2000 Mules

Must see:


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  1. I watched it live with some people last night. Very interesting. Looked pretty damning to me. Unfortunately I doubt it will cause any real changes. My other big takeaway was how creepy it is that we are being tracked to that extent. Makes me want to throw my phone in a lake.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Me, too. I bet they’re using a system called Palantir. They used it to track terrorists. I was in charge of a portfolio to implement this, but it was “hush, hush” even to me. I only saw what it could do; not how it did it. – I bet it uses the apps that come with the phone that you can’t delete. They should develop a phone that literally cannot track you!

      • Brendan says

        The name is significant.
        The Palantiri were the seeing-stones of Numenor in Tolkien.
        They were two-way; and a bad actor could seize control
        and use them to shape what others might see in them.

  2. Also, I could hardly believe that they were making up to $10 a ballet. I could have stuffed ballets into boxes for some extra cash. I could have made some money!!!!