This Would Never Happen in Russia…

...or China or Romania or Saudi Arabia or Upper Volta or Greece or Turkey or wherever there are still sane people left. I can't imagine the Wild Men of Borneo acting like this. If you click on the link below, you will see an unbridled, unhinged example of anti-Christian bigotry that is beyond ugly. It's demonic. As you may know by now, a homosexual coffeehouse owner kicked out some Evangelical Christian patrons last night. Wisely, they surreptitiously recorded the entire incident. And … [Read more...]

NFL: End-game or End of the Game?

The capitulation of the NFL is now complete. Except for a few surly players who continue to make fools of themselves, the majority of the players and owners have now given up on their foolish tantrum. The cooler heads (obviously not Roger Goodell) are now surveying the wreckage wondering if anything is salvageable at this point. I can't tell you how pleased I am. Looking at this from the normal rhapsody of grievance that has plagued our country for several decades, I'm gratified on so many … [Read more...]

GOA: the Beginning of the End?

A few of you have asked me to comment on a recent top-secret meeting of all the hierarchs of the GOA. To be truthful, I hadn't heard anything until one of you mentioned it. Since then, I've only minor rumblings but nothing I could put my finger on. The one angle that kept popping up in my inquiries has been that there is a tremendous shortfall in revenue. To the tune of 8 million dollars and that certain restricted funds were raided to keep operations at 79th Street afloat. Of particular … [Read more...]

This is Getting too Easy

OK, please forgive me, I didn't want to write another essay about Trump, but it's almost impossible now not to as he clearly dominates the news. No, that's not completely true. He's making the news. Out of thin air. Even that isn't completely right: what we are watching now is a whirlwind, the likes of which will shape our culture in ways we cannot possibly foresee. What's worse for the left is that they're making it way too easy for him. At this point, it's like stealing candy from … [Read more...]

While We’re Talking about Luther…

OK, now that I got your attention, we weren't really talking about Luther. However, the old boy comes up every now and then, at least his movement does. Now, we Orthodox got our own problems but I fervently believe that they are jurisdictional, not doctrinal. The same can't be said of the Reformation. I found this short video on YouTube (admittedly from a Catholic site so take that for what it's worth) but it's very enlightening. It's worth watching. You'll be amazed at how internally … [Read more...]

Worse than Watergate?

Folks, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: whenever The Trumpster makes a seemingly outrageous claim, he's pretty much telling the truth. The guy always has an ace up his sleeve. The list of his verbal outrages is a long one and every time he's been called on the carpet about it, he's more or less been proven right. The most recent one was back in February when he tweeted out that Obama had bugged him. The howls elicited by the media and the left (but I repeat myself) … [Read more...]

Sodom and Begorrah: A Catholic Perspective

As you all may know by now, I'm no moralist and the charity I feel for people who are afflicted with the various vices is real. I for one am conflicted about the Toll Houses but if they are real, then I have a pretty good idea which ones I'm going to be having trouble with. Having said that, there is one vice which I believe disorders the male of the species more than others and as such does more damage to the Church and society. I'm talking of course about sodomy. Rather than … [Read more...]

Will Our Bishops Condemn this Hatred?

Or not? Yours Truly received this Facebook posting earlier this week from one of my contributors. It really disturbed me as I think it would disturb most anybody else of sane mind. Frank Schaeffer basically went off the deep end. You can see his diatribe against President Trump for yourself below. Truth be told, I didn't want to say anything. You see, Frank did me a solid several years ago and I'll be forever grateful to him. In fact, he pretty much jump-started Orthodox evangelism … [Read more...]

Dreaming about DACA or Divide and Conquer?

OK, this is great. Brilliant actually. Clearly The Trumpster has brushed up on his Macchiavelli. As you may know by now, President Trump has "ended" DACA, Obama's unilateral rewriting of law which granted a temporary amnesty to the "children" of illegal aliens. More accurately, he has sent it to the Congress ordering them to deal with it legislatively. This was a brilliant maneuver on several levels. First, it honors his campaign pledge to end it, thereby pleasing his nationalist … [Read more...]

How to Rig the System

One of then candidate Trump's assertions during the election was that the "system was rigged". All the right-thinkers of course came out and castigated him en masse, as if he were some lunatic conspiracy-theorist. The people however agreed with Trump. They still do. One reason I imagine is that most people have built-in bullshit detectors that operate at different levels of accuracy and whenever it's important. It's intuitive in other words. Not wrong but mostly right. It's just … [Read more...]

How Trump Wins and Why the People Stand behind Him

INTRODUCTION: GLOBALISM VS NATIONALISM One of the enduring mysteries of modern politics (to my mind at least) is why Trump, a jet-setting New Yorker not previously known for his moral rectitude, has captured the ardent loyalty of so many tradition-minded conservatives. I think part of the reason is that we're talking about something bigger than traditionalists and/or conservatives per se. We are living in an age in which the old political paradigms, indeed the normal political … [Read more...]

Prayers for those in the Path of Irma

To all, I would like for you to ask for consideration for those who are in the path of Hurricane Irma. This looks like it's gonna be nuclear. Most especially, say a prayer for Fr Hans Jacobse and his parish of St Peter the Apostle, my Thea Mitsa and Peter Papoutsis' father who lives in Clearwater. I'm sure that there are others who read this blog and/or have friends and relatives in Florida. This plea goes out to you all: "O Lord, Who fashioned the universe out of naught, we humbly … [Read more...]

Is Our Society in Thrall to Demonic Forces?

I believe it was G K Chesterton who said "if a man stops believing in God, he doesn't believe in nothing --he believes in anything". That's a pretty decent summation of our culture right about now. Now, I'm not talking about the so-called New Atheists as I've always had my suspicions about them. You know, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris or the late Christopher Hitchens (who despite myself, I've always admired). They always struck me as constipated moralists and sanctimonious blue-stockings … [Read more...]

The Fall-Out from Chicago

Well, it looks like we know the answer to the question we posed last week: the GOA Eparchial Synod caved to Patriarch Bartholomew. According to The National Herald (story below), the delegation of GOA bishops that went to Istanbul in order to plead their case in favor of the three-man slate (triproposopon) they had submitted last July failed miserably. Worse, according to this report, the EP's wish to get rid of Archbishop Demetrios Trakatellis is going to come to fruition as well. … [Read more...]

St Vladimir’s Reacts to Amsterdam Conference, OCA Bishops Remain Silent

Source: By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse The meeting in Amsterdam held several months ago to discuss Orthodoxy and sexuality raised serious questions, some of which have been answered. Thankfully, several attendees withdrew their support of the conference once the questions were raised. Also contributing to their withdrawal was the publication of an essay on the Public Orthodoxy Blog by Peter J. (Giacomo) SanFilippo that argued that a renowned theologian of the Russian Orthodox Church … [Read more...]

Rome Burns, Nero Fiddles. Culture Devours the Souls of the Young, the Church Plans Disco Night

This came in under the transom. Who can argue with it? And we wonder why our kids don't take the Church seriously? Really? Do you want to know why the GOA is floundering and their numbers are dwindling? Take a look at what Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Clearwater, Florida is doing to raise money. That’s right, the parish council is sponsoring a Disco Night on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Sponsorship opportunities include $3,500 for a “Studio 54 Bar”. Anyone old enough to … [Read more...]

Breaking: More Fallout from Chicago, GOA Bishops go to C’pole

According to The National Herald, a delegation of bishops from the GOA Eparchial Synod is traveling to Istanbul where they will meet with the Ecumenical Patriarch tomorrow. (Story below). According to the author of the piece, "[t]he goal of the visit is an attempt to reverse Bartholomew's and the Synod's decision regarding the cancelation of the election of Bishop Sesbastian of Zela to the Metropolitan [sic] of Chicago." Also according to this story, all of the bishops are traveling … [Read more...]

Assisted Living Facility for Orthodox Christians Opens in Clearwater, Florida

Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing is an Orthodox assisted living facility for Orthodox Christians nearing the end of life. The need for this kind of facility arose from their experience with Evangelos. A few years ago, during Great Lent an Orthodox priest was sitting in the trapeza with his parishioners after Divine Services and mentioned that there existed a certain Orthodox man who was in a very bad way. His name was Evangelos. He had had an accident and was lying lifeless … [Read more...]

One of these Things is Not Like the Other

Can you guess? I for one am having a hard time figuring it out. Maybe you can help me. I mean, they're both named Robert Lee. I shouldn't be so hard on myself because it doesn't seem like the clowns who have run ESPN into the ground can figure it out either. This brings back a memory from 30 years ago. Back then, I used to watch religiously a show called Hill Street Blues. In one episode, one of the cops was trying his hand at being an agent and he found a really good stand-up comic and … [Read more...]

Charlottesville: Some Thoughts

Now that the whole Russia Collusion Narrative is dying its much deserved death, it was only a matter of time before George Soros activated his Antifa thugs. In case you haven't heard, Robert Mueller's chief investigator has quit his job. Also, President Trump brought Kim Jong-un to heel without firing a shot. Peace and stability --not a good thing, at least in the opinion of the war-mongering left. Some think that Charlottesville was the first battle in a possible civil war. A … [Read more...]