The Amsterdam Symposium: An Abuse of Authority?

Source: American Orthodox Institute By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse The recent meeting in Amsterdam by various academics, one bishop, seminary faculty, priests and others (names listed below) to "to reflect on a wide range of matters concerning human sexuality" was ostensibly "not monolithic" in opinions about sexuality according to one participant. No doubt that is true given the range of participants but it is far from informative. More instructive is that only a few of the participants … [Read more...]

In Case You Were Wondering…

...why the West has been pulling its punches when it comes to ISIS, this may help you understand why. According to an Israeli financial magazine, Turkey, Israel and ISIS are locked in a lucrative triangular trade involving Iraqi oil. It's really quite delicious. This allows the Neocon haters of Russia to go on a rant about Russia, which according to them is not doing much fighting against ISIS. Not that I necessarily believe them but let's assume that Russia is pulling its punches as … [Read more...]

The Orthodox Church of Tomorrow –Reprise

About four years ago, a priest in the GOA sent me and a few others a long and thoughtful essay called "The Orthodox Church of Tomorrow." It was written by Fr John Peck of Prescott, Ariz. Its clarity was stunning. Others who had received it talked about it whenever we got together for days on end. It was as if the scales had been removed from our eyes. We couldn't believe it, here was a priest in the GOA who wrote with such purpose that it got us to thinking that the GOA was finally … [Read more...]

Love It or List It

Several years ago, I made the observation that the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) couldn't go on operating forever, as if apostasy had no consequences. The decline in membership from this venerable American denomination (both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were vestrymen at one time) would prove to be inexorable. Still, they were able to coast for awhile based on their endowments. I thought they had another ten years or so before the funds dried up and desperation really started … [Read more...]

Why Would They Do This?

In its quest to find something -- anything -- in their obsessive quest to destroy His Beatitude, operatives in Syosset found an old rape allegation, not against Jonah mind you, but against a priest who happened to be living in Washington. This priest was never in the OCA. They wrote an inept and irresponsible letter with the false charge that Jonah covered up the alleged rape. The letter calls into question their veracity, intentions, and intelligence. They have thrown the OCA into a crisis of … [Read more...]

A Terrible Day for the Republic

Really, I shouldn't have been surprised. The turning point for the fall of the Republic happened in 1912 when Thomas Woodrow Wilson was elected President. Thanks to his fellow Progressive, Theodore Roosevelt (who split the Republican vote with his Progressive "Bull Moose" Party), Wilson was able to defeat the incumbent William Howard Taft. At that point, the handwriting was on the wall. Wilson openly disdained the Constitution and said so in his many writings. For him, our Constitution … [Read more...]

Courage in Leadership

Source: Fr. Peter-Michael Preble HT: AOI One of the fundamental characteristics of a good leader, no, strike that, a great leader is courage. Of all the skills that leaders, especially leaders in the Church, need it is courage. We are faced with an unprecedented attack on religious freedom in this country, and what we need more than anything are leaders who are not afraid to say what needs to be said. We need leaders who put themselves out in front to protect their flocks from attack. We … [Read more...]

The Good Friday Fiasco

With this posting, Monomakhos will go dark until Bright Tuesday. … [Read more...]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Part II: Scotland

PART II: SCOTLAND Go to Part I: Arriving in England Go to Part III: Back to England Friday, July 28: Carlisle to Edinburgh Waking up in my room I looked out the window and saw probably one of the most beautiful sights of the entire trip: the sun was breaking and hundreds of lambs were lying on the ground. The hills were green and moist with dew. I decided that if I ever win the lottery, I’m going to retire in northern England. It’s that darn pretty. I especially admired the … [Read more...]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation — Part III: Back to England

PART III: BACK TO ENGLAND Go to Part I: Arriving in England Go to Part II: Scotland In Liverpool we had some rain and it was very dreary. The traffic was horrendous and we couldn’t find Dock Street, which according to the Internet is where the heaviest concentration of Beatles’ tours/memorabilia is. Once it stopped raining we parked our car and started to look for a place to eat. It was now evening and we had to make our final decision about the rest of our trip. Our trip would be over … [Read more...]