s a good thing to provide pastoral support for the righteous clerics who are dissenting from the Patriarchate in Alexandria, I think that Moscow might have shot itself in the foot by basically establishing a parallel patriarchate, not only in terms of doing the very thing that it has criticized the Phanar, but also because the church in Africa is very young and this could sabotage the Orthodox witness and mission there.

    I suppose the next step is a Turkish Exarchate.

    Let’s see how it goes…

  8. If you’re wondering what’s going in in Kazakhstan, besides having too much free time on your hands, you might look at this to make head and tail of it.

    It appears that the West and and others have been meddling and Putin has been consolidating power as a consequence – much like the times the West has attacked and Russia gained ground.

    • Good analysis. Putin seems to be able to turn every bad situation to his benefit. Securing these important flanks will help to massively delay the globalists’ plans for building up their forces on Russia’s doorstep.

    • “It appears that the West and and others have been meddling and Putin has been consolidating power as a consequence – much like the times the West has attacked and Russia gained ground.”

      “My QR code is more anti-NATO than yours”: Are we really going to do this? Please no.


      What is “actually” happening in Kazakhstan? Nobody seems to know.

      But we have a very uneasy feeling about things. We are worried people are falling back into their antiquated horse race way of viewing the world. “Muh NATO”; “Muh multi-polar world order.”

      People are actually cheering for various governments and military alliances while being cattle-tagged by these same governments and military alliances. It’s astounding. We are astounded.

      You don’t have a horse in this race. Your horse died from hospital-transmitted sepsis after being diagnosed with a positive PCR test. He’s mega-dead. You should probably stop cheering and leave the racetrack immediately. Run.

      If you don’t believe us, just look at Kazakhstan.


      Is Kazakhstan under attack from The Empire? Are Western diplomats handing out muffins and AR-15s to armed goons in the streets of Almaty? Will NATO install a transgender puppet regime that will block the construction of China’s multi-polar highway across Eurasia?

      Here’s another important question: why should you care? We’re honestly curious: If you care, why?

      Kazakhs are currently being treated like factory farm animals by their depraved and insane government. They’re being forced to take unproven and dangerous experimental injections. The very concept of basic human dignity: gone. Erased. It’s over. Finished. They are mere bugs now.

      There’s a very good chance that you—our reader—are being treated like a factory farm animal by your own depraved and insane government. Probably you are even being forced to take unproven and dangerous experimental injections. Probably your own government views you as an irritating bug.


      In our humble opinion, there is only one team worth supporting: “ordinary people who just want to live quiet lives without being cattle-tagged and treated like livestock.”

      There is not a single national government on earth that is actively fighting for such a seemingly simple concept. Not a single one. Sorry.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        My take on this is Putin is calling his chicks home to roost.

        They’re coming home to Russia and they’re going to like it!

        Why would he want the headache of what happened in Ukraine anywhere else? Nationals are like teenage children (IMO) who are against anything having to do with their parents. Until they come home, they’re in danger of being gobbled up by the big bad wolves. NATO, the UN, and even the U.S. have been salivating at the thought.

        Putin has 2 choices: He can take them home now and reacclimate them to Mother Russia or leave them behind to fall into the abyss of the “brave new world.”

        I feel like I did when Putin went into Syria. The Christian population was plummeting. I told George, “Just let him go in and fix this thing. Let Putin do the things we don’t have the stomach to do and kick out our intelligence agencies the other terrorists in the process. Let them build a few Churches so our brethren have something to come home to. That would solve the problem.”

        And it did.

        These smaller countries can’t “shoot straight.” The Church can’t survive if they all flood the EP with requests for autocephaly. Let them take Poroshenko and the people like him and put him in the pokey for a while. Takedown that horrible icon in Ukraine. https://media.pravoslavie.ru/303805.s.jpg

        Give the old priests and babushkas some relief so they don’t have to worry about being beaten up when they go to Church.

        This Nationalist business never ends well, especially when you’ve got powerful people on the outside to egg you on. The minute the Globalists have them under their control, they’ll extinguish them. They’ll never live to see another generation. They don’t know it but they’re just a means to an end.

        * * *
        People have GOT to stop seeing Russia as the Soviet Union. Even a podcaster I respect said, “The Soviet Union is taking back their territory!” People seem to forget that the communists took over Russia. Russia managed to LIVE through it and somehow kept the Church alive in the process.

        Because Russia survived, the Church survived.

        • George Michalopulos says

          It’s not just that, but what do we in the West have to offer anymore on the cultural front? Biological males breaking women’s swimming records? A plethora of pronouns? Drag Queen Reading Hour?

          I read a satirical piece in which trans men who are giving birth are suing hospitals because they abject to the term “maternity ward.”

          We’ve become deranged.

          • “It’s not just that, but what do we in the West have to offer anymore on the cultural front?”

            The only difference between Putin and the West is that Putin still claims to be rejecting the Sodomite agenda, for now. Since he’s handed over Russia internally to the WEF’s Beast system, that could change at moment, just like he’s folded on Climate Change, etc.

        • “Putin has 2 choices”

          Putin had two choices, he picked the wrong one back in 2020.


          It is pretty much too late for Putin, Orban in Hungary, and even Trump (“vaccines” are good, but shouldn’t be forced, isn’t going to cut it).


          Let’s just recap: Kazakhstan is a forced-injection, cattle-tagged hellhole that was preparing to ratchet up its cattle tag system on January 5 and possibly make cattle tags necessary for banking—like, for withdrawing your own money from the bank.

          Some peaceful protesters marched on some buildings and the space lizard who controls Kazakhstan fired the government in hopes of appeasing the angry cattle-tagged masses. Why exactly did they march? Probably for lots of reasons. It doesn’t even matter. There were plenty of good reasons to march. It would have been weird for them not to have marched.

          Then things started getting violent and very weird. Unsavory elements—both internal and external—took advantage of the social and political upheaval. Arson, looting, reports of cops getting beheaded—unsettling stuff. Not good.

          Then Russia and the rest of the CSTO sent in peacekeeping troops while Russian state media and the trusted Russophile Media went into overdrive to defend the violent suppression of peaceful protests as well as riots and looting.

          Then everyone clapped.


          Everywhere you look there is a foreign-backed terrorist trying to undermine Multipolarism (neo-feudal bug-burger paradise).

          In November, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence revealed something truly shocking and horrifying: Russia had weaponized Ukrainian anti-vaxxers in a cynical attempt to destabilize Kiev:

          “They want to foment unrest, through protests and meetings, that show the people are against the government,” he said.

          Those efforts include ongoing anti-COVID-19 vaccination protests that Budanov said have been organized by Russia, which is also trying to stoke unrest related to the economy and energy supplies.

          Around the same time, Russia’s Security Council announced that foreign-backed terrorists were trying to destabilize Russia with their “confusing” opposition to mandatory vaccination and QR codes!

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Lots to keep your attention.

            • Myst, I’ve actually known a few Kazakhs. Seem like normal dudes to me. As for their capital –WOW! It’s like something from The Jetsons.

              Anyway, I wouldn’t put too much stock in what our neocon media tells us.

              I saw a YouTube the other day about Fox and Friends. A former CIA analyst was on (Coffman his name I believe). He said that “the one thing Putin fears most about us is ‘our Democracy’.”

              I almost threw up my coffee I laughed so hard.

              God bless them neocons: we’re losing our country, rapidly becoming a dystopian hellhole and they still think we’ve got what it takes.

              • Ray Scott Pennington says

                Biden’s latest Quinnipac. 33%. Ain’t no bottom.

              • The Dems are just . . . about . . . out . . . of . . . steam. How can you tell? Hillary wants back in. Biden’s at 33%. Midterms will be epic. Dems are long for the door in Congress. Newsome will stay in CA. BBB is DOA. They probably do not even have 48 votes to kill the filibuster and pass VoteFraud2022. And it’s going to be a long year for them as Biden’s voice gets louder and the situation grows more dire.

                Now you will notice that Biden couldn’t even draw Stacey Abrams and other Georgian black leaders out to his “voting rights” speech. Moreover he has nowhere to retreat but into radicalism given his first year in office.

                That bodes ill. Remember Afghanistan. He’s hard headed.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  If she didn’t get we lined up around the block to vote for a complete wildcard to keep her out in 2016, she is seriously delusional. We didn’t know anything about Trump other than the obvious. . . he wasn’t her. That’s all it took.

                  Those emails on Wikileaks are not going to go away. She gets anywhere close to being the Dem’s candidate, someone from out of nowhere will put her in jail.

                  And it will probably be a woman whose mom is “really proud of her” for putting the bad guys in jail.

                  • Gail,

                    I don’t think she’ll actually run and if she does I don’t think she will get the nomination. Worst case scenario, she leads the Titanic down and loses to whomever the Republican is in 2024.

                    Hillary may have real problems with the Durham thing. Regardless, it will be an expanding dark cloud over her.

      • Our only hope is in the Orthodox Church. Russia has been leading the way in fighting back against the Communists and Globalists (forgive the redundancy). That’s why they continue to demonize and blame the Russians for all the problems in the world.

        The Orthodox Church fights back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghmvuzvqd6Y&t=3s

  9. Steven J. M. says

    “People have GOT to stop seeing Russia as the Soviet Union”

    Off the bat, let me say that I’d love to…and yet my doubts about Russia and Putin remain. Nevertheless, I see this as a good opportunity to not only have the air cleared for myself, but for others who might (mistakenly?) share my concerns.

    Firstly, the London and European bankers funded the communist revolution in Russia, and maintained it until its reported collapse. This is outlined, for one, in Antony Sutton’s book, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution. Now, seeing as I believe that the goal of the bankers is to eventually own and control everything and everyone in the world, I find it difficult to accept that they just let Russia go like that, after having such a firm grip on it for so long: They are aggressive and never let up, as evidenced by how they keep grinding away now in the West; they’ve surely got the resources to have maintained a hold on Russia, if they wanted; having control of Russia, so big and important as it is in the scheme of both spirituality and geopolitics, they surely would not have let it slip away so easily.

    Admittedly, up to this point, the banker’s supposed continued hold on Russia is just speculation on my part, and yet it starts to gain support through the likes of Anatoliy Golitsyn – a KGB defector to the West – who outlined the pretense behind the fall of the Soviet Union as a long term strategy of the communists (read bankers). This was outlined in his book, New Lies for Old, and its basic premise was that the Union would adopt the so called weakness and evolution model of disinformation, so as to give a false sense of security to its enemies, thereby creating an exploitable level of complacency.

    The basic thrust of this disinformation was for Russia, chiefly, to adopt the appearance of communism having failed, while taking on a more nationalistic facade. This approach was in the same vein as others like it throughout the history of the Soviet Union, when the impression it created was seen to be most beneficial for communism in the political climate at the time.

    Was Golitsyn trustworthy? Ultimately, I don’t know and yet I’ve found that the book, written before the collapse of the Union, is said to have made over 140 falsifiable predictions, 90+% of which are deemed accurate, including what’s been happening in the West for a while, as well as the collapse of the Soviet Union itself. Evidence for the accuracy of these predictions can be found by googling New Lies for Old predictions.

    Secondly, there’s that old bug bear of mine and others that Russia has bought into the plandemic, which is arguably one of the most bankerish and antichristian things the world has ever known. As such, while Putin, on the one hand, promotes Orthodoxy; on the other, he’s in lockstep with its biggest enemies, giving the appearance of him talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    With the first point above in mind, combined with Russia’s plandemic compliance, can Putin’s promotion of Orthodoxy be what it seems, or is it simply utilitarian and in line with the weakness and evolution model of disinformation mentioned above? (After all, it wouldn’t be the first time the bankers, through Russia’s leaders, have been accused of using the Church to create false and expedient impressions – I believe at least Stalin was considered guilty of this)

    In further support of what I see as real questions about Putin, I know of a geopolitical analyst – Brendon O’Connell – who I believe has something meaty to say. His basic premise revolves around first understanding the big picture of world politics before any sense can be made of the particulars. In that regard, he believes that all eyes need to be on the different levels of game theory operating under the old East India Trading Company (i.e.the London and European bankers), the Belt and Road initiative, the Clover Leaf Map, Israel, Russia, China, America and Iran, greater Israel, Eurasia, technocracy and the Kissinger/Soros dialectic.

    From here, it’s Brendon’s belief that there are still enough good people in the States – in the military and intelligence services – to at least theoretically turn world events around, particularly as they become more aware of the scheme that’s been at work for some years.

    Regarding his views on Trump, he’s ultimately undecided: on the one hand being firmly in favour of what he calls the MAGA energy and on the other seeing Trump as being naive for having taken his advice from (arch banker sockpuppet) Kissinger through Kushner. In terms of his views on Putin, he’s naturally sceptical, yet from what I can gather, it’s not because of Putin’s strong leadership qualities in themselves, but because they’re claimed to be in service of the New Underworld Order. For me, this offsets one of Brendon’s weaknesses of exaggerating the goodness of American Constitutionalism.

    If people are interested, I’ve provided 4 links below to some of Brendon’s videos, which hopefully provide a clear enough picture of what he sees – some of which will not be new to a lot of people, and some of which could prove to be enlightening.

    As to Brendon’s credentials, he is in one sense just your average Joe, and yet his passion for politics and at least a worldly kind of freedom – combined with the things he’s seen, the people he’s met and the ordeals he’s had – make him worthy, I think, of consideration.





    A rough summary of Brendon’s ideas, which I’ve borrowed with permission from a commenter on another website, is as follows:

    “…The bankers arrange for communism in Russia and China. Regarding the former, especially, this gives rise to the cold war, which is used to feed the military industrial complex, including of course the armament of the U.S as a formidable power. This is the bankers first real foothold on the modern world.

    The state of Israel is created with the purpose of being (at least) the (eventual) capital of the forces of evil, whose goal is to own and run the entire world.

    The banker funded communists, over time, strategically install themselves into positions in the U.S and Israel so as to use the growing military and financial might of the U.S to aid Israel in subduing the enemies of her existence and expansion – the Arabs.

    The U.S wars against communism in Korea and Vietnam certainly do no harm in heightening fears around the red terror, and adding to America’s/Israel’s financial, military and technological capabilities.

    As modern day Israel’s position in the Middle East becomes more solidified, and Israel’s dependence on U.S support begins to wane, the collapse of the Soviet Union is strategically announced, providing for 1. Russia’s transition from an overtly communist and anti traditional nation to a covert one; 2. America’s transition from ramped up patriotism and exceptionalism to a sense of manufactured complacency, self loathing and social discord.

    All the while, China is allowed, if not helped, to develop in a way that suits the bankers ends: the eventual complete control of everything and everyone on earth. Israel, with its access to U.S resources, is instrumental in helping China’s development.

    As such, the banker/communist-cum-technocrat influences now well entrenched in Russia, China, Israel and the U.S – to name only a few of the main players – has allowed for 1. The perceived tension between actors necessary for continued military and technological development, for whatever finishing touches might be needed; 2. The near complete existence of technocratic China as ‘test lab’ for international expansion in this field; 3. The near complete destruction of the Arab states, at the expense of Israel’s hopes for expansion; 4. Israel’s near complete independence from U.S support and it’s ability to more openly ally itself with Russia and China; 5. The near complete ability to subject the Middle East and Eurasia – a massive chunk of the world! – to technocracy; 6. The near complete ability for Israel to be the main power, thanks to its strangle hold on fundamental technological infrastructure; 7. The near complete destruction of America, which is perhaps the only nation, when healthy, that could have saved the world from the tyranny of a global technocracy; 8. The near complete ability to have the U.S be nothing more than the driver for technocracy in the Americas and the West….”

    • George Michalopulos says

      Steven, this is a fascinating analysis. I would ask you though, if the “bankers” never lost control of the Russian landmass (regardless of whether we are talking about the USSR or the post-1991 collapse), where in your calculus do you see the United States and the same bankers stranglehold over us?

      A wrinkle if you will: Russia is clearly getting stronger and the quality of life issue has improved for them over the last 30 years (as opposed to white American longevity on the wane during that same time). What I’m trying to get at is this: how is it in these self-same bankers’ interests to see America and the EU go down the crap-hole of soy-induced immorality?

      Unless, they see no hope for the West so they’ve put their chips on Russia and China, which are trying to reverse all the globohomo nonsense?

      What say?

      • Steven J. M. says

        George, with regard to how I see the bankers’ hold on America, I’d say it’s very strong, coming chiefly through their instalment and maintenance of the Federal Reserve, as well as their control of key figures like Kissinger and Soros who do the bankers’ bidding by influencing everything from policy makers to movements of various kinds, such as BLM, ANTIFA and the Proud Boys. Then there are massive corporations like Blackstone and Vanguard to consider, who, in a manner of speaking, own everything – at least on the surface – and who have ties going back to the bankers.

        That said, it would seem that the bankers’ hold on America isn’t complete and I’d put that down to how America’s role on the chessboard, till now, was that of a liberal democracy, which necessitated at least the appearance of freedom, which gave rise to actual freedoms being realised and still kept.

        With regard to how it would benefit the bankers to see America *weakened (through the controlled fighting between **Right and Left, as well as the degenerate behaviour of the Left in general), I see that America as a superpower is no longer needed, seeing as its job is done, whether wittingly or not, in helping to establish Israel, the Middle East and Eurasia to the bankers’ liking.

        As such, it will now be enough for the bankers to see America fall, so as to be as putty in the hands of those who’d rebuild her – in their own image of course. In that light, it wouldn’t surprise me if, once America falls (if she does), she’ll be rebuilt partly with more conservative looking values, owing to how they’re understood to provide stability and security. The problem with this of course is that the values would be in service to the bankers ideal world, with all of their substance sucked right out.

        *In the geopolitical scheme I outlined earlier, I said that the strategy would involve Russia adopting the so called weakness and evolution model of disinformation, so as to give America a false sense of security (with all of the complacency that would follow). In defining what weakness means in Russia’s context, it doesn’t mean that Russia couldn’t be seen to be improving, but only that its communism had failed. As such, a nationalistic looking Russia, though getting stronger, wouldn’t seem as much of a threat as a communist one, with all of the international aspirations that might accompany it.

        **This isn’t to say that there isn’t a genuine divide between Right and Left, but that any attempts from the Right to overcome the Left mustn’t be made on the bankers’ terms.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I wouldn’t worry about the banking system. It’s being replaced, as are the Rothchilds, Vatican, and the British Royal Family. A whole new banking system is in the works.

      The collapse of 3 Gorges Dam, the Evergrande [forgot to add that they’re in default], record rainfall and snowfall, and backed-up harbors have bankrupted China, and with it, those who got rich off of technology. Soon we’ll be looking at new platforms that are not dependent on Zuckerberg, et al. who probably took a hit with Trumps’s Executive Order 13959.

      The Khazarian Mafia suffered a major hit. (Thanks to Russia) No more money laundering in Ukraine. Israel is now going to have to kick their butt, as well.

      Russia is taking back what it (Russia) considers theirs. Putin is neither stupid or crazy so that’s a good thing.

      The World Economic Forum delayed its January 2021 meeting until the summer of this year, before eventually canceling the postponed meeting that had been set to take place in Singapore in August. The Globalists took a hit with regard to the reset.

      There have been a lot of resignations, arrests, and high-level people around the world who are mysteriously MIA. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. When you hear they “tested positive for COVID” and you don’t hear from them for a while, it means trouble for them. COVID is the least of their concerns.

      We haven’t been destroyed! We’re just getting started.

      • Steven J. M. says

        Actually, Gail, my sister tells me a bit about what she calls the white hats and all of the arrests and covid tests, etc. Until the other night, I was more or less dismissive of the idea, until I decided to just listen to her more. It’s interesting, then, that you should bring it up.

        In general, I wasn’t aware of much of what you’ve written, apart from the new banking system called RCF or whatever. I’ll now look into these matters and keep them in mind, in hopes of dismantling what I wrote before.