Why Vladimir Putin’s People Love Him

I realize the title of this essay (as well as graphic) is going to cause some to clutch their pearls and fall on the fainting couch, but hear me out: This is an insightful essay. It bears attention and should be read in a dispassionate manner --the same manner I dare say in which it was written. What we are witnessing with the rise of Vladimir Putin is nothing less than a (hopeful) return to a respect for national sovereignty. As a political conservative (in the Burkean sense) I very much … [Read more...]

Is the Pope Catholic? Part Whatever

OK, this is getting tiresome. When someone asks if "the Pope is Catholic?" it's understood as a rhetorical question. Along the lines of "does a bear [defecate] in the woods? The answer to both is always "yes." So why am I tired? Mainly because the current pontiff makes me wonder anymore if this even partly true. I can't figure this guy out. He comes into the See of Peter for all intents and purposes as the Second Coming of Papa Pinko (John XXIII) and upsets all the Traditionalist … [Read more...]

The Doctrine of Liberal Fundamentalism: A Parody of George Orwell’s “1984”

By Let Freedom Ring! As we of the elite class of America consider ourselves to be the best educated group in the nation, and as we have grown tired of having to tolerate our intellectual inferiors, we believe the time has come for those of us of the liberal persuasion to at long last do away with all competition in political, economic, and social and moral philosophies, and simply take over the United States. We know what is best for everyone. From this moment on, unless you agree with us, … [Read more...]

Fr. Robert Arida Raises His Head Again

After a hiatus of at least a year, Fr. Robert Arida reappears advocating for — you guessed it — homosexualism. You may recall his earlier essay Never Changing Gospel; Ever Changing Culture, a turgid, poorly reasoned effort calculated to silence his critics who oppose sanctioning homosexualism in the Orthodox Church. The essay was roundly (and appropriately) criticized and the OCA was forced to remove it from its youth blog while never explaining how the propaganda got posted … [Read more...]

Captain America, Homophobe

Well, that's basically the gist of this new critique of the latest installment in the Captain America Trilogy brought to you by Marvel Studios. The critic (Douglas Ernst, writing in the online version Vanity Fair May, 9, 2016) is offended because in one scene, Steve Rogers ("Cap") and his sidekick James Buchanan ("Bucky") Barnes are reminiscing about their old skirt-chasing ways during World War II. Ernst is particularly exercised because Steve Rogers has an excess of "heterosexual … [Read more...]

St Savas’ Cathedral (NYC) Destroyed by Fire

Christ is Risen! It is with sad news that we report that St Savas' Serbian Orthodox Church in New York City was destroyed by fire. This historic building, in the Chelsea neighborhood, had served the local Serbian-American population for almost seventy years. At first, it was thought that arson was to blame but it seems likely that it was accidental. If anybody has any other information, or would like to help that community regroup and rebuild, please feel free to comment on this … [Read more...]

Hoosier Daddy?!

Your's Truly is in the process of recovering from an overwhelming paschal weekend and am presently working on another installment of "The Long, Cold Civil War." In the meantime, I came across this picture on Drudge last night and it made me giddy to no end. A few peremptory thoughts: 1. This is going to be a wave election. The New York and Acela primaries of the previous two Tuesdays show that a demographic shift of tsunami-like proportions among the core, white demographic is … [Read more...]

Christ is Risen!

A belated one anyway! Forgive Your Humble Host for the delay in greetings. Holy Week was beyond intense and have only caught up with sleep this morning. Anyway, I pray that you and yours had a wonderful Easter. (And yes, that is the appropriate title for the Feast of Feasts in English.) Truly He is arisen! … [Read more...]

Foreshadowings of Christ’s Victimhood in Plato’s Republic

-[Editor's Note: As is our annual custom, Monomakhos takes the occasion of Holy Tuesday to go dark. It is truly meet for us to contemplate on our sinful natures and I can think of no better way to ponder the enormity of man's condition than to realize that even the pagans were aware of it. This post was originally published three years ago. I have dusted it off for your perusal.] Though we have had the pleasure of Revelation and experienced the attendant liturgical theurgy, some of us … [Read more...]

Gun-totin’, Bible-believing Republican Woman to Replace Founder of Democratic Party on $20 Bill

Well, that's one way of looking at it. Ironic, isn't it? The Obama Administration, arguably the most culturally-Marxist regime in American history, is going to replace the founder of the Democratic Party with a Bible-believing, always-armed Republican woman. I kind of like them apples; I wonder if our Betters understand what they're doing. Regardless, it's rather delicious watching the entire Liberal religion collapse on itself. It bodes well for the future; it gives me hope … [Read more...]

See, I Told You

Feeling a little whimsical this morning. I found this cute graphic on Instapundit and decided to run with it. Anyways, here's the upshot: Sen Ted Cruz just joined the ranks of the "mathematically impossible to-get set" with his stunning loss in New York. As I predicted the other day, any attempt to explain this humiliating defeat any other way is going to like special pleading. It'll do nothing but make him look like a masculine Tracy Flick (from the movie Election.) Wholly unappealing … [Read more...]

Perhaps Bush Should Invade Colorado?

I ask this since the stated mission of Trotskyism er, Neoconservatism, is to install "democracy" everywhere in the world (because, you know, all people are the same), it only seems fitting that the USAF immediately start carpet-bombing that poor, benighted state. The state GOP did something incredibly stupid: they didn't hold an election and gave all that state's 34 delegates to Sen Ted Cruz of Texas. Maybe it's all that legal marijuana they're smoking. I dunno. Now, I understand … [Read more...]

Not So Fast…

If I were in the Phanar, I'd be careful about popping the champagne corks right about now. One of my most popular correspondents just tipped me off last night to the latest press release from the Denver diocese of the GOA which brings up some rather interesting criticisms of the upcoming (?) council to be held on Crete. According to this document, criticisms raised by His Holiness Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow are highlighted. I won't go into the details as you can read them for … [Read more...]

Is Syosset Selling the OCA Down the (Bosporus) River?

Fr John Jillions, Chancellor of the OCA, for some reason wrote an essay on the nature of our Church's autocephaly. It's published on www.oca.org. It's a fascinating read in and of itself with lots of historical insights. It's well-written and takes an expansive look at the history of the OCA within the context of American and international Orthodoxy. Reading between the lines however, it's clear that the powers-that-be in Syosset are preparing the ground for the rescinding of our … [Read more...]

Merle Haggard: RIP

Today, on his 79th birthday, one of the greatest American troubadors of all time died at his home in California. Merle Haggard, born in Oilfield, was the son of migrants from Oklahoma ("Okies") who settled in a converted boxcar, where he spent the first nine years of his life. His father died when he was nine and from then on, he lived a hard life, getting involved in numerous petty crimes. He didn't have to go that route because many recognized his talent --even as a youngster. In any … [Read more...]

Well, We Have a Bishop

That's about the best way to explain yesterday's announcement about the new Bishop of Dallas and the South, given as it was announced in such a passive, off-handed tone. It literally couldn't have been more underwhelming. Please understand, I have no ill-will towards Bishop Alexander Golitzin of Toledo and the Bulgarian Diocese. I imagine few people in the Diocese of the South do for that matter. What we do have in the wake of his "election" is bewilderment. Huh? He wasn't even on the … [Read more...]

Patriarch Kirill Defends Orthodoxy

With the recent intervention in Syria a success, Moscow continues to feel its oats. Latest case in point is the message of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All-Russia which was delivered on the Sunday of Orthodoxy. In most cathedrals throughout the Orthodox world, this day occasions a perfunctory sermon on the Seventh Ecumenical Council and the restoration of the icons. Sometimes a more erudite exposition on the nature of matter is offered. His Holiness however decided that a bracing … [Read more...]

Je Suis Charles Martel: Part 3

If there's any doubt in anybody's mind that the President doesn't have the back of Western Civilization, his nonchalant attitude in Cuba should dispel it. Think of it, while Belgian police were shifting through the horrible carnage in Brussels, our President and his elegantly coiffed wife and daughters were doing the "wave" with Raul Castro at a baseball game. Just imagine if George W Bush were still in office and he pulled off a stunt like that. The game was bad enough. The optics of … [Read more...]

I Wonder What This is All About?

According to oca.org, Metropolitan Tikhon will "concelebrate" the Divine Liturgy with Patriarch Bartholomew at the patriarchal cathedral of St George in the Phanar District on the tomorrow, on the Sunday of Orthodoxy If so, this is significant. The word "concelebrate" is not one that is used lightly. According to my sources, it means that in doing so, the Ecumenical Patriarch fully recognizes the canonicity of the OCA. By extension, it also means that he recognizes the autocephaly of the … [Read more...]

Freedom of Speech and All That

It looks like NATO ally and Defender of Western ValuesTM Turkey is not all the on board with all of our so-called Western values after all. Recently, President Teggip Erdogan arrested a journalist who compared him to Gollum, the horribly deformed Hobbit from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I bring this up because our Neoliberal Establishment continues to club President Vladimir Putin of Russia over the head because of his alleged persecution of journalists. For what it's worth, Erdogan … [Read more...]