Pilgrimage to Russia: Part III–Sergei Posad, Radonezh, the Killing Fields

AUTHOR'S NOTE I appreciate everybody's patience. My mind is still swimming from all the memories and my notes are a jumble of orthographic poultry-glyphs. In addition, I find that my memories are dynamic giving my writings regarding this pilgrimage a stream-of-consciousness type of narrative. Thoughts and observations interject and I sometimes feel the need to insert them. This means that the flow is not entirely chronological. Forgive me. FIRST NIGHT: THE ARBAT Anyway, the first night … [Read more...]

Pilgrimage to Russia: Intermezzo

Brethren and Sistren, I haven't forgotten about my pilgrimage updates, to which I'll return early this week. In the meantime, I'd like to post recollections from our tour leader, Fr Ilya Gotlinski. (Fr Ilya is planning a tour to Georgia this Fall for those interested. If I hadn't used all my vacation time I'd certainly want to go!) The photo is of our group while on the island of Valaam. See if you can spot Your's Truly. Next: Part III: Sergei Posad, Radonezh, Butovo My … [Read more...]

The Russian Orthodox Church As An Instrument of Soft Power in the Balkans

Before I get back to my travel journal, I'd like to post something that came my way from one of our many readers. It's about Russia and its confrontation witNATO. It delves into a cultural element that quite frankly, escapes the modern, deracinated mind of Western men. Truth be told, I was going to hold it until after my journal was complete but recent events between Russia and Turkey have made it timely. Needless to say, I am intrigued by the masterful subversion of Turkey by Putin. … [Read more...]

A Harbinger of Things to Come

Things are getting hot and heavy. Politically, institutionally and culturally, we're on the edge of a collective nervous breakdown. There is no doubt anymore in my considered opinion that our Elite believes that Traditional Christianity needs to be brought to heel. This thought first came to my mind last year after the San Bernardino atrocity, in which an "American" couple slaughtered 14 of their co-workers in cold blood. What iced it for me was that this couple had turned their home into … [Read more...]

The Decline of American Empire

Events in recent times have taken an interesting turn (to say the least). My own recent visit to Russia expanded my horizons substantially. Simply put, much of what we are being told about that country is neither fair nor accurate. The steady drumbeat for war we hear is not warranted by any stretch of the imagination. The question is why? Why do we continually hear over the decades a call to "spread democracy" throughout the Arab world? Why does this call mandate the removal of secular … [Read more...]

Pilgrimage to Russia: Part II–Moscow & Environs

[EDITOR'S NOTE: My recollections are based on notes and will be sketchy and hurried at times. I don't want to bore you so I beg your understanding.] MONDAY: JULY 19: DONSKOY MONASTERY, THE KREMLIN AND RED SQUARE The sun rises in Russia early in the summertime. I caught glimpses of daybreak around 4:00 am. I wished I'd taken the sleep mask with me as I am very sensitive to sunlight. Once I see daylight, I find it very hard to get back to sleep. Denny on the other and sleeps like a … [Read more...]

Pilgrimage to Russia: Part I–Arrival to Moscow

INTRODUCTION: THE BACK STORY The long awaited journal on my recent pilgrimage to Russia is finally here. Unfortunately, I'm going to break it up into at least three parts as there's so much here and it was so overwhelming. I hope you don't mind. First a little background: I can't actually remember how it started but Taras, one of the founders of our church, had always said "George, we need to go to Russia." I always agreed but life happens and anyway, it takes an Act of Congress for me … [Read more...]

Time for another Time-out

Folks, brethren, fellow country-men: I appreciate your readership and your comments. I really do. I just have one request: every now and then someone gets a crisis of conscience or regret or whatever about a comment that they've posted and they ask me to delete it. (Or worse, ask me to delete several.) Guys and gals, I can't do this. I simply don't have the time. My usual work day is 13 hours and being a legal drug dealer, I don't get breaks. Plus, I've been put on an embargo … [Read more...]

The Khan Job & Other Trump Traps

One of our commentators, Misha, recently made headlines when he announced that he is going to vote for Hillary. The reasoning was counter-intuitive but nevertheless reasoned and sober. And for that I respect his decision and although I cannot agree with it, he may be on to something. From my own perspective, I can't see it. Long story short: I don't believe Hillary has the "humility" which Misha believes she does. Being serially humiliated by her husband has not humbled her but only … [Read more...]

More Impressions from Russia

Now that I'm back and (mostly) rested, I'd like to offer a few of my impressions from our recent pilgrimage to Russia. I intend to write more later but the entire event was so overwhelming that I still have trouble wrapping my head around it. So let me offer a preliminary opinion having to do with the geopolitical situation. Where to begin? How about here: Russia is a land of contradictions. Churchill said it best: "a riddle wrapped in an enigma, surrounded by mystery". I for one, … [Read more...]

Moscow: How It’s Going so Far

Yours' truly asks your forbearance when reading my dispatches from Moscow. I got up at 4:00 am today and tomorrow and find myself catnapping on the bus as we go from destination to destination. Soooo.... it may not all be coherent. Anyway, the weather here is humid but not as blistering hot as Oklahoma, so that's a plus. It'd be nice if we could wear shorts but as we're visiting monasteries that's a non-starter. Needless to say I find myself sweating a little bit by … [Read more...]

What’s Going on in ROCOR?

[Editor's note: As we were going to press last night with this article, things started heating up in Turkey big-time. Last night the situation was fluid but it seems that Pres Erdogan has regained control this morning. It seems that the instigator of this coup is Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish globalist who lives in the US and was mentioned in a previous essay "Crete and the Globalist Agenda." More will follow as time allows. (Also, I'm leaving for Russia tomorrow so my situation is certainly … [Read more...]

Honey, I Started a Race War!

And so this is how America: the Propositional NationTM ends. The idea that our Founding Fathers were liberals who believed in abstract principles about the genuine goodness of all men was never one based on reality. It was foisted upon us by Progressives in the early-to-mid twentieth century, many of whom did not like the Founding Fathers in the first place. In any event, it became the catechism which was force-fed down the throats of generations of children undergoing mandatory government … [Read more...]

Laws Are for the Little People

That's basically where we are now as we become a banana republic. One law for the Ruling Class another for everybody else. Make no mistake: if you or I did what Hillary Clinton was --credibly--accused of doing by FBI Director James Comey, we'd never see daylight again. But because Mdme Clinton is part of a global elite, she can't be touched. Not merely because of who she is but because if the straight-arrows go after her, then they have to go after others as well. In other words, the … [Read more...]

Crete and the Globalist Agenda

INTRODUCTION: EARLY IMPRESSIONS We here at Monomakhos were going to wait another week or so before we read the entrails of the Council of Crete. That's because things were pretty opaque in the immediate aftermath. The only thing we had was a gut feeling that the globalist agenda was derailed --at least for the moment. And now, Antioch has spoken, calling what transpired in Crete neither "Great," nor "Holy," nor "Orthodox," but merely a "preparatory council." Things are starting to come … [Read more...]

More Thoughts on the Brexit

Now that I have your attention, allow me to wax ever more eloquently on the Brexit. Over the last eight or so days, I have experienced a sustained sense of euphoria (Not least because of the pulchritudinous patriotism of Elizabeth Hurley) because of the plucky Britons voted to leave the execrable European Union. My first thoughts were emotional. Hurrah! And a well-deserved kick in the rump to the globalists! That's still there of course. In the interim, I have been enjoying (if such … [Read more...]

What I Saw at the Reburial: Part II

WAITING FOR THE HEARSE Once Fr Gerasim was off the phone, I asked him point-blank: "Is the body incorrupt?" "It appears so. They should be here in a little over an hour. Let's get ready." In the Cathedral, a whirl of activity was now taking place. A few more people started showing up. I told one or two that Vladyka would be arriving any minute. Looking at my smartphone, I saw the time --1:00. I figured he should arrive by 2:00 or so. Fr Gerasim told me to grab an acolyte's … [Read more...]

The Globalists Lose Another One!

The news keeps on getting better and better. First the SCOTUS ruling, then Brexit, now good news from Crete. Some of the commentators on this blog broke the news from a website called OrthodoxEthos. It seems that the Church of Greece forced changes in the watered-down document regarding the relationship between Orthodoxy and the rest of the Christian world. In particular, the self-understanding of the Orthodox was reinforced in compliance with the Nicene Creed and other Christian bodies … [Read more...]

BREXIT! The Brits Get Their Own Independence Day!

Thank God for the common sense of the British people! After years of being screwed over by the Oligarchy, they still had the right demographic makeup necessary to regain their sovereignty. We'll see if this is still the case with America. I have a feeling that the ground is shifting under our feet. Speaking of America, the Supreme Court struck down Obama's imperial overreach when it upheld a lower court ruling. This happened earlier today and I thought this would fire up the nationalist … [Read more...]

OCA Statement on Marriage

This is significant in my estimation. As even cursory readers of this blog know, we have been incessant critics of much of institutional Orthodoxy, particularly of Syossett in many instances too numerous to mention here. But I got to give credit where credit is due. Just last week, the Holy Synod released a communique to all OCA parishes reaffirming the Orthodox Church's traditional stance on marriage and why it can never accommodate the present illicit regime regarding "gay … [Read more...]