Trump Unbound? Some Thoughts

It’s been awhile since I’ve commented on the political situation. Lots of exciting things have taken place at stately Monomakhos Manor and I’m just now starting to get my bearings.

Truth be told, I wanted to see how things were playing out. After about five months of solid joy, things took an ominous turn (in my opinion) with the Tomahawk missile strike on Syria. There was a very real fear that the Neocons who destroyed the Bush 43 Administration had gotten their hooks into Trump. Rumors abounded that Steve Bannon was on his way out and that Jared Kushner was ascendant (as were other Goldman-Sachs personages like Gary Cohn and Dina Powell). The loss of KT McFarland was particularly hard for me to swallow.

To put not too fine a point on it, I was concerned. The very fact that Lt Gen H R McMaster was named Trump’s new National Security Advisor, replacing Lt Gen Michael Flynn, didn’t set well with me. Especially after I discovered a tweet from the ever-execrable Bill Kristol in which he sung McMaster’s praises. Kristol ranks high in my demonology in case you didn’t know. (Have you ever seen a more punchable face?)

Now, I’m no naif. Things aren’t always what they seem. And in the grand scheme of things, we can’t know all that’s going on behind the scenes. But the optics weren’t good; it looked like Trump had been hijacked and globalism would reassert itself. Trump’s own remarks, that he was “both a nationalist and a globalist” didn’t calm the waters.

Still, in my off-line conversations I counselled caution. Trump (I said) was playing a cautious game; he was employing a long-term strategy. His position wasn’t that secure, even after a masterful State of the Union Address. This was more than a little wishful thinking on my part. What did I base it on?

For that we have to go to the beginning.

I’ll come right out and say it: Trump wasn’t supposed to win. Hillary had it in the bag. There’s no way that the Deep State was going to allow her to lose. But she lost –fair and square.

In an earlier post, I analyzed her defeat in stark detail, making mention of her manifold defects as a candidate and as a person. These are inarguable. Moreover, the economic situation for the majority of the people in the Red states and the Rust Belt was grim. Our Ruling Class could’t see it because they were untouched by it. They actually believe the nonsense that things have never been better. The fact that they are deracinated globalists who have no loyalty towards nation or region further alienated them from reality.

The rules don’t apply to them. Laws are for the little people: that’s the reason they could so nakedly deprive Bernie Sanders of the Democratic nomination and think that the could get away with it. They had a problem with the Republican nomination however. Jeb! was to be the anointed successor. FOX news, the Establishment-GOP-media complex moved heaven and earth to make that a reality. In this they failed. Trump was the ultimate wild card.

Now, not everyone played along. Sen Mitch McConnell performed a spinal transplant on the Senate Republicans and held the pass at Gorsuch Gate. If the GOP nominee lost (as was expected) then the game plan was to go ahead and confirm Merrick Garland, Obama’s nominee. By most accounts a centrist, this wasn’t a bad fall-back plan. There was the hope though that by keeping the seat vacant, the GOP base would come out in droves. It seemed to work.

And so, on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016, Mr Donald J Trump, of Queens, New York, shocked the hell out of everybody (himself included) and won a decisive victory. He would now be the forty-fifth president of these United States of America.

The old order had been turned upside-down. Just by winning he had short-circuited the political system.

Despite the exaltation felt by the masses who voted for him, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to believe it. Not a few of us kept pinching ourselves. Like many of our adversaries on the left, it all seemed like a dream (to them a nightmare). It just couldn’t be! Something didn’t seem right and we were worried that another shoe would drop.

And drop they did. First there was Dr Jill Stein’s lawsuit demanding a recount in the three Rust Belt states that gave the election to Trump. Oh no! not another replay of Florida 2000! That didn’t work. In fact, Trump actually got more votes in the recount! Then there was the asinine “Hamilton Elector” nonsense being put out by all those Hollywood jackasses begging Trump electors to vote for somebody —anybody!–else. At the end of the day, Trump lost two electors, while Hillary lost six! Can you imagine the irony?

Then there were ominous rumblings of Russia somehow “hacking” the election. Pure and utter nonsense then, pure and utter nonsense now. Still, there was an ominous pall between Nov 8 and Jan 20. Something was going to happen to derail the Inauguration, or so we believed.

Indeed, I’d say that Trump himself believed that there was an evil game afoot. Hence, his very careful, methodical statements and appearances. First, he invited Mitt Romney, Mr GOP Establishment himself to come to Trump Tower, not once but twice. The word on the street was that he was going to offer him the position of secretary of State. Speaking for myself, my heart sank as I’m sure it did for many others. Instead, Trump treated him to a nice supper and then sent him outside to tell everybody what a great guy he was. (It was actually kind of a torture if you ask me.) When I saw Romney being forced to bend the knee, not once but twice, something told me that Trump had a few trump cards of his own on the Deep State.

In due time, antagonists such as Leonardo diCaprio and Robert DeNiro made the pilgrimage to Manhattan, as did various captains of industry. This was all rather curious if you ask me. Significant announcements regarding jobs and factories were made in the wake of some of these meetings. Yet more evidence to me at least, that Trump was playing some of those aces up his sleeve. Still, I couldn’t help shake the feeling that Trump was playing for time.

Then there were his many appearances before massive crowds in those swing states that put him over the top. His appearance at the annual Army-Navy football game in Annapolis for example; in which he received a thunderous ovation from the creme de la creme of America’s military and naval elite. His nomination of Gen James Mattis (ret-USMC), perhaps America’s most beloved warrior as secretary of Defense. For good measure, Mattis joined him in some of these venues. It was as if Trump was saying to the Deep State: “Watch it! Be careful, you’re playing with fire.”

There was a surreal quality to the Inauguration. In the immediate prelude, the Deep State tipped its hand when it it “broke” the story of the “Russian Dossier”, in which we learned that Trump payed two Russian prostitutes to urinate on the bed which Obama had slept on when he was in Moscow.

Like a nemesis, Trump convened a press conference and called out CNN, terming them “Fake News”. Their stock prices continued to plummet. Word on the street is that wealthy Trump backers are looking to purchase CNN and Trump was working in collusion with them in order to make that a reality. I wouldn’t be surprised.

What was the Deep State going to accomplish with this brazen ploy? Did they honestly think that Trump would step aside “for the good of the nation”? If so, then they really are desperate. Oh, it may have worked for the typical Republicuck, the kind who accepts the definitions of what is “honorable” and “decent” as set by the political left. Trump instead came out swinging. Good on him! I said. These people have no moral standing.

Many worried that Obama would pull a fast one; perhaps declare a state of emergency, anything to keep Trump from being inaugurated. Now I realize that this sounds hokey but when certain celebrities and politicians openly called for Obama to do just that, well –you never know.

Trump’s speech itself was a stunning rebuke to the Wilsonian adventurism that marked the previous century. It was dark in the Hobbesian sense; in other words it reflected the reality of the world rather than the Trotskyite ideals that had been foisted upon our nation’s foreign policy. It was an encapsulation of Washington’s warnings, Monroe’s advice and Jackson’s populism. In other words, its vision was American in the original, best sense of the word. As happy as I was to hear them, the dread of knowing that the Deep State was going to marshal its forces could not abate in my heart.

Regardless, Trump kept on going forward. He signed one Executive Order after another, to much pomp and circumstance. Promise after promise was being kept. The economy, by all indicators was improving. Illegal aliens were leaving in significant numbers and illegal border crossing had slowed to a trickle. Trump had changed the landscape in ways that his detractors and not a few of his supporters couldn’t understand. By bold, executive leadership, Trump was making his own luck.

Tactical retreats were being made of course (as they always would). The firing of Gen Flynn was one such. Pulling out of Ryancare the day before the vote was another. But over all, significant ground was being taken. Gorsuch was appointed to the Supreme Court and ten more conservative judges have been nominated to the various Circuit courts. These actions alone will pay political dividends in the long term.

The Democrats for their part, who were now “The Resistance”, were hoping that hatred of Trump would turn into electoral victories in several by-elections. They came up short in all three instances. Here’s a thought: maybe Trump isn’t as widely hated by the American people as they have been screaming at the top of their lungs for six months now?

The missile strike on Syria was astounding in this respect: the Establishment left folded like a cheap prom date within minutes of the Tomahawks hitting their targets. All of a sudden, Fareed Zakaria solemnly announced that Trump was now “President of all the people” or some such nonsense. From April 6th, the day of the missile strike, until last week, the entire Russian Hacking Narrative went nowhere.

The MOAB stike on Afghanistan was another shocking move, as was turning China away from North Korea. Things were very interesting if you ask me.

In my humble opinion, the Tomahawks were a “one-off”. I said it that night off-line to a couple of my disheartened friends and nothing in the interim has made me change my mind. If the Neocons were hoping that this marked a turnaround and that Trump would turn into George Walker Trump then they would be disappointed. It was not going to happen. Especially when Trump saw his support within the Alt-Right wither overnight. We can quibble with some of the more distasteful elements of the Alt-Right but there is no doubt where they stand on the National Question. And it was the National Question which got Trump elected. There’s an old saying in politics: “You dance with the one that brung ya”.

The Tomahawks were a tactical retreat for Trump assuredly in the sense that they did buy him more time. Further, it discombobulated his critics. But it did something more on the deeper level: it awoke the American people to what a war with Russia in Syria might look like. It brought back images of Iraq, sharpening our memories. Bush 43 has not grown in stature since then. The Neocons are bloodthirsty no doubt; they have no qualms about shedding the blood of Midwestern farmboys and they’ll fight to the last Southerner if that’s what it takes to make Netanyahu happy. But their Wilsonian blandishments have fallen on deaf ears. Iraq is just too close in our collective memory. There’s no way to whitewash it. And as for Russia, well, remind me again why we have to risk nuclear Armageddon because Assad is the Lincoln of Syria?

And so now we are back to Russia. The Tomahawks erased (for the time being) the perception that Trump was Putin’s cup-bearer. But nothing else has worked against Trump in that he keeps on winning. Worse, he seems to have taken back the Nationalist Narrative. His speech before the National Rifle Association was vintage Trump. His speech at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania the next day was even more Trumpian. The Wall has not been rhetorically sidelined, which for those of us beholden to the National Question, is all-important.

How is a Deep State to fight back? With the only thing they have in their arsenal: Russia.

The alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign have been put to rest more or less. There is no “there” there. Last night however, someone leaked to The Washington Post that Trump gave “classified” information to the Russians. Despite the screaming nature of the headlines, further examination within the story itself showed that there was less here than met the eye. If anything, it suggests that Trump is going to make a virtue out of necessity and force the Establishment to wear themselves out going down an illusionary rabbit-hole.

The question is why? Why now, when the admittedly nebulous ties between Russia and the Trump campaign have been debunked? The answer I believe lies in the firing of James Comey as Director of he FBI.

To make a long story sort, Trump’s abrupt firing of Comey, when he was away from his desk and in the middle of the news-cycle (as opposed to Fridays when bad news is traditionally dumped) meant that Trump means business. There is no doubt that Trump’s operatives sealed his office and confiscated important files. Files not related to Russia but files related to Hillary Clinton.

And so the Deep State is lashing out.

More to follow.

Drudge has just reported that Seth Rich, the murdered DNC staffer, was the leaker of the DNC emails to Wikileaks. This means that Trump has the necessary documents from Comey’s office to fight back against the Deep State.

Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


  1. Tim R. Mortiss says:

    But should he tweet, George?

  2. Nate Trost says:

    So, on his 5 step journey to the sad! realization that Glorious Leader is, in fact, fundamentally unfit for the office of the President of the United States of America, George Michalopulos is still firmly in the denial stage.

    For the moment, we regretfully must leave aside Mr. Michalopulos impressively earnest attempt to spin the Trump Administration’s first several months of continual incompetence, malice and stupidity into some kind of series of glorious triumphs, for his take on the past week of events is some grade-A delusioneering.

    George Michalopulos wrote
    The alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign have been put to rest more or less. There is no “there” there.

    Categorically untrue. Just because Glorious Leader says it, and George Michalopulos believes it, doesn’t make it reality. A certain former FBI director certainty seems to disagree with Mr. Michalopulos.

    And speaking of that FBI director!

    George Michalopulos wrote
    The answer I believe lies in the firing of James Comey as Director of he FBI. To make a long story sort, Trump’s abrupt firing of Comey, when he was away from his desk and in the middle of the news-cycle (as opposed to Fridays when bad news is traditionally dumped) meant that Trump means business. There is no doubt that Trump’s operatives sealed his office and confiscated important files. Files not related to Russia but files related to Hillary Clinton.

    What ridiculous nonsense! Leaving aside the fact that the FBI does not work that way, there are no bankers boxes labeled “Hillary Criminal Secrets” sitting in the FBI directors office, this is a ludicrous attempt at pretending we live in an alternate reality where Trump by virtue of who he is didn’t tip his hand on the Comey by not being able to keep his mouth shut, both in private and in public. And while Trump is in over his head with everyone, domestic and foreign, he clearly didn’t comprehend the consequences of trying to lean on Comey.

    George Michalopulos wrote
    Last night however, someone leaked to The Washington Post that Trump gave “classified” information to the Russians. Despite the screaming nature of the headlines, further examination within the story itself showed that there was less here than met the eye.

    You probably should have refrained from his hot take after Trump’s own tweet this morning, the Russian leaks/boasting today, the utter hash the White House has made of attempting to explain/justify, and the disclosure that it seems like Trump burned Israeli intelligence with his loose lips. This would have been embarrassing to have posted last night, at this point it is just pitiable. I don’t know if there will ever be a better example of engaging in willing partisan selective blindness, cognitive dissonance, and double standards than this episode, but I can’t put it past Trump to think of something even more outrageous!

    George Michalopulos wrote
    Drudge has just reported that Seth Rich, the murdered DNC staffer, was the leaker of the DNC emails to Wikileaks. This means that Trump has the necessary documents from Comey’s office to fight back against the Deep State.

    And here we have the height of the delusion. At a moment when Glorious Leader has actually damaged the national security and relationships of both the United States and allied countries, let us invent murder fantasies about a political email dump so benign, people had to invent scandals in it from whole cloth.

    The family of Seth Rich and law enforcement are not amused by your shenanigans. I would almost think Mr. Michalopulos was joking, but then I remember he was literally stupid enough to think Pizzagate was a credible thing. And to get his news from sites that drive people like Mr. Michalopulos to harass the parents of slain children out of belief that they are actors paid by the government and their children weren’t real.

    It had been too long since one of these political posts, they are like a delicious chocolate cream pie served with two scoops of idiocy.

    • George Michalopulos says:

      Glad to hear from you Nate! It’s been awhile. You’ve always been a reliable bell-weather on what not to believe. As usual, you don’t disappoint.

      Where to begin? Trump is “unfit” for office? As opposed to Obama who thought that there were 57 states or didn’t know whether he was a Moslem or a Christian? Who destroyed Libya and allowed thousands of refugees to rape and pillage Europe? That’s just a tip of the iceberg, I’d rather not bring up his incipient fascism. How many reporters did he prosecute? Eight? How many thousands of drone strikes has he perpetrated?

      Just because you don’t agree with his policies (and I don’t agree with all) doesn’t make him “unfit”.

      As for the alleged Russian collusion with Trump, by all means keep on going down that illusory rabbit-hole. None of Obama’s intel chiefs believed that there was any evidence of Russian collusion. Even Sen Feinstein said so, but be my guest, go on believing it.

      How do you “know” that the FBI doesn’t “work that way”? Under Comey’s maladministration, the FBI Director acted in unprecedented and unethical fashion, not once, but twice. First on July 5, when he had a press conference all but accusing Hillary Clinton of high crimes and misdemeanors and then again eleven days before the election when he released the infamous Weiner letter, which probably sealed her fate.

      I realize that these are unfortunate facts but they are facts nonetheless.

      Regarding Pedogate, it’s been dropped for the time being. I’m curious as to why this is but so be it. Regardless, there is a creepiness factor regarding that entire episode that will never quite go away.

      Regarding Seth Rich, do you really want to go there? Aren’t you just a little bit curious that this young man, who had a wonderful future, was shot in a “robbery” where nothing was taken from him? And that Julian Assange posted a $20,000 reward for any information regarding this tragedy? Or are you so McCarthyite in your inner being that you believe what nobody else believes –that Russia got a hold of the DNC emails by hacking the DNC servers?

      • The family of S. Rich says there is a special place in hell for right wing conspiracy theorists who will twist his death into a political turd.

        Got your asbestos suit ready?

        The debunking occured long ago, but if he leaked DNC emails to wikileaks; why didn’t wikileaks say he was the source? It is a simple question.

        Of course, we live in an era of alternative facts and a President who is struggling a bit with reality, so what the hell; make some more shit up.

        • George Michalopulos says:

          Somebody has gotten to the Rich family. The PI they hired is not as sanguine as they appear to be.

  3. Anonymouse says:

    The “muh Russia” thing is getting so terribly old.

  4. The thing to take into account here is how big a transition the Executive Branch and the other branches will have to make in order for Trumpism/Putinism to take power in America. I’ve always said it was 6-5 and you pick’em because it can’t be done within the framework of the current political system. It can theoretically be done within the current Constitutional system since a constitution is just words on paper to be interpreted by whomever can pack the high court.

    Note: I’ve never been particularly concerned with whether the whole Trump candidacy and election victory was an FSB operation or not. From the perspective of an Orthodox monarchist, it’s irrelevant. If it was, thank God they took the time and effort to do God’s work and try to set America right after what we have done in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, not to mention our moral decadence which pollutes the entire globe. Whether it was an FSB operation or not, it certainly was divine intervention of one variety or another. The only thing is that even divinely ordained leaders retain free will (aka, they reserve the right to f things up in fits of faithless stupidity and lack of resolve).

    I mean, really, either the Russians hacked the actual voting machines to falsify the will of the people in the voting booth, or the Russian connection is much ado about nothing because anybody can and should try to affect an election by introducing the truth into the pool of ideas; regardless of their ethnicity or country of origin. If it was a Russian operation, it was only revenge for the Ukrainian coup d’etat.

    What is necessary and what will happen unless Trump is to go down as an inglorious failure is that he will have to concentrate autocratic power in the American executive as Putin has in the Russian executive. So when you speak of this or that little political battle or that little military incident, it is best not to get too excited.

    I repeat, if Trump is not staging a coup d’etat to replace the current American form of government with a dominant party/”sovereign democracy”/autocratic model of power, he is wasting his time and ours. That’s the only way you get the policies he promised in place to begin with, let alone to stay. Thus, as I have always said, the question is whether he is Saul or David. At this point, he seems to be veering hard into incoherent Saul territory (recall that Saul more or less went half crazed with faithlessness and even attempted to murder David).

    My sights have turned to Islam since I honestly don’t think anything can be accomplished in the political arena unless and until Trump starts acting like a king and succeeds in accumulating enough political power in the executive to be able to make it stick. Failing that, feminism and the perv culture remain dug in and Islam continues to slowly win a war of attrition against what was formerly Christendom.

    In the end, the pressures will collapse Western liberal democracy. It simply cannot withstand assault from the ummah (the Islamic community) and a concerted effort of Russia and its allies abroad in the United States and Western Europe. “Flyover country” is not going to give up on the new populism, whatever happens to Trump. Someone much more organized and dangerous (in a good way) will arise if he fails.

    • Misha, if you prefer the Russian system of government, and you really like what Putin is doing, etc etc, why don’t you just move there? People move between countries all the time now. Surely there’s a job for a Russophile like you somewhere between St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

  5. Nate Trost says:

    Your attempts to make potshots at Obama are belied at this point in time by the simple exercise of taking interview transcripts of President Obama and those of President Trump and comparing them. Nothing is a more damning condemnation of the deficiencies of Trump than his own words, verbatim.

    Although a close second would be the endless stream of stories out of the White House about how his own staff and cabinet treat him like a giant toddler.

    George Michalopulos wrote
    As for the alleged Russian collusion with Trump, by all means keep on going down that illusory rabbit-hole. None of Obama’s intel chiefs believed that there was any evidence of Russian collusion. Even Sen Feinstein said so, but be my guest, go on believing it.

    None of this is accurate. As usual, it is taking an element of nuance or distinction in statements and distorting it beyond any truthful interpretation. What a surprise. At best you are overreaching in summarizing the opinion of people not being willing to prejudge investigation until conclusion. Which is an impressive feat considering the endless billowing smoke. To say no details have so far been released proving direct collusion would be a perfectly fair statement. To say it has been ruled out entirely is not. And your track record in this arena is rather poor, in that you would take statements about a lack of evidence of Russia doing something like attempting to alter voting totals and attempt to use it to claim Russia didn’t engage in hacking and propaganda operations targeting the election process, which clearly did happen. You are far from an honest narrator in these matters, although I think less from malicious sophistry and more from lack of critical thinking capability.

    George Michalopulos wrote
    How do you “know” that the FBI doesn’t “work that way”?

    From absorbing material written by people who work for with with the relevant agency, the FBI in this case. As opposed to your methodology, which appears to involve getting your scoops from the equivalent of a bum in an alley taking a long pull from a brown paper bag. But he’s wearing a MAGA hat, so you trust him! And please, you aren’t nearly talented enough at concern trolling to work the Comey handling of the Clinton email saga.

    George Michalopulos wrote
    Regarding Pedogate, it’s been dropped for the time being. I’m curious as to why this is but so be it. Regardless, there is a creepiness factor regarding that entire episode that will never quite go away.

    It is, of course, totally unsurprising that it never even enters into George Michalopulos mind that the reason it’s been dropped was that it was never true in the first place. And that, by virtue of it being untrue, certain entities pushing it (whom also possess money from, say, peddling ‘supplements’ for ‘male vitality’) realized they were opening themselves up to significant legal liability. It will “never quite go away” because little-fish serial internet slanderers like George Michalopulos aren’t worth going after and face no consequences for their actions.

    George Michalopulos wrote
    Regarding Seth Rich, do you really want to go there?

    Why yes I do. Yes I want to go there. Not because I have any hope you’ll abandon clinging to unsupported conspiracy theories, but because it is always fun to watch you beclown yourself doing so.

    • George Michalopulos says:

      As usual, you cannot justify Obama’s malfeasances so you choose to elide over them. Yes, Obama was a more careful rhetor, speaking in more measured tones. His pants were elegantly creased. So what? America went under a Minor Depression under him and our global standing under his stewardship is at Carteresque levels. Those are facts.

      Curiously, in your earlier answer in which you asserted the fundamental unfitness of Trump to be president you made absolutely no mention of his opponent. I don’t think that was an omission on your part. Because you know how that would have played out ad arguendo. In fact, I’m picking up much the same radio silence from the left regarding Felonia Milhouse von Pantsuit. My guess is that the left hopes that the drumbeat against Trump will drown out all the unpleasant memories of Mdme Clinton. That people will somehow forget all about her manifest defects and somehow reassociate the name Clinton with Bubba Bill. In much the same way that the Bush moniker was rehabilitated enough after eight years of Bubba Bill to elect George W to the presidency. (Let’s face it, he couldn’t have made it on his own merits.)

      If so, they may be gravely mistaken. Yesterday, Smoking Joe Biden gave a speech in Las Vegas in which he crapped all over the Missus. Indeed, things are so bad for the Democrats on the presidential front that they are now grooming Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”) a former professional wrestler and sometime comedic movie actor to head up their ticket in 2020. (The Rock it should be noted was a Republican until fairly recently.)

      Regarding Pizzagate, I continue to hold my fire. It’s interesting that one of Megyn Kelly’s last news assignments at FOX was spent trying to discredit Pizzagate. It was all rather sudden and quite tidy if you ask me. It’s not a rabbit hole but it’s not nothing either. Others will take it up. As well as Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island in due time and in due season. And you will look like a fool.

      OK, Seth Rich. Well, well, well. Looks like Sweden’s rape charges against Julian Assange are being dropped and Ecuador is asking the UK for his safe passage out of their embassy. Let us see where this will take us regarding the late Mr Rich. Also, an email from Podesta which talks about “teaching people a lesson” was just released the other day as well. Some serious dots are getting ready to be connected. The possibility that you will have egg on your face on this one is quite great. Given that you are a political liberal, you might want to rethink your opposition to the Woodward-Bernstein style antics employed by Assange.

      Apropos nothing at all: how do you feel about the career of Julian Assange? Is he a gadfly-hero standing up for liberty against oppressive governments in your eyes? A simple yes or no would suffice.

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  7. “The alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign have been put to rest more or less. There is no “there” there.”

    Why George, I thought a Putin fanboy like you would have thought having Russian assets in the White House like Trump and Flynn was actually a good thing!

  8. Michael Bauman says:

    My perdiction is that he will be the first President impeached solely for political reasons with no high crimes. The only misdemenors being the sheer hatred the our nihilist overlords have for him. Obama got a pass on eveeything.

    Violence will increase. The country will not hold together. How long? No idea but that is the direction politics are going.

    I think I have recognized the difference between Dems and Repubs: Dems want power and wealth; Repubs want influence and wealth. How they are perceived matters greatly to them. The Dems don’t give a damn about anyone or anything as long as they have power. Least of all how they are perceived.

    • George Michalopulos says:

      Michael, civil violence is coming. It may be an all-out civil war (a real one this time) but I’m thinking more along the lines of intra-regional violence. Those living in the Red states will be more insulated from this violence while those living in the Blue states will be more impacted.

      We must remember that outside of New England and the Pacific Northwest, there are no organic “Blue” states. If you look at Illinois for example, its a gigantic Blue island (Chicago) surrounded by Red counties. This was the demographic plan of the left and we could see it working in Texas (Houston, Dallas, Austin which are bluish), Atlanta, Birmingham, Omaha, Kansas City, etc. The idea was to accentuate the size of these Blue islands in comparison to the Red counties that ring them, thereby turning Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Nebraska and Missouri (for example) into Purple states.

      Julian Castro, the cultural Marxist who was head of HUD in the Obama Administration was implementing plans to do just that through Section 8 housing vouchers. As well as flood the zone with illegal aliens. I can’t stress this enough: say what you will about Trump, his policies and/or the execution thereof, he totally upset this apple-cart. Hence my belief that all we have gained at the end of the day is a respite, possibly a reprieve.

      So far, things seems to be working: illegal aliens are being deported in significant numbers and illegal immigration itself has slowed to a trickle. Curiously, I can’t help but think about Michigan, why it went Red. My guess is that Detroit, which is the Blue stronghold that makes Michigan Blue has been ethnically cleansed. I’m guessing that this is what is going to happen to Chicago in the near future.

      If this is true, then the “bluening” of Dallas, Houston, Birmingham, etc. has been stopped dead in its tracks. Baltimore (and hence, Maryland) has no hope. It will be a dystopic hellhole for several generation.

      What do you think?

  9. We must remember, starting with the first Republican Debate, Trump declared war on the establishment running our nation’s capital, both Replublican and Democrat! If I remember correctly he called all the politicians at that first debate idiots, and they are ruining our nations with one bad deal after the next.

    Trump fired the first shot, and must expect, and fight the mother of all political wars. This is exactly what he is getting. Worse he has few allies. Most Republicans don’t like him, and all Democrats hate him. Say what you want about Democrats, when one of theirs is attacked they circle the wagons and protect their own. When a Republican is attacked, the Republicans circle the wagons, and shoot into the circle!

    For sure the dream of the establishment of D.C. is impeach or get Trump to resign, then go after and do the same to Pence. Then they get Paul Ryan, whom they can all live with, and control.

    • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says:

      RE: “Say what you want about Democrats, when one of theirs is attacked they circle the wagons and protect their own. When a Republican is attacked, the Republicans circle the wagons, and shoot into the circle!”

      Dino, that quip is almost as witty and perceptive as this classic contrast usually attributed to the conservative columnist Samuel T. Francis (who heard it in 1989 from an old friend of mine and fellow Orthodox Christian, James George Jatras, who was serving as a foreign policy staffer on the Republican Senate Policy Committee):

      “There is the stupid party. And there is the evil party. I am proud to be a member of the stupid party. Periodically, the two parties get together and do something that is both stupid and evil. This is called—’bipartisanship’.”

      • Fr. Alexander,

        Pre-Trump, the Republicans were the enabler party, which of course is stupidity in action. When the late William F. Buckley described his conservatism as standing on the tracks and telling the train of progress to stop, he was only half joking. When you conceive of your mission that way, you are doomed to fail. And the American Conservatives never really intended to succeed, not at the highest levels in numbers great enough to really make much difference. Thus, truthfully, “American Conservatism” is really just the guilty conscience of American Liberalism. When AL dies, AC dies with it.

        And then we can get down to cases.

        Because American Conservatism has always been too stingy with public funds (yes, confiscated by the state as taxes, all sovereign governments do that) and far too informed by economic and social Libertarianism in general. In this it differs greatly from Classical Conservatism or “Rightism” or the Politics of Kings.

        As secular/atheistic American Liberalism dies, American Conservatism will die with it in favor of something much more robust, but challenging. It will be challenging because modern Americans are not accustomed to thinking about politics in the stark terms which will unfold before their eyes. But it has been a long time in coming.

        Trump just needs to survive in office and institute reciprocal trade. If he sticks to his guns and acts a bit more regal and organized, his internal problems within the Republican Party should subside, at least until he prepares to do serious infrastructure spending. The NYT, WP and CBS are not as powerful as they believe themselves to be. Trump has a chorus of defensive players writing support for him out there and defending him, but he doesn’t make it too easy for them.

        Firing the Director of the FBI probably signals that he intends to play hardball with these people – finally. I mean, you know the power that J. Edgar Hoover accumulated. You know the potential for infiltration and control inherent in the institution of domestic intelligence. Firing the old junkyard dog and replacing him with his own junkyard dog is tantamount to a declaration of civil war with internal enemies. I could be wrong, but I think that that is what scares the hell out of the Left and why they are screaming for impeachment before it is too late.

        Once he appoints a new FBI director, it may be too late, from their perspective.

      • Father Alexander,

        I think it’s time for me to leave the Stupid party, just as I left the evil party back in my late twenties. I remember that saying way back as well. The wagon quip I heard the night before on Fox News.

        I’m beginning to feel that we are completely powerless and way beyond the point of returning to any semblance of our nation’s past traditional values, or any other changes in D.C. that will reverse course to financial disaster. The political establishment is too strong and deep for any man, group, or new party to make a difference. Between the political powers, our educational structures, media, and mega rich one percent, we are slaves to the systems in place. All we have left is The Holy Trinity to guide and save us.

        • George Michalopulos says:

          Dino, the natural cuckoldry of the GOP is reasserting itself re Trump. Instead of thanking Heaven fasting for slaying the Hildebeast and short-circuiting the oligarchic hard-wiring that would have taken place under her, they are talking about “muh principuls”. Idiots.

          Thinking aloud here: how about creating a “Federalist Party”? I’m seriously thinking along these lines. The principles of this party would be Constitutional to the extreme with a heavy dollop of States’ Rights.

          • George,
            I appreciated your resilience, but I now see the writing on the wall, ever since Trump was elected. The fix has been in for decades and we have been played for fools. The two party monopoly, and Deep State hold all the cards, and will never allow true change. A little blue lipstick here, a little red lipstick there, but the pig is still a pig. Short of blood in the streets type revolution, nothing will really change, and then who knows if the change will be for the better of our nation. Unless one is part of the system, everyone else is chasing rainbows, only to find fools gold.

            We have seen new parties pop up here and there, to no avail. All they become are protest votes, that usually hurt the party that they are more in line with.

            • George Michalopulos says:

              Dino, I have no essential quarrel with what you just wrote. As far as the Deep State’s control of our Constitutional Republic is concerned, I agree with you: “the fix [was always] in”. That’s why I came to believe that Trump was serious and and a serious existential threat to the Deep State.

              In other words, if I had any doubts about Trump’s seriousness or his commitment to his Nationalist program, they’ve been allayed time and time again by the ferocity of the blow-back from the Corporate Media. The example with the Comey firing is merely the latest example.

              I’ve always said that Trump should watch his back. If the cuckservatives back down and don’t do what they’re supposed to do (i.e. act “sober” and demand his resignation), or impeachment fail, or a false flag can’t be orchestrated which will get us involved in another Neocon war, then all bets are off. And by all bets I mean all bets. You can read between the lines.

              In short, I’m not naive. That being said, I’ve also written that the Deep State is not impervious to change or omnipotent. Recently I wrote that at one time, the American East Coast Establishment was very nationalistic, patriotic and imperialistic –think Teddy Roosevelt. They actually wanted what was best for the historic American population.

              In the last fifty or so years they became deracinated and globalist, not caring about the interests of the American ethnicity. Say what you will about the first Progressives (Woodrow Wilson, TR, William Jennings Bryan, etc.) they really cared for the American middle and working classes. My question: is Trump riding a wave of populism or is he representing a faction of the Deep State that recognizes changes, that the NWO needs to be revisited, need to be made? A little of both maybe?

              I’m betting on Trump succeeding. This may be a vain hope. The older version of the DS may win in the end. I can see a scenario in which he is driven from office –or worse. I can also see a scenario in which not a few oligarchs see the benefits of Trumpism. In fact, I can give you three trillion reasons why they’ve taken a shine to Trump. If anything, the recent on-going trip to Saudi Arabia has made not a few people stand up and take notice. There he was treated as a conquering hero and massive trade deals benefiting Big Business were executed on the spot.

              Is the paradigm shifting? Time will tell.

              • George Michalopulos says:

                PS, regarding the Saudi trip: I was stunned at the difference in which they received Trump, especially in comparison to how they treated Obama. Not just in the big things bu in the little things. I’m having a hard time processing that, especially since Obama was Islamic in his cultural sensibilities. Is it a racial thing? Did they disdain Obama because of his mixed heritage? Or is it a physical thing? Trump is a hulking 6’2″ of Northern European ancestry and screams alpha-male as opposed to Obama who is lithe and not a little effete in manner.

                Or it is possible that the Saudis know something that the Corporate Media doesn’t?

                Just thinking.

      • George Michalopulos says:

        Fr, I used that quip about three years ago (GOP: 1854-2014?) I had picked it up from John Derbyshire. I am happy to be informed by you that Jim Jatras coined it. Axios!


    I’d say this is accurate. The Mueller thing is a blessing. Justice wants someone whom the Democrats can’t criticize to tell them what they already know but can’t face: Trump didn’t conspire with those wascally Wussians to “steal the election”. In the meantime, neither Trump nor his people have to talk or answer any questions about “the Russia thing” so as not to interfere in Mueller’s investigation.

    Notice I didn’t say that the Russians didn’t try to influence the 2016 election. Just that Trump probably didn’t conspire with them.

    The Russians are not stupid. They can see what Trump is like. They probably had a file on him thicker than a judge’s bible before he even ran, given past contact. Once he declared his candidacy, I’m sure they looked at him in the utmost detail.

    So regardless of what the American people or Washington think they can tell about Trump’s character, personality, the way he operates under stress, his proclivities, eccentricities – I’m sure it was all common knowledge in FSB long ago, before anyone really got into any operations to influence the media environment in which the election was taking place.

    They would never have trusted him to be a collaborator or even cooperator. He’s an ego maniac and can’t stop himself from one-upping anyone and everyone around him. I.e., to say, he has no serious control over his tongue other than perhaps to avoid profanities in the wrong context.

    Thus we can say with some certainty that whatever benefits His Excellency reaped from Russian efforts, they were impersonal benefits of a cold blooded operational program in which he would never have been trusted to take part.

  11. Fr. David Hovik says:

    I heard this analogy several years ago: Congress is like the Mafia. The Democrats are the Gambino Family and the Republicans are the Genovese Family. They battle each other until somebody attacks the MAFIA in particular. Then, they close ranks and destroy the common enemy. Trump is Elliott Ness or J Edgar Hoover or… He is out to upset the “Family” structure as a whole. The Republicans and Democrats have closed ranks to protect their turf. Make no mistake about it the Republicans hate Trump as much as the Democrats because it is not about what’s best for the people but, rather, do we preserve our power. TV coverage is not about TRUTH, it’s about RATINGS! It’s a sad state of affairs but all the more reason to put our hope in God and not man.

  12. The chemtrails are serving a duo purpose. One is to keep the atmosphere ionized because their state of the art (art?) super weapons require the ionization of the atmosphere for their weapons to work. Beryllium and nanized albumin are extremely toxic, which valid science has proven they are what the chemtrails are made of. To expect Trump to face down the deep state and order them to stop poisoning us, is not going to trump the national security requirement they require. If he really did try, they would eliminate him at any cost’, ala JFK.

  13. ReaderEmanuel says:

    George, are you aware of the latest news about Flynn, that he was being paid by Erdogan as an agent of the Turkish government?

    • George Michalopulos says:

      Yes, I am. It’s curious though, was this legal? As for myself, I can’t wrap my head around what is legal vis-a-vis Americans being foreign agents. It literally boggles the mind.

      The more I know, the more America-Firster I become.

      • Generally the agent/lobbying thing is not a problem prior to service. It’s during and after service where there is a prohibition. But full disclosure is obviously imperative so that everybody knows what you’ve been doing and, critically, when you ceased doing it.

      • Yes, it is fascinating that anytime a US government employee, retired or active, takes money from a foreign government; that he is considered compromised. Next thing you know; Trump himself will be considered compro, oh, wait, too late.

    • anthony says:

      I think that the Obama Administration had suggested that Trump not hire Flynn. I don’t know what exactly they said, but seems like Trump ignored that advice. Seems like Trump needs to do a thorough “spring cleaning” of his Cabinet soon and get more team players with experience onboard if he wants even some of his agenda to be successful.

      • They told him he was compromised, but the jackass didn’t know what it meant. Recall the infamous Bannon shouting match? That was Bannon in Trump’s face telling him he told Trump it was a bad hire and that Trump need not blame anyone but himself.

        But Flynn is only a small piece of the puzzle. They are hiding the good stuff and the theft of DNC marketing lists that Trump purchased via third parties rewarded highly.

        When the FBI finally gets to the theft of the data and the use of it by Trump; the Republicans will throw out Trump and Pence and name Ryan the President since he didn’t collude to steal DNC data. Or Pence will not be tied to it.

        Look for resignations from Trump and DeVos in about 18 months.

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