Breaking: More Fallout from Chicago, GOA Bishops go to C’pole

According to The National Herald, a delegation of bishops from the GOA Eparchial Synod is traveling to Istanbul where they will meet with the Ecumenical Patriarch tomorrow. (Story below). According to the author of the piece, "[t]he goal of the visit is an attempt to reverse Bartholomew's and the Synod's decision regarding the cancelation of the election of Bishop Sesbastian of Zela to the Metropolitan [sic] of Chicago." Also according to this story, all of the bishops are traveling … [Read more...]

Assisted Living Facility for Orthodox Christians Opens in Clearwater, Florida

Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing is an Orthodox assisted living facility for Orthodox Christians nearing the end of life. The need for this kind of facility arose from their experience with Evangelos. A few years ago, during Great Lent an Orthodox priest was sitting in the trapeza with his parishioners after Divine Services and mentioned that there existed a certain Orthodox man who was in a very bad way. His name was Evangelos. He had had an accident and was lying lifeless … [Read more...]

One of these Things is Not Like the Other

Can you guess? I for one am having a hard time figuring it out. Maybe you can help me. I mean, they're both named Robert Lee. I shouldn't be so hard on myself because it doesn't seem like the clowns who have run ESPN into the ground can figure it out either. This brings back a memory from 30 years ago. Back then, I used to watch religiously a show called Hill Street Blues. In one episode, one of the cops was trying his hand at being an agent and he found a really good stand-up comic and … [Read more...]

Charlottesville: Some Thoughts

Now that the whole Russia Collusion Narrative is dying its much deserved death, it was only a matter of time before George Soros activated his Antifa thugs. In case you haven't heard, Robert Mueller's chief investigator has quit his job. Also, President Trump brought Kim Jong-un to heel without firing a shot. Peace and stability --not a good thing, at least in the opinion of the war-mongering left. Some think that Charlottesville was the first battle in a possible civil war. A … [Read more...]

Are the Orthodox Bishops Serious about Charlottesville?

Forgive the seeming impertinence of this question. I will explain in due course why I'm asking it. As you may know by now, the Episcopal Assembly of the United States of America (EAUSA) recently came out with a strong statement (see below) condemning white supremacy and the violence that was perpetrated in Charlottesville, Virginia. It's an excellent statement, and except for one particular section,* one that I cannot argue with. Words are fine things, especially if they're spoken in … [Read more...]

Monumental Stupidity

I know I promised y'all something more Orthodox this weekend (I promise, there'll be two significant stories very soon) but this just came to my attention and it neatly confirms the evil that the left poses for society. On Tuesday, President Trump came out swinging against the cultural Marxists, asking a rhetorical question. First Lee, then why not Washington? Well, we now know the answer: Heck yeah! let's blow up Mt Rushmore, take down FDR's statue and then, who knows? Because in … [Read more...]

“They’re Going to Kill this Guy”

Well, I guess "they" just put their cards on the table. Damn them. No, that's not good enough: God damn them. I mean that. Every word of it. Do these morons even realize what they're doing? Are they so [expletive] stupid that they don't understand where statements such as this will lead? I suppose you could say that they did us a favor in a back-handed sort of way. By speaking out as like this on national television, they pretty much gave away the game. Philip Mudd, a former CIA … [Read more...]

Some More Thoughts on the Economy: US Edition

RECAP Sorry for the delays but these last few weeks have been surprisingly busy for Yours Truly. Anyway, about two weeks ago I wrote something about the state of affairs of the Russian economy and why I believed that the average Russian is very much pro-Putin. I then wrote a follow-up essay on the latest round of sanctions leveled against Russia and how I thought they were foolish and will probably peter out in due time. In the first essay, I wrote how this trilogy of essays were inspired … [Read more...]

The Futility of Sanctions

Forgive me, but I was going to write my thoughts on the state of the American economy. It was to be a follow-up to last week's post on the Russian economy; or more specifically, on the Russian psyche and why they won't buckle under Western pressure. Yesterday however, the Congress passed, and the president signed, a new law creating even more sanctions. This is beyond foolish. Clearly President Trump didn't want to sign this bill but he lacked the votes in the Congress to sustain his veto. … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on the Economies of Russia and the US

INTRODUCTION Recently, some of our correspondents have engaged each other (and Yours Truly) on the state of affairs of Russia, specifically its economy. Three thoughtful commentators in particular are the genesis for this essay. I'm sure they will recognize themselves in this and the following essay. Some of the criticism leveled against the Russian Federation has to do with not a little animus against President Putin himself. Fair enough, he's no choirboy. And yes, his strong-man style … [Read more...]

The Fruits of Amsterdam?

One of the arguments leveled against Yours Truly, regarding the alleged normalization of sodomy within the Church is that there is no "proof" that any Orthodox officialdom is even countenancing such a thing. "Go to any official website and you'll see no such thing" I am told. Fair enough, that is correct. However I never said that there was an "official" effort to sanction sodomy. Instead, a careful reading of my words is that this is an "insidious" process, one that takes years (if not … [Read more...]

It’s Called “Arkancide”

There's a curious malady associated with a specific group of men and women who have come into contact with Bill and Hillary Clinton. In some political circles it's called "Arkancide", that is suicide under specific (and peculiar) circumstances. At present, there is no cure for this disease, nor is there any specific cause other than close contact with the Clintons. This is curious however, as thousands of people have come into contact with Mr and Mrs Clinton over the years and suffered no … [Read more...]

Showdown in Chicago

Ever since the accession of Metropolitan Bartholomew Archandonis to the See of Constantinople, things have gotten --interesting. Not only for Orthodoxy in general but for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of American in particular. His first act was showing the Evangelical seekers the door when Gillquist, Sparks, et al were searching for admission into the GOA (while he was still metropolitan); his second most egregious act was to crush the spirit of Ligonier. The GOA bishops who signed the … [Read more...]

“Because Hitler”

The phrase "because Hitler" has become the new argument for many conservatives. It is trotted out at time (myself included) to those who presently want to provoke the Russian bear (as well as other things). As in "Putin is just as bad as Hitler", etc. This is an inverse of Godwin's Law, towit if you give a line of debate enough time, Hitler's name will be invoked. It's also an a great rejoinder to Leo Strauss's reductio ad Hitlerum. In other words, just because Hitler believed in … [Read more...]

Maybe Monastics Should Stay Off of Social Media?

Forgive the tongue-in-cheek title. Far be it from me to suggest restraint when it comes to the internet. In case you didn't know by know, I'm a First Amendment absolutist. When it comes to monastics however, perhaps a little introspection is called for. I dunno, this makes me sound like a hypocrite. (In my defense, I am a layman so I suppose that makes a difference.) So where am I going with this? Here's where: Sr Vassa, a very popular YouTuber and all-around good person stepped in it … [Read more...]

Is the Pope on His Way Out?

There's a lot on Monomakhos' plate lately. A veritable embarrassment or riches if I may say so myself. CNN's thuggery, the collapsing Russian Hacking Narrative, the implosion of feminism and the now-apparent nihilism of faggotry. And the nexus between these and Islam. Immigration of course and yes, the latest dust-up with the beloved Sr Vassa. We are talking about nothing less than the collapse of the imaginary secular worldview. In fact, my gut tells me that we are getting ready … [Read more...]

Do You Want Fries with Your Nothingburger?

And the hits just keep on coming. Folks, we are witnessing nothing less than the complete implosion of the Corporate Media. In the video below, someone from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas has captured CNN's Van Jones giving up the game. Which is that the whole Russia Collusion thing is a fantasy or as he puts it, a "nothingburger". That word has caught on recently and is quickly becoming a meme. It certainly explains the nothingness of the Democratic Party and the entire progressive … [Read more...]

“Good Guys Wear Black”: Reclaiming Manliness in the Church

This is good. Please take the time to listen to this excellent podcast. You won't be disappointed. Frs Anthony Perkins and Hans Jacobse (a long-time contributor to this blog) are engaging in a lively dialogue about manliness and the loss of it in the Church. To me, this is important because the culture in the modern West has been crying out for a proper definition of sexual roles. Simply stated, we are living in an absurtopia in which nothing makes sense. This first came about with … [Read more...]

“The Most Trusted Name in News”: LOL

Folks, it's getting so that I have to pinch myself every morning when I get up. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that The Trumpster defeated Mdme Clinton. Or that he's turning things around so fast that heads are spinning (or exploding). It's like Christmas every day as far as I'm concerned. The Executive Orders alone are like manna from heaven. And the hits just keep on coming: the other day, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Trump's favor regarding the so-called Travel … [Read more...]

Dems: It’s Time for an Intervention

To my Democratic/liberal brethren and assorted Progs, Bernie Bros and whatnot: seriously, things are getting way outta hand. I say this as a Christian, as a fellow citizen. I'd say this as just a concerned onlooker or a distant relation who has been called into a group intervention in this extended family we call America. It's damn embarrassing what you're doing to yourselves. Damn embarrassing. And if you don't do something quick, you're going to jump over an electoral cliff and it'll … [Read more...]