Losing the Culture: An Example of a Perfect Storm

Every now and then events collide and give the lie to the proglibs who think those of us who are conservative are overheated in our concerns. Even better, a comment is made on this blog which is then buttressed by an incident which comes out of nowhere.

By way of example, a fairly new poster wrote something very profound (in my opinion) about mandated government schooling. I’m sure it will cause consternation in some circles. There are many reasons to oppose government schooling and the miasma of materialism that it engenders is certainly at the top of the list.

Mind you, this is supposed to happen this way. The Inner Party of the progressive movement is quite happy to take baby steps towards the dissolution of tradition and nationhood. It’s the playbook of the Fabian Society. In fact, they would rather things happen slowly, in order to lull the majority into a false sense of security.

It doesn’t stop there however. The purpose is not merely to impose secularism and materialism (i.e. atheism) but to erode that which is good and enduring. Patriotism is one of these things that the kakistocracy of America despises. Or let me be more precise: it’s not patriotism per se that our betters hate but only that which is directed to the American nation.

If it’s another nation, culture or religion (think Islam), that’s OK.

Sometimes however, things get out of hand and even the Inner Party loses control of events. The election of Donald Trump as president was one such counter-phenomenon that blew up in their faces. Now we have another little-known incident which took place in MacAllen, Texas.

In the video below, the teacher of an Advanced Placement Spanish course instructs the students to take the Mexican Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Mexican National Anthem. Brenda Brindsdon, a student in that class, refused to do both. Somebody had the presence of mind to surreptitiously film parts of this incident.

What’s delicious for me is a particular of the Mexican Pledge, and that is that students are required to stand with their right arms outstretched with the palms downward. Does that sound familiar? That’s the old Roman salute that was popularized by the Third Reich.

Years ago on this blog, I mentioned that this was the way that students used to recite the Pledge of Allegiance here in America many decades ago. Some took umbrage at my assertion but others came to my defense. Now I grant you that the posture used in Mexico is not probitive of how our parents’ and grandparents’ generation did things but it is very enlightening, isn’t it?

Why the outstretched right arm? Why the palm down? I don’t know. Perhaps this posture has some spiritual appeal. Perhaps some spiritual power. It’s possible. This of course would give the lie to materialism though, wouldn’t it? Perhaps the Inner Party which strives to rule the world is not as secular and materialistic as we often think? (I believe St Paul had something to say about that, c.f. Eph 6:12.)

But that’s not the point of this essay. Actually, it’s tangential to the main point, which is that the left doesn’t hate patriotism or signs of nationalism so long as they are not directed to the American nation. Any culture and religion is fine as long as it’s not European-derived culture or Christianity.

Anyway, here’s the video. Let’s hope it doesn’t go down the memory hole.


  1. Constaninos says:

    Dear George,
    I don’t see anything wrong with what the school is doing. When you study a foreign language, cultural immersion is often part of the curriculum. Perhaps if the US returned to Mexico all the land we stole from them, this wouldn’t be a problem. Mr. Trump, tear down this wall!!
    By the way, have you ever seen how beautiful the Hispanic women are? I would like to see the President of the United States issue an invitation to all Hispanic women to please come to America. Now what about Hispanic men you say? Let them stay in Mexico.

    Now what about Islam? Convert them to Christ. Every Muslim who comes to America is a potential convert to the Orthodox faith. I love all people because there are beautiful women of every race and culture.

    • George Michalopulos says:

      I’ve known a Hispanic woman or two:-). They are beautiful indeed.

    • Michael Bauman says:

      Constaninos, it would be OK if they encouraged and allowed both the U.S. anthem and Pledge. You know, immersion in one’s own culture. Unless we no longer have one. Somehow, I think they do not do that.

      I also have now problem with teaching about different religions in public school as long as all are allowed. Consider the following:
      1. Does the faith have a central scripture? If so what is it?
      2. What are the central prayers of the faith?
      3. What is the central act of worship of the faith?
      4. What are the essential disciplines of the faith?
      5. What does the faith teach about the nature of God?
      6. What does the faith teach about the nature of humanity?
      7. What does the faith teach about the creation?
      8. What does the faith teach about the inter-relationship of God and man?
      9. What is the telos of the faith?

      None of these investigations requires a devotee of any faith to either compromise or give up their own. The same questions could also be used to investigate supposedly non-religious philosophies. One could even look at the effect of personal/cultural bias on both how the answers are given and how they are heard.

      If all faiths/religions are asked the same questions and full and truthful answers allowed and given the investigation could be carried out in any class room in the land except those most devoted to the ideology of freedom from religion.

      Of course the problem with that is within each faith/religion there are competing answers to many of those questions. Within Christianity the divergence in answers is so broad as to logically invalidate them as sharing the same faith. For instance, this is the case even between we Orthodox and the RCC IMO. Another problem, will the questions be answered honestly or skewed to a certain audience. Therein lies the ecumenical problem in a nutshell.

      • Constaninos says:

        Dear Michael Bauman,
        You make excellent points. Thank you for the enlightenment. My post was more or less written tongue in cheek.(I may have just been silly)

    • Mark E. Fisus says:

      issue an invitation to all Hispanic women to please come to America. Now what about Hispanic men you say? Let them stay in Mexico.

      If you only take foreign women, there will soon be a gender imbalance, unless you’re advocating harems. How Muslim of you.

      No, let the men come too. We’ll have the pretty Mexican women, and the Mexican men can take care of the post-30 white land whales. Everyone wins in the art of the deal.

  2. I thank the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit for coming upon your site. Father Peter Alban Speers, Father Spyridon, frserafim, etc.,The spiritual fathers, numberless Martyrs and Saints of our Holy catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church (The CHURCH), and non-Orthodox Ron Paul, James Corbett, the Unz news site etc. are among those who I follow. Now you.
    Father Heers on The love of Truth : http://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/postcards/the_love_of_truth_as_the_key_to_salvation

  3. The Advocate says:

    Actually surprised California has not been doing this for years. At least Mexicans in Mexico, are not so PC that they don’t allow the PC police to remove the Hail Hitler ish salute. They have bigger worries, like food on the table, and rampant crime to deal with, hurt feelings, not so much. So I doubt Mexicans, in Mexico even care about political correctness. I know for years now, the La Raza movement, has wanted California given back to Mexico. So this anthem business, is most welcomed indeed by the La Raza folks. I also heard they either did or are in the process of changing their name, as their title, translates to English as, The Race. Not PC enough for the white folk, I imagine, who fund them. I often wonder what would Mexico be like today, if it became part of the United States, and granted statehood 150 years ago. Done if you want to post, or comment on early, George

  4. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says:

    The dramatic girl and her dramatic dad and some dramatic people here do not approve of ROLE-PLAYING?

    • Gail Sheppard says:

      If anyone is being dramatic, it’s the teacher. She is expecting her students to *act* out the pledge and *sing* the national anthem. Hard to get more theatrical than that.

      There is nothing particularly Mexican about the Spanish language. . . not even in TX. It would be like saying English is uniquely American and to learn English it is necessary to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, hand-over-heart, and sing the Star-Spangled Banner (which is incredibly hard, even for those of us with high voices) if you happen to reside in a border town like Tijuana, because it touches the United States and it’s July 4th. Oh, please! No country, certainly not Mexico, is as stupid as we are when it comes to the politically correct. They must laugh at us when they see us contort ourselves into pretzels in an effort not to “offend.” I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they feel justified in taking over our voting base because we’re too stupid to see it or stop it.

      ROLE-PLAYING requires buy-in from the participants and this young woman didn’t want to “play.” I applaud her ability to stand up and say, “I’m not doing this.” Milgram would be proud.

  5. I prefer the salute the Serbs use with the fist over the heart. However, I get the palm down thing. It has a long history.

    As to Mexico, it is very difficult to take a country seriously that has more than 10% of its population living abroad seeking better living conditions.

    • Russia is not far behind with just over 7% of its population living abroad.

      “Those with the largest numbers of people not living in their birth countries are India (15.6 million emigrants), Mexico (12.3 million), Russia (10.6 million), China (9.6 million) and Bangladesh (7.2 million).”


      • George Michalopulos says:

        All may be true Saunca but why do we have to be the destination of choice?

        • I never said we should be the destination of choice. I was simply pointing out that if Misha has trouble taking Mexico seriously due to the percent of its citizens leaving the country, he equally should have some issues with taking Russia seriously as well.

          • George Michalopulos says:

            Saunca,I’ve long believed that a blanket moratorium is in order. Having said that the pathology that arises from untrammelled 3rd world migration as opposed to controlled legal immigration from 1st world countries is as stark as night and day.

          • The thing about Russian migration is that there is a lot of movement of ethnic Russians from Russia to the stans in the south (Khazakstan, Uzbekistan, etc). Russia was an empire, as was the Soviet Union. I would wager that that is where the lion’s share of the migration has been, basically back and forth across the lines of the former empire. Of course, there is immigration to Britain and America, but this is much more restricted with a lottery system in place even for visits.

            I’m not picking on Mexico, exactly. I’m just saying that their relationship to the US is much like that of a debtor nation to Germany in the EU. Their economic weakness is a source of constant tension with America.

            Also, specifically with respect to Russian migration to the West (US and Germany), one often hears talk of a “brain drain”. I.e., that the “best and brightest” are emigrating. But that is mostly a matter of spin. Another way of stating this is that Russia produces too many highly educated technical experts for its own economy to support. The best jobs being taken, people look first to the stans where there are Russian communities already up and running, and then to America and Germany.

            This could just as easily be characterized as colonization rather than migrants fleeing some perceived ogre.

            Also, I found this amusing:


            Catherine Deneuve and a host of other Frenchies have had enough of their feminist sisters apparently.

            It’s good to see them eating their own.

      • If you combine India and Bangla Desh together — as they used to be when ruled by Great Britain — the total is staggering.

        • Very true

          • George Michalopulos says:

            Saunca, I responded to your question to another respondent.

            Here is my belief: demons exist. They do damage. They canNOT harm the body however. All they can do is tempt the mind and thereby arouse the passions. They can instill fear. Does that answer your question?

            • Kind of. I think we need to be very careful when validating “Physical” ailments by referring those suffering to doctors/medical intervention; but on the other hand assuming that “Mental” disease is the result of Demons….

              I personally suffered with anxiety, OCD and panic attacks way too long. At first, I just thought I wasn’t trusting God enough. I didn’t know what was wrong, I only knew that I had just gone through a bad row with Strep Throat in college and afterwards couldn’t shake the growing worry & anxiety.
              I spoke to my home priest, who talked of turning my worries over to God. Two years later, I confessed to another priest that things were worse and was given the whole “Satan can create fear in us.” I was instructed to pray more, worry less.
              SEVEN years later, shortly after the birth of my daughter, I had a complete breakdown.
              My mother came to live with us while I received the counseling and Psychiatric care I probably should have received from the beginning. I don’t know if it was “Demons” that caused my relentless anxiety and OCD. I do know that all my Faith and prayers alone were not enough to fix the problem. That required medical intervention and medication that helped my post- pregnancy hormones to level out and to deal with regulating the chemical issues my brain was having.

              No Orthodox priest would tell someone with diabetes that “Demons” were attacking them and they needed to “pray harder” in order to get well. So why would the same priest tell someone with mental health issues this instead of recommending medical help?

              This is just my experience and my own thoughts on the subject.

              • George Michalopulos says:

                I don’t disagree with you Saunca. However I believe you’re trying to put words in my mouth. All I ask for is a fair reading of what I wrote. As for diabetes type 2, it’s almost always a result of overeating (gluttony) and lack of exercise (sloth). Those are two cardinal sins btw.

              • Michael Bauman says:

                saunca, in a general sense all disease is the result of sin, our disunion with God. Demons oft times see those things more clearly than we ourselves do. They work to inflame our passions and blind us to the truth and distract us.

                Inflaming our passions can lead to physical disease and much more is simply in our flesh as a result of our ancestral disunion.

                Prayer helps, laughter helps, stepping back and having a cup of tea helps but worship, repentance and forgiveness help more. Anxiety is not just in our heads, it is in our bodies too as with all sin so receiving the Body and Blood also helps. But helping is not really what the Church is about. Ressurection and salvation are what the Church is about.

                The modern world dishes our anxiety like it is ice cream and we luck it up as fast as we can because we are afraid of being kicked off the progress train.

                The peace of God is beyond all of that. I am stubborn and thick-headed(literally thick-headed).
                It takes a lot of two-by-fours to my medically certified thick skull to get my attention and convince me I cannot do it. I cannot fix anyone else not even myself.

                Entropy gets us all and there is God in the middle of the obscene, decaying piece of animated vegetable fun that is me.

                Only Christ overcomes entropy trampling down death by death.

                Without Him there is nothing. In our sin we reach for the nothing and disease is the result of body, mind and soul. Demons have a part in all of that but rarely in a direct, linear way.

                Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered, as wax melts before the fire, so let the demons perish before those who love God. Who make the sign of the Cross and say in gladness Hail most precious and life-giving Cross of our Lord. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

                All healing comes through the Cross.

      • Will Harrington says:

        To put it in context, though, one has to take into account the collapse of the USSR and the chaos and economic hardship of the Yeltsin years. Emmigration was a rational choice given the state of the country at the time. Mexico, on the other hand, seems to view emmigration a social pressure valve for at least as long as I can remember. If people couldn’t simply up and cross the border to find a better life, then the Mexican government would have to deal with issues of poverty or face a serious rebellion beyond the Mayan rebellions they have had in recent history.

    • As to Mexico, it is very difficult to take a country seriously that has more than 10% of its population living abroad seeking better living conditions.

      Like Greece?

    • M. Stankovich says:

      From my vantage – approximately 12 miles north of the international border at San Ysidro & Tijuana [and do notice, for the record, that it is spelled and pronounced Tee – WANA, not Tee – AH – wana. Just sayin’… ] that it is a serious misnomer to suggest that sneaking under, over, around, and through the existing tall metal “structure” (which we simply refer to as a wall running the length of the county, to terminate approximately 100 yards into the Pacific Ocean) constitutes illegal “immigration.” Further, it becomes more preposterous to suggest that these “immigrants” are “living abroad seeking better living conditions,” when you discover that they are living in canyons, in makeshift “housing” fashioned from boxes that once held major appliances, with operating features they cannot fathom. The do not dare cook or warm themselves because fire in SoCal reveals your location and, as the devastation of the Fall so quickly demonstrated, can unleash an indescribable hell, however inadvertent. Nevertheless, as I have described so many times, they are dutifully & faithfully in line at 0400 to accept work white people won’t accept. On many days, you will see them again at 1900 at places like WalMart, where, at least in SoCal, there is relatively inexpensive currency exchange and transfer of funds to Mexico, and so they wait patiently in line. You can also observe another line, that being the white people who have panhandled the traffic medians in and out of WalMart with signs that read, “Disabled military vet – anything helps – God Bless!” as they pay for alcohol, cigarettes (at $10 a pack), and rolling papers.

      Personally, I fail to see the “outrage” at people who are willing to accept jobs that are no imposition on our local economy (i.e. they are not taking jobs away from otherwise legitimate native job seekers and depriving them of gainful employment); who are willing to do so for a less than “living wage,” with no benefits other than the protection of the law to receive healthcare in the event of an actual emergency; and have the willingness to do so under the constant fear of being caught and immediately deported. They are rarely criminal, troubled, or troublesome; they rarely drink or drug; once they return, they stay returned. Sadly ironic however you look at the situation.

      • Constaninos says:

        We need these Mexican immigrants to start auto repair businesses, plumbing companies. lawn care, and moving companies in order to prevent the consumer from being ripped off and scammed.

        • George Michalopulos says:

          You know, that’s the exact same argument that Jefferson Davis used to justify African slavery.

          • Constaninos says:

            Dear George,
            I’m talking about free enterprise and you’re talking about slavery. I fail to see any correlation between what I said and what Jefferson Davis said. Scratching my head on that one. Oh, well!

            • George Michalopulos says:

              Fine line. We’re still talking about a helotry. What is left unstated by the neoliberals is that we cannot sustain our standard of living unless there is a class of people who are underpaid and overworked. Jeff Davis was just upfront about it. The Republicrats use humane language instead to cover up what it is they feel they need for votes (Dems) and increased profits (GOP).

  6. Much ado about nothing.

    For your situational awareness: when the United States receives an ambassador or other dignitary from another country, the national anthems of both countries are played. Members of the US Armed Forces stand at attention (always) and render a salute (if outdoors) during both anthems.

    Army Regulation 600-25, “Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy,” states in Chapter 1, Section 11, Foreign National Anthems: “During the ceremonies, the performance of a foreign country’s national anthem will be followed without pause by playing the national anthem of the United States. (An exception may be made only when 2 or more foreign national anthems are played in succession; then the U.S. national anthem will be played following the sequence.) The same honors rendered to the national anthem of the United States will be rendered during the playing of the foreign national anthems. The anthems of the United States and other countries will not be incorporated into any musical arrangement, composition, or medley and will be played through without repetition of any part except as required to make both words and music complete. Military personnel in uniform and civilians will render honors during the playing of all anthems as prescribed in appendix C. The performance of a territorial song at ceremonies will not be played in place of anthems.”

    • George Michalopulos says:

      These weren’t servicemen, they were students and under no obligation to stand as there were no Mexican dignitaries present.

      • Will Harrington says:

        To add to that, there is a difference between standing at attention and saluting and actually reciting a pledge of allegiance to another country. There is NO level of equity between the two acts. The first is an act of courtesy, the second is an actual loyalty oath.

      • I’ll take your point about the Mexican pledge, but not the national anthem.

        But that’s not the point of this essay. Actually, it’s tangential to the main point, which is that the left doesn’t hate patriotism or signs of nationalism so long as they are not directed to the American nation. Any culture and religion is fine as long as it’s not European-derived culture or Christianity.

        Again, “The same honors rendered to the national anthem of the United States will be rendered during the playing of the foreign national anthems.” If your point is that “the left doesn’t hate patriotism or signs of nationalism so long as they are not directed to the American nation,” you need to realize that the long-established tradition of the “right” also not only approves but requires showing respect to foreign countries recognized as equals to the United States. This includes Mexico.

        Long story short: if you have followed the NFL controversy and think that all American citizens should stand during the US National Anthem, then all American citizens – including school children – should also stand for the Mexican National Anthem.

  7. Alitheia1875 says:

    I’m trying to figure out if the Trump reference was meant in a positive light. God forbid. If there is anyone in this country who is a poster child for materialism and secularism it is the president. As well as……unethical, immoral, liar, deceitful, sexist, adulterer, swindler, thy name is Donald Trump. Never, since Ronald Reagan, have so many been so fooled by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. (And, I’m rather conservative and not particularly a fan of either Bill or Hillary. But Bill is no longer president and Hillary became irrelevant the second she lost the election.)

    • George Michalopulos says:

      So, you would have been happier if Hillary had won?

      • Alitheia1875 says:

        No, but I would have preferred that neither of them were the candidates. Forget Hillary. She’s irrelevant. Not thinking about Hillary allows us to concentrate on the president we have. He personifies secularism and materialism.

        • George Michalopulos says:

          But they were the candidates.

          • Will Harrington says:

            It should be pointed out that this is kind of her point, and it is the sad and sorry shame of it all on our country that those two should have been the choices we had, but at least Trump wasn’t the bought and paid for property of the oligarchy, but recent evidence and actions indicate he may be now. Someday, I hope that I will actually get to vote for a presidential candidate, instead of against the other one.

          • Alitheia1875 says:

            Yup. But what does that say?

          • Jim of Olym says:

            Unfortunately, they were the only ‘candidates’. I can think of ohers
            more worthy.

  8. https://nypost.com/2018/01/10/the-trump-dossiers-credibility-is-collapsing/

    This was on the NYPost website. IF the Republicans ever get around to rallying behind Trump on this particular issue, they could very well cause a second and more damaging Watergate (call it Tammany II) and reduce the Democrats to third party status for the forseeable future because it could lead to locking up a significant cross section of the Democratic leadership (Clinton, Obama, their top echelons, et al.) through RICO [federal racketeering law used against the mafia].


    IF . . .

  9. Constaninos says:

    Dear George,
    What is your reaction to the latest kerfulle about President Trump’s bleep hole counties comment?

    • George Michalopulos says:

      Well, it seems to have worked. DACA may be dead in the water because of this alleged statement by the President. That was the immediate tactic. Longer term strategy is to bring the concept into open discussion. In other words, the Corporate Media took the bait and are going off the rails. Worse for them, we are now talking about the nature of mass, untrammeled immigration from Third-world countries.

      • Constaninos says:

        Dear George,
        Very good, thoughtful answer on your part. No one can play gotcha with you. Have you thought of working for the Trump administration? I think you should head the Department of Immigration or Press Secretary.

        • George Michalopulos says:

          I’m holding out for Praetorian Prefect.

        • George Michalopulos says:

          BTW, I’ve decided to do a Vlog on this issue. It’s more stream-of-consciousness and allows me to be more fluid with my observations.

          When I get it uploaded I’ll post it as a response. Lemme know what you all think about it.

          • The Advocate says:

            Make sure you brush your teeth, hair, no food stained shirts, check surrounding area behind you, and keep your fingers away from your nose, other than that all should be fine.

        • Alitheia1875 says:

          Once again, instead of looking to the source of the comment, there is a tendency, which is a Trump PR mainstay, of finding issue with the intended victims (and I use that word carefully and purposely) instead of the source itself. He is a disgrace to all this country has ever stood for and hopes to be.

          • George Michalopulos says:

            You realize of course that the steady drumbeat of inflammatory news that is hastily discredited makes it difficult to take even credible criticism of Trump seriously?

      • Again, I don’t think that what he said there or regarding Charlottesville was racist but that is how the multikulti media is going to spin it. Durbin was saying it was racist, for example.

        “Sh*thole” is an apt description for some of these countries like Haiti and Rwanda. No one would want to be exiled there. Better Siberia. Crime is off the charts in Haiti, ostensibly due to the poverty they say. In Rwanda, 800,000 people were ethnically cleansed in 100 days. Not even the Nazis managed anything like that.



  10. PS:

    This is a refreshingly vigorous defense of the President’s sentiments, including his language, supported by reference to the actual conditions in some of these countries we’re pussyfooting around and the effect that immigration from them has had on American communities.

    • The Advocate says:

      Hard for some to to hear reality, but that article is right on, Misha, maybe the language is harsh, but desperately poor countries with greedy, evil, and dangerous leaders, are what they are, and ironic that lefties have more love for those tyrants, than our own President. To be honest, most of the left leaning voices of the MSM on cable, and air waves, are simply putting on a act with their outrage. They will use anything and everything to destroy Trump. No doubt President Trump sometimes helps them out with his poor choice of words. Then again if President Trump found a cure for cancer, MSM and leftist socialists would overlook that, and complain the medication is too expensive. I have actually grown numb to it all. The bias is so obvious, that the leftwing media no longer even tries to hide it. Fake tears, fake outrage, cries of racism, hate. Actual tears from gay anchors Anderson Cooper, and Don Lemon, but then again we know how endearing s___h___s are to them. Meanwhile The Dow is skyrocketing, which good for all, especially those whom their retirements are tied to, unemployment is at it’s lowest point for black Americans since we can remember. Illegal immigration is finally addressed, and border crossings are lowering, which in the long run raises wages. Auto, and in general all types of factories are opening up. The Korean crisis is no longer ignored, and China is finally taking a positive step in the right direction. The largest tax bill reduction in decades. New right minded judges. NATO, and UN justly reprimanded, and on notice to pay it’s fair share. etc, etc, etc…But All We Hear Now is Racist, Rapist, and S___H__e! Next week, word of the week will be IMPEACHMENT! That is of course, the reason for all this nonsense. BTW SEAL ROCKS!

    • M. Stankovich says:

      What would be refreshing is an admission that the infrastructure and climate of too many major US inner-cities are every bit as “foresaken” and desolate – if not worse – than the conditions in El Salvador, Haiti, & Somalia, yet have no correlation with Al Shabaab or MS-13 whatsoever. Trust me, the day will never come when a Somali, Haitian, or Afghani will be setting up shop on a corner “owned” by the 44 Raider 4 Life Free Niggas in Chicago.

      Scott describes the American Spectator piece as a “refreshingly vigorous defense of the President’s sentiments, including his language,” because, frankly, the President himself is incapable of doing so on his own. He has come to rely, not on intellectual persuasion, but masterful rationalization from many corners of the “conservative” media. And understand the point of rationalization as a psychological mechanism of ego-defense: to make palatable the spoiled; to make the illogical & foolish seem sensical; and to transform the crude, ignorant, and otherwise offensive into an “elite form of irony,” lost on poseurs and cads alike; perhaps the source of the colloquial noun, “scrump.” Or perhaps not…

      “So why focus on the corrupting immigrants and not our own?” Certainly you are shithousing me, right? Because white people don’t “frequent” those parts of town. Duh.

      Then shall they also answer him, saying, “Lord, when did we see You hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister to You?” Then shall He answer them, saying, “Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.” (Matt. 25:44-46)

      Apparently, we only know them from the FBI/Homeland Security compilations of crime statistics, and we can’t deport their black/brown asses because they’ve been here for a while… The threshold for empathy, compassion, dignity, respect, and basic morality continues to fall.

      • Martyr’s Guilt says:

        Difference is, in our ghetto s$%!holes, we feed, house, educate, and medicate our poor. If fact many in the ghetto are quite obese. Seems half of them wouldrather play Xbox, screw whatever they can, do and sell drugs, than either take a Mexican job or use the education system to their advantage to improve their lives. Those systems are NOT available to shithole countries out side our borders. In fact many of those poor countries without rich western nations like the US, sending aid, would suffer even more horrid conditions.

    • The Advocate says:

      Misha, hope it does not bother you that M. refers to you as Scott? Why does he not respect your handle or name? At least he doesn’t call you My Love, that would get the boys to fetch the pitchforks for sure. I guess it could be worse, and call you Brother Scott or Bro.

      • Or Brother X and give the Serbian salute

      • M. Stankovich says:

        It’s inspiring to see you finally advocate, bro, but that is his name, after all… (no diggity)

      • Yes, Stankovich is correct. I could not possibly take offence at being addressed by my name. When I entered the Church I took the name Michael/Mikhail and am known in the Russian department of the university where I obtained a degree in Russian Studies as “Misha”, also to most Russian Orthodox that I know, that being my saint name.

        But I have no objection to being addressed as “Scott”. Just make sure for clarity’s sake that everyone knows that Scott = Misha.

        As to Trump’s comments, I for one wish he would think before he speaks. It would make it easier on everyone. However, I can see that there is an unintended benefit to the madness in that the level of discourse is losing its sacred cows very quickly. It forces people to distinguish, for example, between the concepts of “sh*thole countries” and “sh*thole people”. There are a number of the former but none of the latter since we are all created in God’s image.

        But Haiti, Somalia, Rwanda and any number of countries down there are dystopian hell holes by any fair and objective standard. Importing people from such places is perhaps not a well thought out strategy for improving domestic, civil life here in America.


        So Trump’s 100 percent right on the merits. He just insists on making his point in the most offensive manner that he believes he can get away with.

        What we should be doing, to the extent we can afford it, is to help civilize these people in their home countries so that they can have decent lives there and visit us here without posing a danger due to their cultural proclivities. But importing them and expecting it to happen by osmosis is naive.

        • George Michalopulos says:

          As a moral aside, no person should ever use profane language. However, no person should ever divulge confidential comments either. Durbin is a toady. What he did (and he may very well have lied about the entire conversation) is ungentlemanly. And politically very unwise in that no negotiations will ever be undertaken in good faith again with him and his ilk. Bad business.

  11. Constaninos says:

    I totally condemn the xenophobic, racist statements that President Trump made in relation to immigrants from certain countries. We’re not supposed to be white supremacists.

  12. Joseph Lipper says:

    What is the high Western culture that we are trying to preserve anyhow? Protestantism? Freemasonry? Greek paganism? Renaissance Enlightenment?

    On our nation’s East Coast, thirteen colonies declared their independence from Britain in 1776. Those colonies gave us a cultural and political legacy based on Protestantism, Freemasonry, Greek paganism, and Renaissance enlightenment.

    On our nation’s West Coast, the Russian colony in Alaska was sold to the U.S. in 1867, and the official Orthodox mission to Alaska dates from 1794. The spiritual and cultural legacy of that colony is the one that I want to preserve and protect.

  13. If we’re to believe this guy, this is hard evidence we’ve direct, federal-controlled media. Why isn’t this a bigger story? The integrity of both government and music/movie industries was low to begin with, and now this?

  14. Constaninos says:

    Dear George,
    May I bring up a part of American culture of great interest? Okay, let’s talk about the NFL. As you know, the NE Patriots are going back to the AFC Championship game for the seventh consecutive year. If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, this would be the Patriot’s third championship in four years mirroring the beginning of their dynasty when they won three Super Bowls in four years. I predict that if the Patriots win the Super Bowl again this year Tom Brady will return to the Patriots for his final season in an attempt to win three consecutive championships. That would make seven Super Bowl Championships along with winning four out of five. Just think of that! It staggers the imagination. We would never see anything like that again in our lifetimes.
    In recognition of all you do, I am giving you the first annual Tom Brady Champion of Orthodoxy Award. You will be spending a day in February hanging out with Tom discussing winning. Congratulations on a job well done. You deserve this prestigious award.

    • George Michalopulos says:

      Constantino, I’m fixing to write something about the NFL and Kaepernick’s antics. It is marvelous that Brady will probably win (again) but the damage to the NFL brand because of all the BLM nonsense is going to be long-lasting. And in my view, irreperable.

  15. The logical conclusion of secularism-humanism is occultism. Orthodoxy and the Coming Religion of the Future. Fr. Seraphim Rose. What this blog describes was not a mystery to him, nor is it to me We expect this lying bogus life destroying spiritualism. The evil doer will arrive to the fullness of wickedness, as the infallible Holy Scripture states, with the accompanying human suffering never before experienced and never will occur again. As the spiritual Sodom and Gomorrah spreads all over this country, the accompanying of the earth turning from a green tree to a dry tree will occur. The Victorious Lord Jesus Christ asks us, what will they do in a dry tree. One has only to search the web for the systematic destruction with scientific proof to back it, which is occurring on the ability to destroy all that is alive on the earth. The 4th horsemen is riding with great fury and has more killer tricks to to stomp the residue.

  16. James Monroe Harris says:

    Millman, be as good as your word and quit posting here. If u really want to deceive us , change your style of writing. Oh, btw, since you said Stankovich was the mouse and you were the cat, I say this: You are Johnny Reb and I am General Grant.

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